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  1. Well, acting aside, a huge reason for JoL's success is the writing team and their ability to honour the original content material. Mao Ni's other work Evernight had to be butchered to pass censor, and ended being more like an idol drama in S2. I did enjoy S1 though, whatever misgivings it had. So i do hope they will continue with the tone establish in JoL S1 and focus on FX's journey.
  2. Haha... I haven't actually went through many of works because he actually had a few republican era projects which isn't my favourite genre. Though I find it interesting that he actually had a lot of costume projects when I assumed his exotic looks would probably fit better with contemporary genre. He has also appeared in variety shows as regular and guest, so that's why he is not a shy wallflower in interviews. I do find Novoland Castle in the Sky a weird choice... He did a great job that was a strange character... And then he played FX and I just can't think of anyone
  3. I think Wang Kai is a bit too strong of a YBY. If YBY is supposed to be at the same leading level as FX, maybe. But I think WK's star power is too strong these days? Wow, I didn't know that Shawn Dou is quite big these days. I was thinking about some who looks at par with ZRY. IMHO, ZRY has such an exotic look as opposed to the typical Chinese lead. His skin tone is darker and those tick lips are rare! I didn't really have much idea about other actors with a darker skin tone. I've only watched SD in T&E, so I thought they would match. Or get someone who is less pretty and more
  4. The comparison may go in a reverse way, though. As many have agreed, XZ's performance in JoL was quite weak. I've seen other actors who might give a stronger performance. However, it is also not a big loss for XZ if he is replaced in S2. After all, he played a leading role in TU, whereas in JoL, YBY isn't exactly a main lead. I'm positive XZ will continue getting lead roles in other dramas. Against ZRY, I initially thought XZ was a mismatched. I don't know their ages, but FX and YBY were supposed to be the same age. It doesn't appear that way in JoL. Had I read JoL befo
  5. @skibbies Woah... that is a really long post you have there. I didn't realize there were several other issues other than the Ao3 thing, but I genuinely think JoL was a gem of a show and would love for it to continue being a stellar production in S2. Do we know if there will be a cast change for YBY?
  6. I really cannot wait for the 2nd season. I hope ALL of the original casts stays. Even XZ. Personally, I actually thought XZ is one of the weak link among the casts. I mean, I only know ZRY, CDM, LQ and YQ - who are well known for their crafts, but I thought the others especially those playing supporting characters gave solid performances that FX does not feel over the top. However, it may also be because of the way his character was written. Anyhow, sometimes I thought XZ was playing Lan Wangji instead of YBY... The other weak link is the archer-general. He's quite pret
  7. The only take i got from this episode is the story has not ended. Looking forward to S3. When that happens we will see SDJ again too. And probably WTH will still be around in a different role. There's still that slimy Deputy Prosecutor something to take down and god knows who else! I'm liking it that LYJ is pulled into a deeper shade of grey. One can see how she was affected by Chief Kang's words. I like this build up. I think the best 'love story' for FoS is the one between LCJ and LYJ. I am sooooo gonna miss the ending overture!!!
  8. I hope the subs for the final episode will come out as quickly as it did yesterday. I initially thought there might be a pace problem towards the end, but it has been great so far. I mean, SDJ was in captivity for about a week? No more than 2 weeks logically. So, the weird observation of SDJ's wife is mere red herring? LYJ is fast becoming a favourite character too. I hope she will still appear in S3 if we come to that. We haven't dig up enough about her this season. I think deep down she was really affected by her husband's death and secrets.
  9. I'm pretty sure that like LCJ, WTH and CB will end up at this season's ultimate villains. I did initially thought that it may be the mysterious Hanjo heir, but I believe that this series is telling stories about those within the justice system. However, LCJ somewhat redeemed himself once his motives were revealed. Additionally, his ending was also quite tragic. I remember his suicide note saying in order to make use of all the evidence he had collected, he must be painted as an evil, corrupted person. But while LCJ wanted to bring down Hanjo and corrupted prosecuters/police, WTH/CB
  10. Woah.... I loved the ending with SM, YJ and YJ's team surrounding the witness. I guess the show wants to bring a point how it doesn't matter who one is in the pursuit of justice. When ulterior motives contaminates the pursuit, justice is pushed away. The revelation of the suicide note and the reason why the police initially took the bribes shows that the police ain't perfect, but it messes the plot. Leaving out the suicide note would be stronger, i think, as there will still be an element of did they or didn't they killed SS. Something is still not quite right with SDJ'
  11. I kept thinking that the actress who played CY looks so familiar... After awhile, now I'm sure that she reminded me of Zhao Wei in her HZGG days! Both characters are cheeky, daring and somewhat foolish characters. And both of them have beautiful large eyes and cute smile. I hope we see more of the actress after this.
  12. Wow... the fact that they continued filming while Covid-19 was peaking (in China) must be quite stressful. I mean, there is a substantial amount of kissing scenes there... Anyway, this drama may not be in the same level of Nirvana in Fire or 10 Miles, but it is a really fun and cute drama. I personally feel this isn't the best work of the ML - maybe because he's usually playing a cheerful character, but this might be a breakthrough for the FL who I think excels in sad scenes. Her teary eyed look is quite pretty and genuine looking, I think. It is nice to watch a drama t
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