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  1. did GT get stabbed in the preview? I have spoilt myself by seeing the short previews, thanks for sharing! Are we nearing the end? And yes, ahjumma the "trash ending" that everyone has been dreaming about will happen!
  2. I think OK Ran is dead I think the Director is nice and wont turn evil. I keep wondering what does GT feel when he hears all about MY's misfortunes? Even the publisher doesn't know the exacts. And MY was being super mellow and nice in this episode. I want her to tackle her own devil/butterfly too. For once the Oppa and My have to step up... give me an awesome end to an awesome series, writernim.
  3. do you remember the mean dialogue after MY is attacked by her father from an unknown presence? I think it was the nurse. The same person also observed the exchange when GT told MY that you are an empty can. I dont think she wants to let MY be happy. Why, I dont know. We know that the butterfly shadow falls on GT and MY but not ST. So, those two are in danger, emotionally or physically (we will see). Btw I am also inquisitive about what happened to MY after her dad was institutionalised. Oh and that nurse when she spoke to GT also seemed to have a malicious intent! She will go to meet ST because ST doesn't know anything and she had gifted ST the dinosaur. I am looking forward to today
  4. @40somethingahjumma it is always a pleasure to read your thoughts... if you have shared more in other nooks and corners of the internet then do let me know. I want to read them all
  5. Haha! I cant help but laugh because i wonder if things are that easy to see or analyse when there is so much sexual tension in the room as there is between MY and KT. He likes her and he explains how he likes her as he would like a child (at the pizza parlour in episode 14). But he is a man and because this is not a book, they dont speak about the sexual pull he feels towards MY but cant resist. He counts to 3 too before the kiss... why? To control his wayward emotions and the desire to let go. He is sick because he likes her but cant be with her because of his brother. He droops and feels brain tired when he realizes to be with his hyung (and belong to his hyung only) he needs to give up on MY. He acknowledges that he was lovesick when he recovers in a day. He recovers because he has decided to continue seeing her and make her hyung accept her. He has acknowledged his desire for her. He is worried sick about her which is why he hugs he after seeing the blood in the study. He wants to go after the patient but when MY holds her hand and says those heart breaking lines that he is now keeping a patient above her, i felt a twinge and he likes her so how could he not go to her. In this situation does one think or does one jist want to ensure that his/loved one is not hurting because of him/her? When she is angry with him before the kiss and he asks her her to count... and then they kiss.that kiss is symbolic to how volatile couples have make up s** after extremely worked up confrontations. Do I make sense? I want to see KT chase her. I want their relation to be more balanced because for me it is all about MY compromising without always understanding why KT behaves erratically but she really wants him in his life. She has possibly wanted him since he came to her doorstep to give flowers when she was young. She couldnt keep him but she wants to keep him at all costs. KT is staying with her and gives her something but it is not all that he can, just yet. My reading of their situation. Some might argue that he is already giving more than he can afford but I do think in comparison to his relation with others barring Jaesu, he is not giving as much of can. I use Jaesu as an exception because I feel that that friend is super nice but he doesnt get his due recognition by either of the brothers. That guy left his house and has been following them for 10 years... like wow! I want a friend like that
  6. I think that is just the point... he gives in to impulse when it comes to MY. There is no thought process. He cant hold back (ref episode where they are at the guesrhouse and she is sleeping while he is drunk), he tries to control himself (counts to 3 before giving in and kissing her) but cant and episode 12 he regrets it. Like someone said somewhere... she is his trigger and he doesnt like that he cant control his instincts. He cares about people naturally. I am waiting for him to realise that what he feels is deep. In my region netflix doesnt show this episode so i saw it on an alternate site there subs were fine for the review. Can share that via pvt message if you need the site name. Youtube 35 second review on youtube has some viewer who has provided english subs in the comments section.
  7. Hey! If someone is to reveal that MY's mom is GT's mom's killer, it will not be director oh... because GT tells him he doesnt want MY to know. But the camera pan ends with taking us outside the room! Was someone listening?
  8. Interesting question. This brings me back to that man's murder in episode 1... is it connected to why after 20 years or a loose end?
  9. Ohh another weird conjecture: MY is in white and when she is drinking with Juri she is speaking of her father and Juri's mom... Will My's father die in episode 13? I am ready for something as angsty as ST's breakdown... it was painful and most probably I wont be able to see it again but i want something as powerful. Show I am ready to be a sadist, just for you. Go for it. I want MY's story be as daebak!
  10. And the head nurse is planting all the things for GT to find. And GT has no reason to think that the head nurse is involved. Is the lady really driving or lying on a seat. I wondered if it was a deadbody wearing the brooch. Just conjectures i so want the show to do something bizzare.
  11. I wonder why does St's mom tell GT should not know about them going out to meet the murderer. Also, i think by going with the obvious the writer may be misguiding us? Dont you think OK hospital's balcony or main hall serves as a theatre hall where all the drama happens while everyone at the hospital is then an audience like us? Also, blue beard story is about how the wife escapes with the help of a sister. So, we know that a sister will step up. When GT held her hand in the preview I was like will our hero now chase the heroine or no? Uptil now our FL is being a typical male in a romantic drama while the ML is being the female. He feels and is more sensitive. He is also Candy in the typical sense of the character. So does that mean that if we follow MY's interpretation of Romeo Juliet then: Juliet should not have had the poison on her own but both should have shared ir together such that they wouldnt have a tragic end! Following this logic, GT should share the poison (pain of his discovery) such that romeo (MY) does not end up dying (figuratively). @Not Me thank you for answering. One question because you shared episode 13's synopsis... MY already knows about her father being terminally sick so... what was the last line of the synopsis about? Any guesses? Or did i miss something, again
  12. Where? When? Please tell. Please can someone tell me what is written on the green board in the scene where GT is thinking about him and MY being ill-fated lovers? You sure it wasnt for ST? I keep wondering why did the butterfly shadow fell on GT and MY at the end of episode 11. Any guesses? When GT find the envelop and he walks upstairs to ST while is the cut of sleeping MY with mang tae and pan out to spidery window inserted? Any symbolism that one can interpret from that? **Edited Why do I feel that the murder from episode one will also crop up now? That cant be left as a loose end, right?
  13. Thank god soompi forums are back! I was missing everyone. Now lets read what everyone has to say about episode 11 and hotness quotients
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