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  1. I'm so doomed.

    Mouse finale hits me so hard!


  2. I am so doomed! I cried so hard of the Mouse finale. RIP Yohan, Shin Sang and Bareum. This is the best ending i could imagine and just include melodrama as the genre along with thriller as well. This sadness hits me so hard, i dont even care with my puffy eyes anymore. *still crying in the corner Thank you for all actors and staffs hard working. Thank you for sharing our thoughts here. Please be healthy everyone on this thread.
  3. I hold for baby swap theory till the end even if everybody laughs at me (even myself laughs at me) Hahaha.. I dont even believe what i see in this drama until the next episode.. Now i got my dignity back.. When YH said to "his mum" that your son is a killer refering to BR and hunts him as well. Then not long ago we know that YH is looking for Jaehee because he knew Jaehee is his sister. It breaks my hearts to see YH was crying so hard. Even his non biological mum is loving him so much. I didnt even finished to rewatch ep 18 and 19 with full sub, but i've already see the ending. I nee
  4. Indeed.. i thought it just me missing my braincell bcz of this scene Im with you @pixiebelle OZ also had a pro clearance team. And also what @Fatemeh Rahemi mention before, and it somehow linked to Ministry of Science & ICT???
  5. So... Jaehee is still alive.. and now she become Michaela from ep 14, right? AND THE ONE WHO WANT TO PICK HER UP IS YOHAN? Edit: Okay, now i've already finished ep 17.. and yep.. Yohan is herbal kid who save BY's life and he also BR's childhood dude who motivated him to become kind person , even if it's fake or whatever Well actually, i repeated so many times at 45:11 from the whole episode and it just like det. Shin's voice or it just me who think this way?? Oh my God!!!!!!! I need to take rest hahaha mouse is consuming my mind.. whoaaaa
  6. I am not really sure about 2 last episode, im trying to enjoy it for whatever ending.. But definitelly, HAN SEO is damn cuteeeeeeeee.. I cant.. i keep LOLing him.. After i saw his damage when playing ice hockey with his bang, he's now my another favorite screen stealer..
  7. Ep 14: I NEED ENG SUB FAST! My heart cant take this anymore.. Chaos inside my mind! Old BR was just as hell like that. Whoaaaa.. Ep 15 kinda cliffhanger AND I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHO IS FINGER TATTO MAN and why they protect Bareum that hard. He even try to commit "failed" s-word. No way Bareum, please repent your sin.. Im sorry but you need to suffer lil more. Be a good boy babe!
  8. When remember about the word of sacrifice i cannot forget about Yohan. Even if from the very beginning i believe that he's innocent or may be kind of dark hero, but now it's verified that he's psychopath hunter. YH hunts BR all the time, accused to be SK and he died. So agony. And also i think lil YH save BY under the bridge and that flawed dog which is used luring BY. And for det Shin.. when he tells the bride about hidden chamber, i got the feeling alike HH build the dream house for his wife. LOL Because i was streaming last night
  9. BaBong kissed!!! OMG Ep 14 Almost of my random theory and also insightful theory from @nona88 seems to be true. I'm so doomed now! Bareum is the killer! His hideout as predicted! OMG im so freaking dizzy dizzy.. I support the plot that LSG needs to be psycho for getting Daesang. LOL.. But what now!!
  10. OMG ep 12 was so intense.. and that blood on BR lips OMG.. no waaay that so goosebumping! Remembering about my own questions, i think after watching ep 12 with sub, i got enlightenment.. Ep 13: I couldn't continue streaming.. im so done for tonite ep 13 hahahaaa..
  11. Im kinda too dizzy now waiting for subbed ep.. I know nothing without any sub.. Ep 12: 1. Jaehoon once met young abused BY.. 2. BR got revenge towards KDS and i don't even know anymore how to scream seeing BR bites KSD cheek like KSD did to BY.. 3. What a drag between BR and HJ.. Im so done! 4. BR in full psycho mode and how i love it.. Oh no no no no.. Mian, but LSG acting really hits me so hard.. OMG how to do.. i cant sleep!!!!
  12. For whatever reason, im gonna keep watching this drama until finale episode.. I hope the plot would get better..
  13. Moreover, BR aunt was also strange. Like she knew something and for whatever reason she lied to BR about her current address.. I really don't mind anything else. Any theory is acceptable for making YH still alive hahahahaaa.. Indeed hahahaa., I really curious who is adult version of this boy from ep 1.. It's sure that he is JH schoolmate. And imho, i still believe that JH is BR. Now i believe that this boy who motivated JH to disguise himself to behave as good as adult BR before surgery.
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