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  1. Please please download Choeaedol Celeb app and Vote Lew Joon Gi for Asia Artist Award. set your MyCeleb (in your profile as Lee Joongi) please try to vote on the community post (click on the Asia Artist Award icon and click Lee Joon Gi’s name - you’ll be able to see many post or images of him - please vote there) other tips: - Give 3 hearts to ALL friends daily immediately after 00.30 (Korean time, check what time it will be in your country please) - Tap on photos to open heart boxes every 4 hours - Watch 10 video ads every hour - Keep adding friends
  2. Please vote for our beloved Lee Joon Gi or Moon Chae Won for Asia Star Awards download Choeaedol Celeb app set your MyCeleb as Lee Joongi (in your profile page) if you click on Lee Joon Gi’s name and sort the post by “most heart, there is instruction on how to vote thank you
  3. Please vote for our beloved Lee Joon Gi for Asia Star Awards download Choeaedol Celeb app set your MyCeleb as Lee Joongi (in your profile page) if you click on Lee Joon Gi’s name and sort the post by “most heart, there is instruction on how to vote thank you
  4. Omg did anyone see the Bts video Namoo posy? Joon Gi literally was seeking attention from Chae Won hahaha i love their interaction. He is such a perfectionist when it comes to acting I can see that he is passionate about his work but so cuteee watching how Chae Won convonced him that the shoot went well. JG live on IG tonight 8:30pm korea time chingus!!!
  5. I loveee the whole episode 16. It’s like watching Do Hyun Soo falling in love all over again for Cha Ji Won. No matter what happened in the past, give him another life and he will still find his way back to Ji Won. And yep this time he can love her honestly, as his true self, no need to fake anything. Watching how he smiled looking at her catching the rain in front of the apartment made me smiled... watching him starting to remember their first date made me cried so much (ok, i never escaped from tears everytime that In My Heart OST starts playing). Of the 1:18 Whole episode i p
  6. While everyone is rejoicing with the wedding pics, im here still kinda worried about the ending because - the wedding will be a flashback. TVN wont give the sneakies if it’s the last scene or the ending of the whole show. Each episode starts With or have the flashback so the wedding will be it on the ep 16 - but then i kinda thought what if they are trolling us what if it’s just an imagination. For a sad ending to end with what Hyun Soo wouldve hoped to happen (wedding) - Seo Hyun Woo said its unpredictable until the last scene. And the producer said the fight isnt over
  7. Someone posted new stills for ep 16, i dont kno if they are real photos of edited? But omooooo looks like we will get a happy ending!!! *edited* or it may be a flashback sceneee hmmm
  8. I actually wished there is no preview of ep 16... if only they stop it there on the all white scene, the viewers emotion will be deepended but as always FOE never disappoints, praying for a happy ending!!
  9. FOE crew snd LJG MCW definitely deserve recognition of their brilliantness!! But as much as i want them both to win, most of the awards are given to dramas with high ratings... so FOE has very little chance to snatch awards... Hopefully Baeksang, being one of the ceremony who rewards true talent, will be able to reward them but its still too long for the next Baeksang ceremony (last one was held in June 2020) and by that time there will be other new dramas which make FoE forgotten. Sad reality but rating matters
  10. Based on timeline though the car crash happened when Do Hyun Soo already left the village, it means jung Mi Seok was already kidnapped in the past before that incident. So it doesnt make sense if the real Baek Hee Sung is meeting up with Jung Mi Seok
  11. Im planning to sleep so i dont see spoiler, to enjoy the surprise and boost the emotion watching it. But knowing me i will fail to “not look” at forum or IG hahaha ive failed for 8 episodes and always ended up watching the raw clip before the English sub was out lol. Will try my best today, gosh cant wait for the English sub. Enjoy live stream/update all!!
  12. Can someone please clarify if the girl voice we heard from the IG live is his sister’s? Another thing he said in English was on the response of the fan who asked him to come to certain country. He responded that he wants to go everywhere, everywhere around the world. Because of you/to see you all. Phillipine fans should be happy cause he said “Mahal Kita” which means I Love You in Tagalog showed his cute dog keep looking at his watch lol probably feels that it has gone looongg lol but not time for Ep 9 yet haha
  13. In his IG live he answered this question in English Q: “How does it feel working with Moon Chae Won?” A: “I feel happy. She is the best of the best Actress? Actor? Actress?” Hahah he seems confused on the correct word but glad he finally answered in English
  14. I havent watched whole episode but The theory of ice hitting might make sense. In preview ep 9 DHS went to see someone he knows in the bar, probably thinking the accomplicr is somewhat related to the bar with ice hitting noise?
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