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  1. [NEW] 210108 — Seo Yea Ji x Britige Centum
  2. Make Way For The Queens: 10 Best Korean Actresses Of 2020 This is it – the feature of all features as we shine lights on the Korean actresses who have done their dues, entertaining the world in their respective roles. Most of these actresses have been in the industry for a long time and have proven time and time again that they’re the best of the best. Here are 10 of the best actresses that 2020 had to offer. Note: List is in no particular order and actresses whose dramas premiered in December 2020 are not included in this list. 3. Seo Ye Ji
  3. (ENG translation) StarNews’ Exclusive Interview with Lee Joon Gi, winner of the Best Artist Award and the Asia Celebrity Award in the Acting category at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards (2021/01/11) - part 1 (https://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2021011020591462821) 2020 was certainly a meaningful year for this actor, who won two awards at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards (“2020 AAA”) and made us look forward to the next step he’s going to take in 2021. That actor is none other than Lee Joon Gi. At the 2020 AAA held last November, Lee Joon Gi won the Best
  4. My favourite is this picture below: Mature Lee Joon Gi in a three piece suit is mesmerizing
  5. Lee Joon Gi’s interview with Marisol (2021/01/01) (source – https://marisol.hpplus.jp/article/63336/01/) Q. Can you tell us about the role you play in Flower of Evil, Baek Hee Seong? JG – I play Do Hyun Soo who lives as Baek Hee Seong. For 14 years, he has concealed his cruel past, lived under a false identity, made a family of his own to live a new life, deceived his loving wife, and pretended to love her. I was hoping that you (viewers) would also feel all kinds of emotions while watching Do Hyun Soo’s story, such as tension and thrill, throughout all the 16 epis
  6. [31.12.2020] Moon Chae Won's IG update: "Everyone, thank you for your hard work in 2020. I hope more people will be happy in 2021 Thank you for this year."
  7. Happy New Year to everyone (ENG) LEE JOON GI’s New Year Message to Hajunse (Korean fan club) “Hi, guys. This is your actor Lee Joon Gi. Dear Hajunse family, finally, 2021, the Year of the Metal Ox, has dawned. I wish you all a happy new year. 2020, a year that was filled with ups and downs, is gone. The new year has finally dawned. They say it’s the Year of the Ox (cow). You know, there is this thing that my fans and I always remind ourselves of? That I should work hard like a cow every year. [** ‘working like a cow’ is a popular Korean expression meaning worki
  8. Motto Shiritai! Kankoku TV Dorama* Vol. 100/ Jan 2021 * Please dont/tag/ mention the magazine in tweets. Thanks! * I'm also only tagging his English Name just to be safe Lee Joon Gi: A true drama star who continues to shine at the forefront (of the industry) In the early days of the Hallyu boom, it was often the case that stars who had been famous in Korea before, were introduced to and gained popularity in Japan. However, Lee Joongi formed ties with Japan by appearing in the Japan-Korea joint film <The Hotel Venus> even when he was stil
  9. Flower of Evil to be broadcast on GTV Taiwan starting from 27 December 2020
  10. Mnet Japan Interview Flower of Evil to be aired in Japan from 3 January 2021 Lee Joon Gi’s reaction to a Useless Gift from Namooactors Lee Joon Gi says goodbye to 2020
  11. Moon Chae Won Vogue Korea Interview Translation Q: Its been two months since The Flower of Evil has ended. The writer Yoo Jung Hee has said in an interview that she hoped this drama would become "a drama where one can image the future lives of the protagonists." Have you, as an actor, ever wondered what life Cha Ji Won would have after the ending? A: No I thought it had ended with a pretty happy ending, so I didn't wonder about it. Since she had experienced a tough married life, I hope the two would live happily ever after. Q. Cha Ji Won, the
  12. Hello, long time no see. Most of you must have moved on by now. But just in case, anyone is curious about how our lead actors are doing after flower of evil. Here are their recent interviews. Below is an interview with Lee Joon Gi. The next post will be an interview with Moon Chae Won. (ENG translation) Lee Joon Gi’s Interview for Allure Korea, December 2020 NIGHT IS TENDER, LEE JOON GI Actor Lee Joon Gi is just never satisfied. It’s only been a month since <Flower of Evil> ended, but he is already thinking about what to do next.
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