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[Drama 2020] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (Season 2), 낭만닥터 김사부 시즌2


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7 hours ago, Kasmic said:


And Im excited that KSB havent forgotten his initial plan... the "oddball" project HAHAHA! love the name. Just as mysterious as himself. I recall in S1 this was his dream to open a  medical research centre a dream way different to Chairman Do's.

Yup. I noticed that as well. It would be wonderful if he could open his own hospital. Chairman Do is just like pain in the neck. His mind is just about money and power. Look of what a future hospital he plans.


I wonder when will Do Im Boem come?? Ah Reum seems knows him too. It was her on that phone call of him! I wonder whether she is one of his juniors or his sister maybe??? Anyway... she told ET that she knows a lot about ddoldam hospital from him. 


@graceyco the moment Nurse Oh scold him for being a stubborn patient and make him agree to be treated. LOL.


What makes this drama, so far, the villains will never get things their way no matter hard they have tried. Just like in S1 Director Do never win Kim Sabu. This time Do through Director Park try to weaver Ddoldam Squad to pieces by removing and firing them one by one. 


I wonder how about that patient the 119 bring in that ambulance, the patient looks pretty critical but the nurse that park has reinstated refuses their coming. 


@yoyo_icecube @lebritneeey I am with you girls!! I love the OTP even with their slow burn romance! I can feel their chemistry since beginning.

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14 minutes ago, corey said:

She was all right in the previous episode - when she supported SJW in calling KSB to the operating table when the nasty roomate of CEJ i SWJ couldn't finish the surgery. SO I thought maybe she is just stuck up but a good person at heart. Nope.

Yes, but now I feel so mad at her. I do hope she is someone good at heart. The same thing I expect from Director Park. But until now keep acting the other way. I thought they would tell us a bit later. The scene where she had a phone call with someone sounds pretty soft and caring. Who was it, I wonder, err.. could that be from her child???


And as to what Director park game plays, Pride vs Livelihood. He is so eager to see which option Kim Sabu would make. I think this man is really twisted. LOL


And that senior quack, forgot his name, Yang Sunbae as Eun Jae calls him. He is so annoying!!


PS. When director Park told that WJ should know who was the doctor in charge of that malpractice, I thought he would mention his senior who come a visit before. Could this be part of their plan? 


I need to watch the episode soon, sighh

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Dont know if this is good or not but the doctor whom made that accident was CEJ brother not her. SWJ staring at her :love: :joy: he was sussing info about her brother and she had to leave since her mother called









The exdoctor is scouting all the Doldam staff under Dr Park orders.

SWJ has an arguement with this exdoctor. Both are very upset 

EJ meets her mother and she mentions something about SWJ and we cant hear what it is. Later it is revealed and she was able to suspect that her brother was the one whom commit malpractice. She returns to Doldam and tries to ask SWJ but he tells her her will tell her later.








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What what... so it was Eun Jae's brother and not Eun Jae??? Ok good, great!...... at least WJ wouldnt feel so bad.


Just finished watching yesterday's episode... am glad the romance dept is moving a centimeter, and not even an inch between EJ snd WJ... sigh...


Cant wait for the subbed episode tomorrow! :)

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One obviously disappointing thing between S1 and S2 is the "morals" of the doctors. Even DYW os S1 was not portrayed as a morally corrupt doctor. He was a "politician", sure, who is more concerned about the hospital than the patients. But still we never see him NOT taking a chance with a patient. 


On the other hand, S2 has doctors that I don't want even a meter in my country. The bus incident for example. The victim wasn't even dead but PMG already gave up on him? And the victim was concious too! He would have heard PMG telling KSB "if anything happens your head is on the line".


So for S2, as much as i think PMG is quite attractive physically, his character is not fit to be a doctor. I'd take White Tower hospitals anytime. Give me egoistic, prideful doctors. Just don't give me murderers which is how i feel about the bad doctors in S2. 

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Part 2

CEJ mom calls EJ ..I think she wants to get SWJ to help her brother but she wont pick up her mothers call. VIP patient tries to ask her out lol!





KSB starts accepting emergency patients into the ward and he gets all his staff working including Dr Nam. A patient need surgery KSB tells Dr Cha to perform it. Just b4 it Dr Shim tries to stop her as there is no anesthesiologist to assist the operation but Dr Nam comes in to back her up. KSB is there to and was guiding her during the operation. 







Naww KSB and Dr Nam is super proud of the development of Dr Cha 




CEJ mom comes to Doldam and speaks to SWJ. EJ sees this and tells SWJ to leave and speaks to her mom. She breaks down in front of her mom telling her to leave her alone and that she should get her brother to solve his own problem not her or SWJ. When she leaves the room she apologises to SWJ and cries. SWJ comforts her with a hug








BOTH SWJ choose to reveal the truth of the malpractice much to the distaste of Dr Park, Dr Shim and that sunbae doc. Dr Cha apologises to the patient and his wife.  DR Cha and SWj talk and KSB sees them and smiles to euntak lol! KSB is shipping these two lovebirds lol!





KSB has a visitor..its the previous Chairman's secretary from S1. Yes, now KSB has more backup to go up against the current Chairman Do


EJ and SWJ goes to pick up her car that was towed away. EJ speaks to the towtruck company to pay for her fine  and the gangsters came and took SWJ. EJ leaves the office to find that SWJ disappeared ENDS no preview






EJ needs to call the gangsters whom she saved now to save SWJ..PRONTO!!


and still no signs of Dr Do In Beom??? EKKK!!!!

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1 hour ago, Kasmic said:

Dont know if this is good or not but the doctor whom made that accident was CEJ brother not her.

Such a click bait thing to do :D


i have only seen clips of today's ep but the FL's character barely gets space to do big things! I love the actress playing the role but even she cant help it if the ML gets to be the strong hero all the time!


with regard to romance: tension has been there. Snippets were fun but even though ML's spoken behaviour is weird and before the last two episodes could confuse the FL but he seems to be the quiet and giving all the time kinds. Thus I go back to the earlier comment I quoted, his character is built to get all the empathy.


i mean he even gets to cry alone and our FL as always is oblivious to everything but the family trouble. Thus, our FL shows love in a very loud and childish way... i need you types(tightening of the hand on his shoulder when he carries her out of the operation theatre and then when she is hurt). To be honest... not sure if it will last long but who cares... 4 hours is all they have :D



and @Kasmic thanks for the updates. with my limited understanding of korean... your short synopsis helps. Btw the vip patient's noona flirting was fun :D

i like the proud look in KSB's eyes  :)

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I haven't got the subs. Why did Eun Jae apologise to the patient?Is she taking the rap? No logic at all. What has CS got to do with gall bladder?

Did Master Kim transfer the A&E line to his cell phone?

Any Koreans in this thread? It's a culture thingy I don't understand. Do parents walk into their children's life whenever they want? Do parents have the liberty to walk into their children's workplace?

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@dzareth I am making a very general comment you understand. And not specific to this drama. Because it is a civilian disaster and the numbers not too big.


I am making this assumption though since SK is a national service nation and medical staff can be on reservist duties. Disaster triaging leaves severely, mortally wounded behind. 


In this case the person was awake and obviously you can't say it in front of the patient. And it's for a drama effect.  On the other hand there are or were only about a dozen injured in the bus and there was an option for compression bandaging. The same treatment as one would do for a snake bite. So I digressed.


However what my intentions were is that the male doctors would be used to this sort of triaging as it's standard protocol for mass casualty triaging. It's a bit more different if you have enough paramedics on scenes etc. Not in this drama. But isn't Forest- another drama- showing that SK has trained paramedics for these sort of issues?


Maybe the writer wanted to show off Dr Park and wanted a disaster scene. But somehow couldn't quite carry off the actual nitty gritty writing? Because even hospital staff not trained for emergency management of severe trauma or mass casualty training have difficulty NOT saving everyone. And most of the males ( since I once worked in a national service country and worked with active and reservist medical officers ) are all trained to think leaving someone still not imminently dead behind. To  maximise resources. Well that and our limited supply outside hospital. I remember I had a difficult time as I did get a bus load of injured to triage. Bus, train and plane crashes were the usual mass casualty scenarios you see. Even when it's hypothetical it was hard tearing the tags to leave someone behind based on the injuries.


So just commenting. That the writer made it such a way. The actor did the lines. I don't quite know if it would quite happen in the country I am now living in though, if it was in the country. Vs city. As there are also no trained paramedics in the country towns. But that's why we have both fixed wings and helicopters medical retrieval services. Back to the city. Night landings are still dangerous though with just made up lighting. The firefighters or police know how to do it in smaller country towns. 


Either way they did a mess. Winter. Night. Bus down a ravine. Multiple injured. Then of all things since I am also watching a legal drama, the rape victim usually technically could be charged. In this of course she can't because it's unintentional. 


But what a mess of a scene. Sorry. I did spend quite a bit of time on it since I couldn't bl**dy hear what he said when he asked for the size 20 needle. And in a detached manner as an objective observer laughing at the chest tube scene. I mean at least it was relatively easy to find the spot. Then thinking the response kit won't have space for both intubation stuff, saline, bandages and then yeah, guess it can fit a chest tube then guess it can fit a small container. And yes I am used to response kits contents.


So I wasn't taking the scene as seriously. Thats my digression while awaiting to work on the episode. 


Bye all. I am going to watch a rom com. Sorry, I do like pre hospital care and am trained but every time it comes out in a Kdrama I just cringe and laugh.

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I haven't seen this week's episodes yet, but so far, I am liking this second season. The ML and FL from S1 had more chemistry, but the ML in this season has way more drama. The FL has grown since the early episodes when I felt she shouldn't be practicing medicine, but she is too emotionally schizophrenic. One minute she is vulnerable and in need of assistance and help from WJ and then the next, she is making these horrible decisions to try and save herself. The writer needs to reel it in where her character is concerned. Right now, she is too all over the place.


I know I am in the minority, but I do not like Dr. Yoon. I know everyone is shipping her and Nurse Park, but she annoys me with her naivete' and her constant interfering in other people's business. She comes off like a busy body who just happens to practice medicine. Quite frankly I don't see what Nurse Park sees in her.


I think eventually Dr. PMK is going to turn on the Chairman and side with Dr. Kim. You can already see the wheels turning. He had a score to settle with Dr. Kim and that is slowly working itself out. I hope his minions go back to the main hospital. None of them are extraordinary and they care more about money and status than they do about saving lives. 

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@ck1Oz, I assume you are in the medical line?


I know that the episodes are dramatised for entertainment purposes. It is to be expected. And I view the medical profession as a highly stressed and competitive field, and I have a great deal of respect and awe at those who chose on their own free will to be a part of this profession. So I hope that it is represented in drama with more care and respect. There are selfish and selfless doctors, there are ambitious and non-ambitious doctors, there are unethical and honourable doctors and so many contrasting attitudes.


Within the context of the bus scene, we had 3 doctors and 2 patients. One was with CEJ, the other is KSB. PMG on the other hand was not only able (KSB was injured, CEJ was professionally doubted), yet PMG was doing the least and already made his mind that only 1 can be saved.


I'm not a medic so I don't understand things medically. But the 2 patients weren't portrayed to be in a dead end yet, so PMG's stand as a senior doctor is disappointing. 


In case of real life disasters, it is understandable there will be more dilemma. I saw a video once that explained, more or less, that disaster is defined as a situation when the number of victims exceed the capacity of resources (human, equipment, time etc), so the bus accident, at least to me, isn't at disaster level yet. So in a non-disaster situation, PMG made those calls, just imagine what kind of decisions would PMG made, had it really been a disaster?

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In season 1, if I remember correctly, the late Chairman promised to support Dr Kim's future project which could be this Oddball Project Dr. Kim has in mind.  It could be possible that the late Chairman has willed Doldam Hospital to Dr. Kim. That means the Geodae people have to pack up and return to Geodae with tails between their legs. I'd love to see that.

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@monalisa That would be hilarious lol:lol:B). That explains why evil dude is anxious about what the chairman is up to and why he can't be reached.... 


Our Lady is growing up and I'm enjoying her progress. I'm glad she told her mom off; though I have to say, the mother still didn't get the message lol:lol:. I can't believe she thought her daughter got rough because of the instant noodles and junk food. I was just shaking my head and wondering what kind of world she is living at:sweatingbullets:.... But the fact that EJ mentioned that her mom was never the one who carried her out whenever she fainted was gold. Girl always knew who was there for her. I'm glad she admitted that:).


I hope nothing happens to SWJ. This is all that guy's fault. Can't believe he has the nerve to blame WJ for his mistakes. So what if your father took out a loan to put you through school and your building. You knew that, yet you were breaking the law and wanted WJ to let it slide. Unbelievable:crazy:. I hope EJ gangster friends put him among the others and beat the living out of him. He is bound to learn his lesson then<_<.


The hospital is finally functioning again. I had a laugh when Kim Sabu told the nurses that he made another hotline lol. And him telling Dr. Shin that he is the friend that Dr. Nam mentioned and ohh, he tore the contract paper and so she can go ahead and report it. The look on her face lol:lol:. And Nurse Oh never fails to deliver the last punch. They really put her in her place :rolleyes::D.

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