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  1. Looks like Namoo Actors aren't ready to let Flower of Evil go either haha. They released a video they put together I think based off of Human Theater called Hyun Soo Theater haha. I wonder if that means they'll release a Ji Won version, too.
  2. I don't know if it was mentioned already but I saw a video that pointed out how the ending camera scene of the finale paralleled that of the ending of the first episode. In the first episode it was DHS, CJW, and Eun Ha having fun upstairs while the camera went down to the workshop and then to the basement where KMJ was tied up. In the finale, the camera went in the opposite direction beginning in the workshop where DHS and CJW just restarted their relationship and going to the second floor that's their home. Looking back on it, I really liked the small details like that that I gues
  3. When I was watching the episode I didn't understand why DHS lost his memories but as I continued watching, I understood that he didn't lose all of his memories, just those ones about his life as BHS. Even then, the things that he was shown to remember weren't the things about him really deceiving people, or at least those weren't the ones we were shown if he did remember them. Instead, what we were shown was the snippets of him living as BHS when it involved CJW. So rather than him living the moments when he was pretty much hiding himself, he was remembering those rare and few moments when he
  4. Here's the final making video I really loved watching all of their interactions with each other through these making videos.
  5. Looks like there were more people who wanted to see what happened in the finale. The average rating was 5.7%, their highest throughout the entire series. An article, here, states that the metropolitan area recorded an average of 6.6%, with the highest peak being 7.3% whereas the nationwide average is the 5.7% with a peak of 6.2%. It also says that in regards to tvN male/female 20-49 population, the average viewers rating in the metropolitan area was 3.4%, a peak of 3.9% and the nationwide average was 3.3% with a peak of 3.7%. All in all, I'd say it ended on a pretty goo
  6. After watching the fully subbed episode, rather than trying to get by with my limited Korean knowledge, my thoughts have changed a little about the finale from being slightly confused to appreciating it more so sorry if this might be a little long. I guess what part of it comes down to is the fact that, as Hae Soo said, DHS is literally just being the same DHS he's always been. When KMJ mentioned how DHS seemed different, she said that maybe he's just the same way he's always been. I'm assuming implying that hiding himself for 14 years did a number on him, as I'm sure it would on a
  7. Ah, so Eun Ha said that the kids were telling her that her parents divorced because CJW changed her name to Cha Eun Ha. I guess that was more for her to separate themselves from the Baek family yet not knowing fully about DHS I guess after realizing that he didn't remember any of them. I wonder what'll happen if they ever decide to change her name to Do Eun Ha. Would she ask or wonder why her father has a different name? How would you even explain that to a child?
  8. In hindsight, it does make sense that DHS didn't actually get all of his memories back but that he's getting them back piece by piece. It'd probably be too much of a shock for him if everything suddenly came back at once because from what he understood when he woke up, he just suffered a car crash and the year was 2005. But he'll probably fill in the gaps as he goes, just like with people calling him Hee Sung, but since he doesn't fully remember about living as another person for 15 years, I think it's kind of better that way, in a way. For both CJW and DHS, by DHS essentially for
  9. Rough translations. I separated them and put the times for each section 0:00 - 1:55 1:55 - 5:01 5:01 - 8:59 8:59 - 16:15 Also, side note, I literally had to google about DHS's story about the name haha and then it finally clicked once I found out what he was talking about lol but there might be things I interpreted incorrectly there 16:15 - 18:42
  10. Kim Ji Hoo's Instagram post and Lee Joon Gi's response: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFeAl5elkvz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Kim Ji Hoon: The finale of Flower of Evil will be broadcast tonight PS As we finish today's episode It'll be an episode that leaves an afterglow Personally, I wondered if there could even be a more perfect ending than this Come to think of it, From the moment that I first read the script until the time that I filmed my last scene, all of those scenes go by in my head I really worried and antagonized a
  11. I feel that another episode would've done them well. I guess there was no way for them to logically, not saying that everything in this drama was logical, for him to take a bullet to the head and come out of the situation unscathed. I guess I don't really know what I wanted, just a different ending than that haha. I don't know how they could've gone around wrapping this up sooner or if creating another episode would somehow drag out things or, if because this is a melo, they didn't want the end to see too happy for anyone. I just don't know
  12. So he doesn't actually regain all of his memories? Here's the clip that tvN posted on YouTube with the translation for the little dialogue they have
  13. So I don't know what I missed, if it was anything important...but we really just ended it with all of them hugging? I kinda wish we ended with the family meal that Hae Soo desperately wanted or that there'd just a single shot of that to end, Hae Soo traveling back from being abroad to all eat together. And I guess her relationship with KMJ is pretty much on point with what I thought. It's open ended. They call each other and talk on the phone now that she's off traveling and it looks like, based on their interactions this episode, that she does like having him around and cares for
  14. So my stream crashed so I probably missed everything that happened for the end haha. I'll just have to wait for the raw to be out and watch it but we end on a family hug?
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