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  1. Earlier in the series, I've said that at that point both men (Uni & Disco oppa) were not worthy of EJ. Back then I proposed New Mom's bodyguard aka Mr Wang as a potential love interest. But now I'll say that Ms M is unworthy of any of them. For an avenger, she lacks the resolute. Thus she made many, many errors and flipped the advantage she initially had to her enemies. I suppose the show wanted to create a cold heroine who was scarred by a past betrayal, but in the revenge process discovered she still has that warmth she thought was long gone, but due to the weak s
  2. A most welcoming episode after a year's break. I understand SHwa's hesitance. JWon/SHyung and IJ/JWan were school buddies. JWan/JWon are also roomies. SHwa does not have that advantage, meaning that she would probably be the easiest to phase out if things get awkward should IkSong doesn't work. If it were to happen, IkSong will likely be the last couple to form in the series. I do feel that SHwa will be more conscious about this compared to IJ. So in a way, the ball is in her court. For IkSong to be, SHwa will be the one who has to make a move now, because I believe IJ will respect
  3. Now I remember the voice similar to WSA's! If you've watched Doctor X series (J drama), the voice of Daimon Michiko's "agent" - Akira-san. Their voices have the same soothing tone
  4. I am going to try to watch this because I like ZYL and I love TY. I alzo like "Teng Ze Jing" hehe... Unfortunately this era is just not my favourite... The guy who plays WSA, is that his real voice? I just can't remember which drama had that voice. None of the drama in the actor's credentials ring a bell, but I just knew that voice appeared in one of the C dramas that I liked.
  5. I'm kind of looking forward to this. I like JJY and MSR, and I'me fine with the mature, non-idol leads. It's giving me City Hall vibes, let's see how it is gonna be.
  6. I had a headache just reading your comments... How many more episodes? Does EJ makes Edmund Dantes proud or what?
  7. Is it just me or do the men here have pretty nice skin? Especially 50s and 40s husband. Their face looks so youthful! How unfair... The "erotic" dream sequence was funny, especially when mistress turned into wife. Although, 30s wife appears to be a bit more sympathetic and not all out selfish as S1. At least she didn't ask to have the child aborted which would be cold blooded. But having seen how reluctant her husband is to part with the mistress, I wonder what she is holding on to. Can she really put everything behind? Would having her own baby solve the problems in their marriag
  8. What the heck is Sung Hoon wearing at that event? Wear a big hat and I'll think he is a Mariachi singer!
  9. I feel like the Ye Seul's character and story is poorly written. I thought initially she was quite obnoxious - too confident of her looks and being flirty but showing off that she has a boyfriend. And then suddenly she is turned into a character that we should sympathize? The narrative is too weak. Actually, the individual stories of each character is not strongly written, but they were performed admirably by the actors. Too many characters, too many story, too little time? I actually do like the actress playing KS A. The last drama I watched her in was Heart to Heart but she was m
  10. I'm going to miss Baek Sung Mi... She has to be one of the best k-drama villains in recent times. Especially that we rarely see female villains in k-dramaworld. She's also sassy and that raspy voice just suited the role. I'm also surprised that the actress is actually younger than how she looked (I thought she is in her 40s at least)...
  11. Maybe I missed something but is Duke Chang=Xue Rucheng= Minister of War? The guy who is like a teacher to Prince An? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
  12. I also felt relief that the Daesang did not went to other actor/actress nominee. Would feel cheated if it were to happen that way. A bit bummed that BE missed best director though... Congrats BE for all the wins!
  13. Yeay!!! Is this the only win so far? Whats going on with the other categories? I'm so nervous.... Team FOE and Team IONTBO seemed to have high hopes for big wins...
  14. I'm confused with the whole KD mystery. The rapist is trying to find her because she knows where his son is right?And is Byeol their sister or KD's daughter. FYI i only watched the drama once so i might have my memory mixed up... Do we know how old is the kid who was hit by SBJ? Could it possibly be the exDoctor's child and that would be his motive of wanting SBJ dead?
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