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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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The story actually drifted away a bit because of the plot holes, especially making BHS up suddenly. I really think the writers had other plans, but had a sudden change of plans. :isannoyed:


Anyway, the story was fine, ending does look rushed as many have also felt, I'll post my thoughts on the final and overall thoughts on the drama after I am done with the last episode. :piggydance:

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If only the TIME didn't stopped... The kissing session will consume for 30 minutes.       The slow-burn sweet kisses  were so HOT and sexy.           

Posted Images

Kim Ji Hoo's Instagram post and Lee Joon Gi's response: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFeAl5elkvz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Kim Ji Hoon:

The finale of Flower of Evil will be broadcast tonight



As we finish today's episode

It'll be an episode that leaves an afterglow


I wondered if there could even be a more perfect ending than this


Come to think of it,

From the moment that I first read the script until the time that I filmed my last scene, all of those scenes go by in my head

I really worried and antagonized about how to make this person, Baek Hee Sung, from the script come alive,

But fortunately, even though I was really scary, I think I was able to receive a lot of love and these days I feel a sense of appreciation and pride

That I was able to be happy day after day while filming

And that I fulfilled one of my goals of creating a great project

The production and all of the staff who showed their best skills and did their best in all of their positions

And those that I was able to work together with and not able to

Who created the very bright characters from Man Woo and Mi Ja-sunbae to the youngest Eun Ha

I think it's because of all of the actors and actresses that appeared and that we were able to be together, my seniors and juniors

When we were together filming and once again as I was watching it, I was always in awe and learned a lot

The best actor, being able to work together with the staff

It was a project where I was able to once again feel 'There is such happy work like this as an actor'... I can't say it to everyone individually and am relaying my feelings through this...

Thank you

For me as well, it's a project I'm committed to. I think it'll take a long time to take myself out of being Flower of Evil's Baek Hee Sung


Throughout this time, the drama Flower of Evil as well as Baek Hee Sung who did a lot of bad things,

I'm sincerely thankful to everyone to everyone who watched over us every week and who gave us love



Lee Joon Gi's response:

Hyung, you really worked hard. You really did well. Thank you for letting me feel the pride of creating something together again~ Today is a bit sad


Kim Ji Hoon's response:

Comment fairy. I'm also a bit sad

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I will have to wait for the sub episode to get all the details...


A big thank you to @jeonghyang, @thesuitelife547 and all of you for your gifs, live recaps, insights, comments and great sense of humour. What an incredible ride this has been. 

I am sure there will be more thoughts from you all tomorrow which I will enjoy reading.


good night , everyone!

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Awwww abit sad to see them rush through the ending. I would prefer to have 5 minutes of screen time by themselves. 

I wonder if the swing scene is just photographs for the show? I always think it will be the ending of it. 

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9 hours ago, violina said:

Or maybe a sageuk movie will do. Recommended sageuk movies post FoE


Madame Do's favourite:wub:The King and the Clown(Starring Lee Joon Gi)


War of the Arrows (Starring Moon Chae Won) 


Two great movies! Of course, The King and the Clown is my all-time favorite Korean movie.

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I watched the finale and cried my eyes out even without the subtitles!


I'd say the ending is satisfactory.  It is not a super happy ending as I expected but it isn't an open or sad ending. 


When DHS gave Eun Ha a hug, at first DHS looked flustered as he didn't remember her.   But then there was a flashback of him holding baby Eun Ha, then he started to get teary.  I think his memory is coming back gradually, they had a big family hug and smiled. 


In spite of his memory loss, he is surrounded by CJW and Eun Ha who love him for who he is.  I'd say this is a good and meaningful ending.  


I think it is one of the best dramas I've watched! LJG and MCW gave superb performances until the very end.  The scene in the car when they cried is so heart-wrenching!  They bring out the best acting in each other.  Hope to see them together nominated and win awards this year.





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i didn't really understand what he was saying, but i think one of the main points of the episode was when he remembered why he named the workshop that way and he explained it to jiwon, which i guess kinda made her remember the love he had for her. i remembered someone saying the workshop had a very nice name, but the writing in korean is too cursive and i can't read. Can't wait for the subs.

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ok i guess we better read up on the legend of Hephaestus before watching the episode with subs. i think his memories before 10 is embedded in this myth. 

Just rewatched it without subs cause i am crazy. anyway the more i think about it, the more meaningful the ending is.. they are now able to rebuild everything from a clean slate, without any deception or lies and Hyun soo can finally grow into himself naturally and freely. and she can love him without stressing out about the fake parents. 

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Rough translations. I separated them and put the times for each section


0:00 - 1:55


(DHS and CJW taking wedding pictures)

Photographer: Bride, just make your expression a little more natural

CJW: Okay

Photographer: Groom, you're very fashionable. You could even be a model

DHS: Do you want to rest a little?

CJW: Yeah, it's hard

DHS: I'm sorry, but can we have a 10 minute break?

Photographer: Should we?

CJW: Is this really your first time doing this? Why are you so good at it?

DHS: It's all from being rich. What? Are you worrying about something?

CJW: Are your parents really not coming?

DHS: Yeah, they're not going to

CJW: It's your once-in-a-lifetime wedding. I'm worried that you'll regret it

DHS: I'll just do it twice then. We can do it again

CJW: That would cost too much

DHS: Weddings are only a material event so don't worry too much

CJW: It would be upsetting without any family there

DHS: You're the only one for me. I'm serious


1:55 - 5:01


CJW: He said he was going to meet us at his house

(CJW attempts to call)

CJW: His cellphone is off, too. Did something happen?

DHS: He's just running away. He thought about it and figured he can't be a witness

CJW: That's not true. When I talked to him on the phone earlier he clearly said he'd do it

(CJW gets a text saying he can't do it)

CJW: He said he can't do it

DHS: Then let's get going

CJW: Let's wait. He'll have to come home at some point so let's wait and convince him

(The two of them decide to wait and it starts to rain. CJW goes towards the rain and DHS begins to become mesmerized by her)

DHS: Do you like the rain?

(CJW doesn't respond and DHS keeps looking at her and eventually smiles)

(in his head) DHS: Ji Won only believes what she sees therefore she's quite easy

(DHS stops smiling and slightly backs up from the rain)


5:01 - 8:59


DHS: I know exactly what words Detective Cha wants from me

CJW: I don't have anything I want

DHS: No, there is. You keep wanting to hear those words from me. "I may have lost memories about you, but my feelings are the same." That kind of lie

(both are in tears)

CJW: When did I? When...did I say I wanted to hear those words?

(CJW looks away from him and cries before she turns back)

CJW: How could you forget about me? How could you forget, how could you do that? How we loved and how we've come this far. How could you be like that and forget?

DHS: Detective, I'm suspicious of you. Saying that I'm some sort of trustworthy person, I don't believe you. I've never felt emotions, but these feelings that I have when I look at you, Detective, what should I do?

CJW: Why don't you believe in yourself?

DHS: Detective, do you want to know? When you look at me, you're looking for a hidden piece of that person. You're become expectant of parts that you find are similar and disappointed when you discover parts that are different. But you know what, I hate that person. I don't wish to know him one bit

(Both cry in the car)

DHS: The two of us (I'm not too sure what he says here) It's like we keep going around in circles. Detective, you run even if you just see my back and I run away because I don't want you to see me. In the end, we're unable to take a step forward


8:59 - 16:15

Also, side note, I literally had to google about DHS's story about the name haha and then it finally clicked once I found out what he was talking about lol but there might be things I interpreted incorrectly there


(DHS picks up the journal and flips through it stopping at a page)

(reading) DHS: I like the rain. When the rain comes, my voice gets higher and I smile at anything. Do I like the feeling of the cold rain? Or do I like the rain that blocks the noise?

(CJW comes down)

CJW: Oh, you can't look at that

(DHS turns around and they see each other)

CJW: I was just cleaning up. If there's anything you need, feel free to take it. It'll become yours anyway. I was originally going to throw out those notebooks, but because it seemed like they were about me, I couldn't

(DHS looks at the business card)

DHS: By chance, did I choose the name for this workshop?

(The name for the workshop is The Space Where The Morning Star Stays)

CJW: You did

DHS: Do you know what it means?

CJW: You told me to never ask. Looking back at it, I really didn't know anything

DHS: In Greek mythology, there was a blacksmith god by the name of Hephaestus (the Greek god of blacksmith and fire). He was the ugliest person in Olympus and all of the people didn't like him. Therefore all he had was blacksmith work. But even for him, he had a wife that he truly loved. In English, it's Venus, it means Venus (he says it in Korean). The morning star is Venus's unfolded appearance

(DHS kind of realizes what he's done and turns to face CJW)

DHS: In the space where I spent most of my time, I always thought of you, Detective Cha Ji Won

CJW: I applied for a transfer to Busan. A decision should be made soon

DHS: So, you...you're saying you're going to leave?

CJW: I need a new start in a new place, too

(I think it skips a little)

DHS: How, I just barely took a step closer to you. What should I do if you run away?

CJW: Expectations lead to disappointment and then more expectations and more disappointments. I can't do it anymore

DHS: Is there any way to change your mind?

(DHS gets closer to CJW)

DHS: I'll really treat you well. I'll really love you

(In the past)

CJW: I'll really love you from now on. I'll really treat you well

(DHS said it in the same fashion as her confession from back then)


DHS: The person that you're looking for, look for him with me. I'm now curious about him. I want to know

(CJW notices the bandages on his hands)

CJW: What's wrong with your hands?

DHS: I kept getting hurt (I don't know what he said from what) It's still strange for me

(CJW takes off the wedding rings she was wearing as a necklace and puts it on DHS's finger)

DHS: When I stand in front of you, I become nervous for no reason. I'm also afraid I might make a mistake

CJW: Me, too

(DHS and CJW kiss)


16:15 - 18:42


CJW: I have to pick up Eun Ha, do you want to go together?

DHS: Will she like me?

(CJW laughs)

DHS: Why are you laughing?

CJW: Why are you?

DHS: Because you are

(DHS nervously waits for Eun Ha and his wedding ring is on)

Eun Ha: Dad!

(DHS turns around to see Eun Ha who runs right up to him and hugs him and he remembers when she was a baby)

Eun Ha: Dad! I really really really missed you! Dad, did you buy me a present?

DHS: Huh? Sorry, I forgot to

Eun Ha: It's alright because you're my present. I like you the best in the world!

DHS: Me... me too

(DHS starts to cry as Eun Ha hugs him again and DHS looks at CJW. He picks Eun Ha up and that's the family hug the series ended on)


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4 hours ago, Madu Mita said:


Please no amnesia 



When you suddenly woke up from the greatest NIGHTMARE in Kdramaland. 59.gif?w=50




and that's me... dealing with it. 28.gif?w=50






Meanwhile BROMANCE is still rolling on. 60.gif





KMJ is about to kiss DHS. 63.gif




KMJ: You don't want me to kiss you. 28.gif

DHS: Later when we're in a private place. 89.gif






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some other things i noticed:

1) in the wedding photo scene, when hyun su was helping ji won to sit down with her tight gown, lee joon gi was trying very hard not to accidentally touch her inappropriately
2) when Moo jin asks Hyun su how to get amnesia, lee joon gi almost burst out laughing but kept it in 



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1 hour ago, Madu Mita said:

Wait a minute, we never got a answer on why he gets killing impulses? Like the time he tried hard not to choke her ..



I don't think he had any impulse to choke her. He was just trying to hold on to her because he had a panic attack and couldn't breathe. It was her shoulders that he actually grabbed.

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In hindsight, it does make sense that DHS didn't actually get all of his memories back but that he's getting them back piece by piece. It'd probably be too much of a shock for him if everything suddenly came back at once because from what he understood when he woke up, he just suffered a car crash and the year was 2005. 


But he'll probably fill in the gaps as he goes, just like with people calling him Hee Sung, but since he doesn't fully remember about living as another person for 15 years, I think it's kind of better that way, in a way. For both CJW and DHS, by DHS essentially forgetting his existence as BHS, it does give them the blank slate to start over with their lives because up until the car crash, DHS was simply DHS. 


And I guess that's what he meant by saying that he now wants to learn about the person CJW was talking about. He wants to become the person that she's looking for because he finally understands some of the parts he was missing. Because of the time jump of 4 months, I assume that during those 4 months, people were obviously telling him that he lost some of his memories and he was obviously preparing for Hae Soo's trial. KMJ, I assume, also brought up some things or noticed, like how he pointed out, that DHS was aware of CJW and innately cared about her, just like how he was innately buying egg tarts. 


I think the trouble with DHS in episode 16 was that because he woke up with no memories of who he became, and all of those memories he had with CJW, and pretty much how he evolved as a person, that's why he couldn't believe what CJW was saying about him and was suspicious of it. The version of himself he knew wasn't the version of himself that CJW was saying and he knew they didn't add up, which is why CJW questioned him about why he didn't believe in himself and his feelings. Then again, he was the DHS who thought he didn't have the ability to feel therefore his feelings confused him.


Like he knows that he had a past with CJW but just doesn't fully remember it and knows that he's not the guy she thinks he is, or once was. He knows things are different, and so does she, and I guess they just had to get to the point where they accept that.


So I mean, it's not great that he lost all of his memories, but I guess it did give their family the clean slate that they needed to start over and for DHS to evolve as DHS rather than as DHS living as BHS. 


And I guess now we know why Lee Joon Gi said it was hard to look at Moon Chae Won after reading the script for episode 16, because pretty much the whole episode was DHS forgetting about his family. Also, it really was until the very last scene like Seo Hyun Woo mentioned haha.


Also, I just noticed that when Eun Ha was drawing she wrote her name as Cha Eun Ha.

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OMG! OMG! Its the end! 

I've waited n waited n waited for the RAW to be available. Stopping myself from reading the live recap. 

And when its available, I started to watch the RAW and sacrificing my sleep time bcoz its an hour and 18minutes long. Phew~~

What a ride! What are they saying? I dont speak Korean! What happened? why they are crying? How long time flies for them? All the questions keep hitting me and now, I will find the answers from tonite post. Tq for all the recappers. I'll begin my read now. Nite! 

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