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  1. here I'm again - after reading many posts on twitter, insta, internet - gosh! I miss them...this whip smart hybrid of thriller, complex, tense, gem kind of drama anchored by stand-out performances from LJK( hands down) and MCW ( wonderful, delicate, beautiful, elegant actress) is going to stay with me for so looong...I usually watch Korean dramas, but it takes 30 min to check them on daily basis, well...FOE pierced my heart - I watched it religiously from the very beginning to the very end... Now my Wed and Th's evenings without my fav drama routine will feel a bit empty...
  2. Good bye, Flower of Evil! I've enjoyed the ride so much; I'm grateful for all ur comments and this thread. I wish all the best for our talented actors LJK and MCW, and, of course, the rest of the cast! Hoping for another project with these 2 - till then take care, stay healthy, real and inspire others! @larus, let's meet again! take care, my friend! p.s. I'm going to check from time to time ur posts - the withdrawal is real
  3. But I'm going to wait and see what happens ... a sageuk will do in the meantime ...
  4. I know it sounds crazy - but I would love to see these 2 going from reel to real -- sigh...
  5. this drama is all about great acting... no room for disappointment! So sad that next week is going to be the last one...
  6. So ... I do think the real Hee Seong is the killer - he was the one in charge of getting rid of the victims - some of them were kidnapped for their organs or some other horror stuff and they were not supposed to get alive after what would had happened to them. On the other hand Do Min Seok was just making some money or did have some weird "hobby" like Michelangelo [ just kidding]. He killed Do Min Seok and made it look that he was the killer, he also killed that village man, and now he is trying his luck manipulating his parents. Maybe detective Choi will help them; an
  7. Here I am again after crying a river ... so I usually use a headset when watching movies, so only listening to these two [ without watching] makes me heart aching so bad - the narrative controls the emotional engagement so well that one who doesn't understand Korean will be brought to tears or to the edge of his/her seat. Great episode - so we have our accomplice, but 5 episodes means that a lot of stuff is going to happen and I don't have any idea of how things will work out... I can come up with some scenarios but - gosh - this last ep is so heavy - and we want a happy ending,
  8. pfff I'm sooo sleepy - i don't know how long I will manage to stay awake...and i want to see what happens ....so bad!!!!!
  9. When your 'fans' /cast love your smile ...Moon Chae Won during "Feng Shui" Press Conference (2018)
  10. Detective Choi is Bong Kwang-Hyeon in Hospital Playlist. I came across this video few minutes ago - and I saw him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiQ3Oh76WOU At 0:14 - you can see him - it's quite short, but his face caught my attention.
  11. sorry @Tuiwgn, I was tired - I read that they've stopped filming for now - so HOW MANY eps haven't they shot yet?
  12. GOSH ... I don't know what to say ... during today's ep I "had too much on my plate"; I wonder if I will be able to watch the next 5 eps with less emotional involvement. How hard... how difficult must be to get through those panic attacks... I mean watching so scenes was difficult - and when Ji Won cries - every scene gives me tears to my eye --- it's quite draining and I'm not the one acting... This drama is so perfect - but I don't want anyone to die... I've been wondering if it's really true that his sister killed that old man. Maybe he attacked her or .
  13. Hello, everyone!! I have finally managed to get my account back, and here I am. A big thanks to everyone commenting on this thread; @larus @andy78how have you been? this drama one of the best drama I have ever seen - hands down, great story line and best acting, I love everything to bits. Now... it's quite late here so I'm going to ask you - what do you think about how the story unfolds ? First I thought that the real HS is just an young man abused by his parents, especially by his mother - there are some moments that show her remorse for even
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