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  1. (ENG) Song Kang drops by Lee Joon Gi’s Flower of Evil filming location nearby
  2. Lee Joon Gi interview with SCREEN (July 2006 issue) Q. What’s the force that drove Lee Joon Gi? JG – Audacity and self-confidence, I guess? Even when I kept failing the auditions, I always endured them with that [audacity and self-confidence). It pissed me off that they rejected me. So that’s how I gained my power back and went to the next audition. I can’t stand losing or getting RickRoll'D-talked. Q. I am curious about your relationship with your father. As far as I know, he was vehemently opposed to your becoming an actor. I
  3. All his moments at the Baeksang Arts Awards in one clip I think whats important to remember is what he said on his birthday and I quote: I really admire his inner strength and drive. I think this is why he has been steadily running for 20 years in the business and it doesnt seem like he will slow down anytime soon. If he was someone who was so easily demotivated for missing out on awards or ratings, he would have given up long time ago. But you see no matter what he gives his best and I think we can agree that his acting skill is gro
  4. It took 12 years for him to walk the red carpet of the Baeksang Arts Awards. The last time he did was for Iljimae in 2009. There is something bout his aura these days. he gives off the vibes of a seasoned actor and a man who has found his feet in this world. I couldn't be more prouder as a fan. I like how even the Baeksang media team put his face as the thumbnail of all the actors nominees 57th Baeksang Arts Awards TV Best Directing Winner (Flower of Evil) Kim Chul Gyu’s acceptance speech Director-nim was kind enough to give a special
  5. 57th Baeksang Arts Awards TV Best Directing Winner (Flower of Evil) Kim Chul Gyu’s acceptance speech I 'm so stunned and mesmerized winning such a big prize and I feel like I'm seeing several moments flashing before me. For every project I work on, I am grateful, once again, to everyone -well, it'd be an understatement to merely say they do their best - they contribute to the work by really giving it all they got, pouring everything they have into it. In particular, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Lee Joon Gi and
  6. Who Will Win the Best Actor Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards? by krishkim Credit: tvN, JTBC, SBS Attention is focusing on the results of the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, which will be held on May 13th (Thursday). Especially, the competition for the nods for the TV category is expected to be even fiercer than ever, and the Best Actor Award is one of them. And this is mainly because actors with both popularity and acting skills are in the running for the trophy. There is only one trophy, and who will be the one to pick it u
  7. Tomorrow!!!!!!! Baeksang Arts Awards 2021: Date, Complete Nomination List, Live Streaming Details The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, popularly known as Paeksang Arts Awards, will be held on 13 May. The organizers announced the complete list of nominations on Monday, 12 April. The award is instituted by Ilgan Sports and JTBC Plus, affiliates of the JoongAng Ilbo, to honour the talents from the film, theatre and television industries. Chang Key-young, the founder of Hankook Ilbo newspaper, introduced the award in 1965. It is presented in his pen name 'Baeksang
  8. [57th Baeksang] War of Kings: The Best Actor Award anticipates a showdown among true acting masters It’s a war of the kings: the Baeksang is anticipating a showdown among true acting masters who just have everything – from acting skills to the power to draw in viewers. But we have only one trophy. Who will walk away with the trophy? Just looking at the names of these nominees, you can tell this is a tough competition and one of the categories that people are paying most attention to this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards. The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards are airing
  9. The drama is still getting article coverage 7 Crime & Mystery K-Dramas That Keep Us On The Edge Of Our Seats Crime and mystery K-dramas are often underrated in favor of their romantic counterparts. While there’s nothing more satisfying to watch than an epic romance unfold, sometimes you want to put the fluttering feelings of love to the side and watch something more thrilling. From murder mysteries to conspiracies, to delving into the paranormal, there are so many good, thrilling crime and mystery dramas to watch. Here are a few favorites.
  10. I love LOVE his photos. He is a true actor. His eyes can pierce your soul. I also like the tagline on his page. “Emotional action with mournful gaze and a sense of natural action is his signature. This indisputable K-wave star’s gaze becomes more profound and more beautiful...” LEE JOON GI’s portrait photos for the KOREAN ACTORS 200 campaign https://theactorispresent.kr/lee-joongi/ Article Translation ‘KOREAN ACTORS 200,’ 4th-week batch unveiled: from Yoo Ji Tae to Eom Ji Won, and to Lee Joon Gi
  11. Best Kdrama Actors: StellarSis Awards (France) 2021 CAROLINE & ELODIE LEROY | FEBRUARY 28, 2021 SHARE Here is the list of the 2021 StellarSis Awards, through which the Editors nominate the best k-drama actors and actresses of the past year. What a challenge for actors in the teeming world of Korean dramas! We reviewed all of the 2020 trendy drama lineup and debated at length to elect the Korean actors and actresses whose performances were
  12. Lee Joon Gi’s interview with The Star magazine for the March, 2021 issue Blue Skies, Warm Breezes, Dazzling Jeju Island, and Our Heartthrob Lee Joon Gi. Editor | Eun-Young Kang (text), Suji Choi (editorial) Photographer | Kyung-Jin Lee - One minute, he smiles brightly and innocently like a ‘spring boy,’ and the next minute, he is back as that guy who hides behind his enigmatic eyes. Following the conclusion of drama <Flower of Evil>, actor Lee Joon Gi joined us on a photoshoot trip to Jeju Island. About three months later, we met again for an intervie
  13. [NEW] — Seo Yea Ji x Classys Shurink
  14. Lee Joon Gi Talks About His Spring Bucket List, His Goal As An Actor, And More Feb 27, 2021. by C. Hong Actor Lee Joon Gi recently shot a pictorial for the March issue of the magazine The Star. The photo shoot took place on Jeju Island, where Lee Joon Gi posed in front of a modern hotel and impressed the staff with his horseback riding skills despite it being four or five years since he had last ridden a horse.
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