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  1. Now that MH has magically stole my heart, I wouldn't want her to end up with anyone else. Bear couple ftw!
  2. If I were to rank the 5 based on their romantic pursuits, JWan is difinitely numero uno. He is basically Julius Caesar. Veni,vidi, vici, anyone? Runner up would probably be IJ. Marks lost because he kind of backs off in the presence of competitors. He pulled back many years ago after SHwa rejected SHyung. He checked himself when Capt Ahn stated interest towards SHwa. With all of his romantic meddling (JWon-GW), it is quite endearing how he was unable to be bold like JWan in making a move. By leaving the interpretation of his words to SHwa, IJ is giving her an opening to reject him if she doesn't feel the same way. But if he is serious about this, he really needs to answer honestly in the next episode. If he strongly denies this for whatever reason, SHwa will back off. Is SHwa interested? I think she definitely is. Her reaction to IJ vs SHyung/ Capt Ahn supports this. But the two men was direct with her. And maybe because Capt Ahn was her subordinate, she is brave enough to seek his clarification. For this she deserves to be ranked 3rd. IJ however, is her friend. At the very least, she will want to be sure that SHyung would be fine with this if she were to date IJ. The show is hinting that she likes IJ a teeny bit more than friends. JWon is without doubt the worst, most likely because all this while his number one love is the most heavenly of all. While I stand with my belief that I don't feel anything for the JWon-GW ship, if they were to be a couple, JWon has the most work to do on the romance front. Based on his confession to SHwa, SHyung is actually more deserving as #2. But lets just look at the current timeline. Up until MH's revelation, SHyung is the one who is not projecting/expecting romantic vibes from anyone. So I think for now we can keep him at the side lines. It was obvious that was the last thing he expected to hear from MH. Since he never thought about it, then he doesn't really know how to react to that. But I think, SHyung will carefully consider this matter. To me this ship can go either way but it has the potential of being a fun and funny relationship. As the show will span over a few seasons, I wonder if this will be the final OTP. We already see a significant development in the JWan/IS trajectory. Will they be in a long distance relationship? Or will they break up? For now, I look forward to what else we will learn about these people in the upcoming penultimate episode of S1.
  3. @romancetrash, I had to google Geum Jandi because I don't know who is that... But nope, that isn't the kind of love interest I imagine for JWon. God knows how I'm even creeped-out by the way JWon talks to kids... Anyhow, when I say passionate, I don't mean the bubbly super happy kind. I gave the example "passionate domestic abuse counselor or a family law specialist who initially wants to stay single and be a nun or something", and I imagined someone who is principled and passionately fights for a cause. Kind of like Cha Young Jin in Nobody Knows. A personality like CYJ in my opinion, would fit JWon. Cold in the outside, but warm and caring inside. For now, with GW, she just feel like an outlier. JWon is portrayed as being more conscious of GW to other female characters, but is it because he is trying to distance himself from temptation? That wasn't how things appeared to me, at least up until the day GW was picked up by the black car. I appreciate they made GW look a bit nerdy. Her hair is not perfectly coiffed and is a bit messy at times. Her fashion is somewhat non-existent. She is quite a big eater too. Those are endearing. But I still can't imagine her going on a date with JWon just yet. Considering that JWon is originally from a different hospital, not much is shown about what made her have a crush on JWon, and for him to feel the same way about her.
  4. While I do admit YYS+SHB make a pretty couple, I just don't "feel" AJW+JGW. GW is just so.... bland - for lack of better word - when with JWon. Either the character was badly written or the actors misinterpret their characters. Knowing what we know about JWon, I feel like he need some sparks in his life. I imagine that he would pair nicely with a passionate domestic abuse counselor or a family law specialist who initially wants to stay single and be a nun or something. They meet, they clash, they misunderstood each other, they reconcile and bam! And there is also that hurdle of serving God. As per how things are going, GW is more interesting with IJ. Lively even. At least she doesn't become a doormat. MH is another thing. She is a lovable scenestealer. The scene when she confessed to SH was brilliantly done. The way she blurted out her confession. What a bear! It took SH completely by surprise. And when she return to ask him not to pretend things didn't happen, one can see the apprehension that she has. She wasn't that confident after all. When SH initially laughed off when MH asked if he liked her, I thought that was genuine and he really didn't have any thoughts about her. But I'm pretty sure that he was shaken by her forthright admission and is not quite sure what to do about it. However, I believe MH and SH's mom would get along fabulously I googled a bit about MH's actress AEJ and found out she was in Kingdom. Wow! And I really love her short crop which is so unlike the typical Korean female artists who tend to keep long locks.
  5. I thought the conclusion deserved a 9/10. Way better than most k-drama endings. Although I wished they show a bit more about JY - at least a text message telling his parents his staying away from them - in the end it is not his story after all. I think YR had the best ending, if one can call it that. JH's redemption is a little too late as YR can no longer turn back into the wife she was previously. The moment when she tearfully admitted that, I think JH finally realised how his past actions had damaged their relationship. So if love means putting the one you love before you, that probably letting YR go is the best thing for YR. JH is probably a better man now. He would probably remember YR as the one that was not meant to be and hopefully learnt his lesson while building his new relationship. DK also received a good conclusion. She is still young and it is nice to see her life back on track. I'm pretty sure she is being more cautious in the romantic department these days. TO oh TO... the balls that he have to suggest that they forgive and forget... After JY went missing we weren't really shown whether he genuinely regretted his past deeds. So if his attitude stands, that was a reasonable ending for him. All alone. Now SW. I don't get it when she said "Everything that I held on to is useless". And I pretty much don't get her monologue in the final minutes about forgiveness, arrogance etc. I don't know if the translation was lost or anything but surely she'd regret stuff that hurt JY, right? It was too weird... Was JY with the runaway kids organisation? I would have ended the drama with SW still waiting for JY.
  6. Rare do we get too see a drama where the whole police team is nice, capable, smart and funny! I was waiting for one of them to become a snitch, but the whole Homicide 1 Team is so lovable! Had they left the cabin too soon, they wouldn't have noticed the loose earth on the ground. In fact, almost all of the characters are nice people, although some were influence by difficulties earlier in their life. What is the secret behind the NLC??? JKH wants rights to keep it, BSH doesn't want it known to the world so I don't think it is money.
  7. I'm curious about the Dr Do (JWan's resident). His relationship with JWan is kinda weird. JWan tolerates him pretty well despite his clumsiness/carelessness. And although he called JWan Thanos, Dr Do seem to prefer JWan than other doctors... Strqnge
  8. I thought this was going to be a JWan episode but there was so little of him... Anyhow, I'm surprised to find the actress playing IS is the same who played SMA in VIP. The vibe is so naturally different! Great job!
  9. I love this show! I think KJW has a long-developed crush towards CSH. He is in awe of her and has probably been closer to her than his school mate IJ after the latter got married. KJW doesn't have much hesitation breaking up with his last gf probably because no woman can measure up to CSH. I also agree with the idea that he gave CSH the shoes 10 years ago, most likely anonymously, and in ep 1 when he ran away with CSH's shoes realised how worn out they were and decided to give a new pair for her birthday. Giving the same pair is kind of like hinting to her that the 'secret admirer' is close by. Why hadn't he approach her romantically? Probably because he is afraid of losing her as a friend. The scene when he confronted SH's ex showed how loyal he is to her. He is portrayed as someone who is direct in action, yet he hesitated to inform CSH immediately about her cheating bf. I would do the same if I were in his shoes, in the sense that the ex should be given the chance to confess first. He does seem genuinely surprised when YSH admitted that he once confessed to CSH though. LIJ stated he is MARRIED. Not divorced or widowed. All of them know his son, or at least know he has a son. Do they know his wife? What kind of circumstances would it be if they don't? Because of this, i highly suspect that Dr Jang is actually his wife. I mean, if he were married (to someone else), why is he flirtatious towards her in ep 2? IJ and Dr Jang also seemed to know eachother when he was prepping up before the surgery in ep 1. They had nice and smooth vibe in that scene. Considering that previously IJ was a doctor from a different hospital invited to substitute the injured professor, how did they know each other? It is also a plausible reason why he went to THAT particular hospital to get rid of the Darth Vader helmet. Maybe he was looking his wife. Among them only CSH was working there. KJW was with AJW at a different hospital while YSH was unemployed. Maybe AJW knew his wife was in Yilje but didn't know who so that is why he offered IJ a place in the VIP line up? Was the wife previously introduced to KJW as IJ's "sister" to keep their relationship secret? If this guess is right, it was a shotgun marriage. Maybe the wife initially didn't want to keep the baby to get her residency so he promised that he will take care of everything without disturbing her. He probably had to deal with his prostate issues alone. So this might be what he is keeping from his friends. I think AJW is a secret keeper of many of them. I think he does know about KJW's crush. The Hawaii photo may or may not have something to do with it. But it seems like he doesn't know IJ's wife. I doubt he had a crush on CSH or anyone due to his priestly aspirations. I do think he is intrigued by Dr Jang after seeing her dealing with maggots. I think he also knew who CSH liked. Despite her petite size, CSH is an incredible doctor. She has skills, empathy and quite fearless. She said she did like someone else when YSH confessed, and wasn't merely giving an excuse. I believe her. I think the person she like was KJW. The fact that KJW dated others but her probably gave a signal that he wasn't interested romantically and she was scared that he might friendzone her the way she did YSH. He is probably the one most similar to her in attitude, drive and intellect. I'm guessing that she once confided to AJW about the secret admirer and AJW told KJW about this but misunderstood she was dating someone. Need to see more eps. We still dunno much about YSH except that he is a divorcee, momma's boy and was once interested in CSH. Their friendship is so amazing that although AJW knew YSH since childhood and KJW knew LIJ from school, plus CSH in university, their current friendship is as if all of them knew each other much earlier. I hope the next episode will be as warm as the last.
  10. I thought the voice of the mystery caller aka stigmata killer sounded a lot like BSH's driver.....
  11. Had anyone here watched the Korean Movie Deranged? My sister and I was watching Kingdom S2 when she suddenly exclaimed so these are the ancestors of the plague in Deranged?!
  12. This is my k-drama of the moment. Initially I tought TMWYS was going to be it, but it didn't quite have the punch of an exciting crime drama. I had a hunch it is going to be good, especially with KSH as the lead. To me, she is kind of like the female version of Jo Jin Woong. If Signal brought JJW into A-list lead category, I hope NK will do the same for KSH. First, I really love the short crop on her. It definitely looks cooler than her tight bun in SC. I love their choice of outfit for her character - very practical and not too eye catchy. Her character is well written too. CYJ is also way more professional than the over the top police in TMWYS. I love the kid who plays KEH, both the teen and the child version. AJH reminded me a lot of Exo's DO. It's also nice to see YCY as the troubled teen JDM. He was great in Still 17 and he's way taller now! I never thought I'd think of RDH as a good looking guy. But then, I only know him from God's Quiz and he was way too thin and much younger then. Is it just me or do you also think that most of the male actors in this show have nice soothing voices? Can't wait for more episodes!
  13. In lieu of the most recent episodes... I liked the arch about KSB going against CY's DNR. I also liked that PET not entirely sure if that was the right thing to do. I mean, before YAR (accidently) diagnosed CY, only KSB and PET was aware of his illness, so PET is probably very clear about CY's wishes. However, I'm not satisfied with how PET was portrayed in that resuscitation scene. If I were in PET's shoes, watching KSB going against the DNR will give me these major thoughts/ feelings. The first would be helplessness - as all of them were in that moment to process the dilemma of resuscitating CY or not; the next would shoc - as KSB pushed aside the DNR; then determination - continue with compression until CY is revived; thus next would be relief - because they succeeded to keep CY alive but lastly there is guilt for crossing the line. I think having PET freeze in that moment is not the best interpretation of that scene as we know how loyal PET is. And for PET to wonder about whether KSB did the right thing individually was also strange as I always view the core Doldam team collectively. So, with PET, it did not feel right. The resolution of SWJ's arc with the thugs felt like lazy storywriting. That many, many years of agony is resolved just like that? I'd rather have the whistleblowing incident to be the core burden on SWJ's shoulders. CEJ is redeemed (of sorts). It was satisfying to see her knock YHJ's head. But personally I prefer her shoving him into his seat or throwing water to his face or something like that. It is a norm in k-drama to see the head being hit, but that should not be encouraged. I still can't understand if it is possible to to reach a fellow status if she kept having problems in the OT. They seem to want this character to be a bit of an airhead, maybe because SWJ is so dark and gloomy. It's good that CEJ is finding her own voice instead of being a pushover. Even SHJ was quite impressed with her in the OT. SHJ was annoying at first. Especially when she kept mentioning table death. But she is growing at me, especially when she expressed her doubt about the WPW situation. It was sad seeing how her final efforts to revive the VIP was almost a lonely battle (some assistance from SWJ and OMS but nothing prom PMG, YHJ and the male nurse). I wish we had more insights about the kind of person she is. The teeny weeny crumble about a 3-year-old table death does not satisfy my curiosity. I don't get PMG at all. He is not entirely on board with DYW, so I expected him to be somewhat honorable. But he has demonstrated premature concern over the POSSIBILITY of patient death repeatedly, when treatment options have yet to be exhausted. Yet, when his right-hand (wo)man cautioned him over the WPW risk, did he listened? What was he so eager about? What kind of edge that a successful VIP operation would bring to him over KSB? What is he trying to prove? At least DYM is a consistent a******, dammit! On a side note, it appears that DIB will be in Doldam for some sort of auditing capacity? In the preview it seems like he an another guy is questioning the people in Doldam. It's sad to think while YSJ and KDJ were mentioned for the trauma centre, DIB was not. As for his relationship with YAR, I hope she is not a blood/step sibling because that would be tragic for DYW lol... She called him oppa, so not a senior junior relationship. However, the most disappointing thing about S2 is about how half-baked the writing was. In terms of character development, medical content etc. It is weaker than S1. So this we are only 2 episodes away from the ending, I feel like it will feel rushed.