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  1. Song Joongki speaks Italian Taecyeon speaks English Ms Hong speaks nonsense hahahaha she's so funny OMG
  2. I still stand Han Seo Jun for no reason. Even without JK, Seo Jun deserve happiness...
  3. Nado... I am looking forward bromance of Do San and Ji Pyung, well their chemy is awesome! Now i was full of who is the "revenge man"? And who is actually the target..
  4. And the spiderman scene repeated! But in that scene, i really mesmerized by LDW act. He throw his body very very natural..
  5. Just watched ep 1 and im so craving ep 2. I watched either zombie, gumiho and now wolf i think someone in previous DMZ scene (after gun war) who bring the box is the mysterious cratures. Is he infected by something? He looks strange. Hmmm
  6. I really appreciate how writernim and PDnim make LDW oppa and KB potrayed such a beautiful character. KB as a badass is too precious to watch.. OMG their vibe is too strong, whenever DW oppa said IC word, swag overload. Urban legend with english attached in dialogue makes me cramp. Hahahaa Whenever the storyline goes, it reminds me to inuyasha anime. Forbidden love scandal between 2 worlds. Lol. Now this is my favorite dramas along with The "no pride" Zombie Detective OMG my kdramas world has changed!
  7. Me too.. I got some strenght from Junki oppa IG and rewatch his acttractive side in knowing brothers. I cant even remember his age, he looks so young. Well his IG post quite bother me haha why he had a lot of Eunha eomma pictures together? hahaha it seems odd. He really enjoys foe fame? Or he really enjoys his time with MCW? Lol
  8. The preview bother me somehow. I think nothing happen, and..... uuummm let me repeat myself, I dont think anything happen. If *that thing* happens, so their sorrow scene happen after they did it or before they did it? Oke im out of my mind.. sorry I just quite sure that i dont feel right in ep 8, something fishy.. seems that they deal with big missunderstanding.
  9. It's totally trap.. hahaha. Big catch! Indeed. The writernim is brilliant with all of those hidden meaning in every scene and movement! I could say that this is beautiful ending rather than happy ending Proper ending. And because at the beginning he already said that marriage is just formality, i give up my hope that they will remarried under Do Hyun Soo identity. Before then, i keep telling myself, rest asurred Baek Eun Ha will be Do Eun Ha but suddenly turn out become Cha Eun Ha. Lol. Ah it's so refreshing. OMG this is so much fun t
  10. I was really mad last night during a half of show.. I just cant get along with storyline that Hyun Soo draws a blurry memory in purpose and it hurts me so bad. Before the show, i strongly believe that Eun Ha will be final key of Do Hyun Soo attitude, but when "Cha Eun Ha" twist is coming, i stop!! I JUST CANT CONTINUE SUFFERING MYSELF! I didnt even continue till the end then i sleep while crying and this morning i get up with swollen eyes hahaha.. I just finished ep 16 and seriously it is still suffocating. It seems i need season 2 but i dont need eit
  11. Im not ready for the finale... Why am i getting so nervous. Lol
  12. @partyon thank you for the poll. Question number 3 is very difficult to be decided I just cant believe the show is almost done, hard feeling but im so super excited! Me be like:
  13. They are too funny for real.. because of the suffix sound like MARIA i was confused before but after realize i just cant stop laughing I saw BTS from the forest runaway. It also hilarous seeing BHS do push up after Hyun Soo stab him. Lol. They are too cute for sure.
  14. Seriously Jiwonie be like: Come to mama, good boy please come to mama. It was hilarious! ♡ Me too.. Why they gave us such a goodlooking villain. I always have a crush with handsome villain hahaa.. am i being weird? haha I cannot escape from adoring villain aura even in Voice and Psychopath Diary. I'm crazy in love with Kim Jae Wook and Park Sung Hoon portrayal.
  15. Yaaaaaa.. that's my wish! Im craving for that storyline. Hyun Soo, Ji Won and Eun Ha will move to rural or countyside area then started new life happily. Village school is a new trend. Lol. I need to watch a proper ending, i dont care if it's happy or not, but at least make it happy for that precious lil family. They've been through hell. Too cruel if writernim give us open ending, i dare to say what we need is a proper and acceptable ending. My energy drained just following FoE, i even postponed some other ongoing drama. FoE is getting my nerve, OMG.
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