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  1. @maddymappo it is Det Lee..he is in the same team as Det. Shin I think he is also Daniel Lee's accomplice. The one that clean the abandoned factory where WHC died.. Some mention above that his character written as someone who lose his beloved one due to the psyco killing..so maybe he would like to assist Daniel Lee to get rid all of the psyco. I think he is also the one that crash the truck to MC car and knock him out.. The motive is to prevent MC saving BY so BR has to kill the rapist (and did Daniel Lee's suggestion). Therefore Det Lee didn't forward the letter so MC couldn't relea
  2. I am just curious about the medicine that BR often take.. It is prescribed by the neuro doctor or someone change the med wkwkwk..in this drama, we can't believe of many characters... how about if the medicine also cause hallucination or something... @nona88 I agree with you, it is possible that the writer also plays with us..Neither YH nor BR, is the killer..because I think the mission of this drama is to make a riddle for the viewers to solve hahaha.. And by now, many people has predicted that BR is the Serial Killer..So maybe the writer still keeps something in her shelves
  3. the first thing that came up in my mind last night is BR has a twin..hahaha..so he could be in different place in the same time...And all of the time it was BR's twin who is the SK I think my mind is full with Makjang hahaha.. Then i just realized yeah, it should be the different time line which this drama director like hehehe But I am still hoping that BR is not killing anybody..yeah maybe he just hit fiercely, but hopefully Kang Dok Su has not died yet.. I thing the PD listens the viewers' ranting of killing YH so early..so he keeps pop up in each of the episode hehehe..To
  4. Watching Vagabond because of waiting for the next episode of Mouse. And I found LSG has his best looks in this drama. I also find Suzy acting is quite good here. I like the action and the slow boiled love..The plot twist is oke..not too surprising but still entertaining..I can watch it marathon without get bored because of the fast pace.. And because I understand that this drama is sad ending, so I am already prepared for the ending..And actually they have also showed the ending in first episode. I think the production should have contracts with the directors or the casts alr
  5. I am not surprise that Daniel is alive..I think we in this forum also have discussed this chance..considering that his body has not found yet and also becoz all of this matters (the gene, the brain things) were begun with HH and Daniel so..both of them will have very significant role in this drama. There is no use if this character is being killed in the early stage of the drama.. Someone post the video that man in black who strangled Daniel in the amusement park is just look alike BR.. If Daniel is not died so BR is not killed him, yeyeyeye..my level of hope that BR is not the 7sins increas
  6. For me the most handsome LSG is when he play as Cha Dal Geun in Vagabond.. His hair style and appearance is soo manly there..wkwkwkwk...Seeing LSG differently after that drama..
  7. At some point, I also suspect that Daniel is also doing some wrong things...His body is never be founded, it is possible that he hide himself and does bad things without anyone suspect on him... hmmm.. @nona88 I really feel that if they going to make BR the killer from the past ; that they going to make him search that true himself, see the horrible of that killing , making him suffering the understanding of the progress of killing and then make him discover he was the one ; as the most horrible punishment for him , making him chase and hate his own before figuring up th
  8. Please remind me if I get it wrong..When BY fight with man in black in church.. I thought that it was the killer right? I mean he also use knive to harm BY...If it is YH (just assumption from BTS)..and he is not the killer, why would he harm BY with knive? maybe he could just knock her unconscious..hmm Although i remember BY is the one who has the knive, if YH want to do self defense..why he harm her badly.. Well it is also possible that the man in balck is not the killer... Ohtokke Ba Reum ssii..(I just like what BR did, try to collect evidence that increase the chance that he is not t
  9. Have you seen the BTS of Mouse in Youtube? in that BTS, there is a scene when BY fight with the killer.. And although the face is blurred, but I think it is not LSG..I think it looks like Kwon Ha Woon (YH).. Hmm..is it possible that???? How do you think guys?
  10. @nrllee @maddymappo @nona88 Waah..My hope for BR is not the Serial Killer rise again..Jebaaal.. I think he is Jae Hoon, we can see the similar things from them.. JH has a psyco gene but he is struggle not to harm people just like BR did when he made his hand hurt instead of kill MC..They can harm animal but still have consciousness not to kill people.. And we never saw JH kill his step father or his siblings..(based on the Director did so many times to make us tricked) we hope that we can see the whole picture later. For BR really kill WHC, we can see next week whether WHC really die
  11. @nona88 BR about to decide to trun himself on ( for killing) but someone suddenly appeared and made a shocking proupse/suggestion ( really who this now ??? What the suggestion I am totally curious to back later and write another future though) Is it possible if the guy is MC? He always want to take blaming for killing bad guy so he can go to prison to kill HHJ hmm....
  12. @nona88 Your thought is exactly exactly similar with my thinking.. Well I think I just give up (actually not 100% hehehe) hoping that BR is not the Serial Killer.. I just trying to enjoy the development of the story and when the writer pull out each layer of misteries..Such as the back story of WHC.which is related to initial topic of the psyco gene. I think all of the characters introduced in this drama actually has their role, no matter how small it looks like in the beginning.. So I like the writer when she connects all the dots. Dunno if there is also a relation between
  13. I think the lead of this drama is BR, MC, BY and HJ.. So I think all of them is save until the last episode BY and HJ are strong woman...maybe they can get in a danger ..but still have power to overcome that.. this is only half of series, so I couldn't think what other plot twist that the writer will give us I understand since the beginning, the episodes is very compact and have throw a lot of stories already..so I am expecting many more story will emerge...
  14. OMG..This is the first time I watched Mouse live (without subtitle...but enough to understand the general story) Whenever BR is at his house, I am curious about the cat..hahaha..I think the cat is save now but poor Mochi sigh.. BR face in the end of the episode is Woww...LSG you are rocks... Hmmm..is it possible that the writernim reads this forum...??? hahaha..becoz a lot of your thought is becoming real guys...Daebakk.. Or maybe the members of this forum are qualified enough to be the K drama writer The teaser for tomorrow episode is awesome...what will be the writer give
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