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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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10 minutes ago, Madu Mita said:

I would’ve been okay with amnesia if it’s just them both... but my man has an actual child.... that he forgot about.......

I agree. But poor guy was shot in the head:tears:. He is lucky to be alive tbh. But then cabbie driver's head hit a metal object in episode 5 and he was shot in the head too right(?). But he didnt lose his memories. I guess DHS's memory loss is also due to all the psychological trauma. Maybe his brain just wants to bury it all. He has suffered too much. 

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  • KMJ goes to Hae Soo's house and it's completely empty. He looks around it with a sad smile
  • Hae Soo goes out to drinks with KMJ and DHS where I think she says she wants to travel or something?
  • DHS tells her that it's a relief that she's able to find something she wants
  • KMJ says that he'll cheer for her and be on her side no matter what and says that he won't wait for her, with a nervous voice, and she laughs
  • KMJ leaves the two siblings alone and tells Hae Soo that they should see one another again before she leaves
  • Hae Soo looks a bit sad at that but motions for DHS to follow KMJ
  • He's outside of the restaurant crying and looking in when DHS sneaks up behind him and attempts to give him a comforting pat on the shoulder but can't bring himself to do it but eventually does
  • KMJ pushes him off and sits on the curb and DHS sits next to him
  • KMJ asks if he should wait for Hae Soo and DHS tells him to figure it out himself
  • KMJ says that he's going to forget about everything but it doesn't sound very convincing and I think he asks advice from DHS how to get amnesia and DHS says that the inside of his head has to explode asking if he should do it for him, I like their friendship now haha
  • I guess KMJ went to go see Hae Soo for the last time but she already left and that's why he was there
  • He gets a call from Hae Soo and they have a pleasant conversation as he asks her what she eats and what she's doing. It looks like she went overseas as he says it's morning and asks if he should send kimchi there
  • As they were packing, Hae Soo told DHS that he needs a starting point as to not lose the path as they were people who always lost their confidence wherever they went
  • DHS says that she's not going to be there and I think wonders who else but she tells him that he's the only one who knows
  • So he's walking along the street, past the building he and CJW were under when it rained during their date
  • He stands there and looks around and begins to remember
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KMJ's reaction in the first gif made me think that DHS actually ate his cake/ice cream which he had hidden from him. :loolz:


In the end was proved wrong and it was totally opposite. Those were egg tarts :cries:



I literally really a need a good ending here, after enduring all those plot holes in the last 3-4 episodes :isannoyed:

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  • DHS gets teary eyed remembering the interaction and he gets a phone call from a real estate person who has brought him to his actual house? I guess CJW put it up for sale
  • Yup, it's his house she brings him to
  • He enters behind her as she begins to talk about how it matches all of his qualifications and tells him to take his time looking around. I think she might just be renting out the workshop side maybe?
  • DHS walks around the workshop and picks up a notebook and begins paging through it stopping at a page that talks about how he likes the rain
  • CJW comes down at that moment telling him he can't look at that stuff, thinking it's just another person coming to look at the house but DHS turns around
  • CJW tells him she was just cleaning up 
  • I'm not entirely sure what they're talking about but I think DHS is referencing himself in whatever story he's telling
  • DHS turns around to look at CJW and says that he thought about her in the long road he took
  • CJW brushes it off thinking that he's telling a lie, that and whatever he said to her in the past and reveals that she's leaving
  • CJW says that she's going someplace new to start anew and that it's a coincidence that he was doing the same thing

And now my stream kinda crashes haha

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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