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  1. First time to watched a historical kdrama, wasnt keen on it seem i though i might not understand all the details, and turns out to be true. Many characters and i cant determine what ones relatio ship with is to the other, their motives, which one is the bad guy etc. 1) when Hwi was forcibly shipped off to the military, was he and Nam seon fighting on the same side - camp of Gen Yi Seong Gyo? Or was Hwi fighting on the side of the current King? It seemed to be, because they sent messages to each other via arrows. But why was the other camp ordered to be completely killed if they were on the same side? 2) BangWon told Nam Jeon that Seo Geom was supposed to be on the Gen.'s side? Does this mean he thinks that Nam Jeon killed Seo geom? 3) why is Hwi considered poor if his father was a commander and famous swordsman? Or was it because he died via suicide and thus they ended up being poor? 4) did Hwi agree to the deal so that he can get Yeon back, so Nam Jeon would stop holding her hostage?
  2. Ok so there's a pseudosurgery done bi Gi with instructions over video. I wonder if he has had any medical training before? His father is a hospital administrator or something, right? I joke that Kim should have beeen the one to do the surgery (and not the one who was shot) since he could operate as Dr Song. Cha wanted to donate his blood to Kim. I guess they'll be receiving blood transfusion instructions via video again? I really hope Kim stays alive to get more info from him. And o don't want Lily to succeed in killling him. As for Michael allegedly in charge of the crash, it could be possible, since he talked to Jerome and Kim about planning the plane crash, but the mastermind is still Jessica, eith Michael being the VJ&M VP and still under her. And then later on he had a change of heart about what he did and warned Incheon airport regarding the crash. As for Chief Ahn, yes he disclosed the new TF office. But i feel that in the end, he would tell the truth, including him being blackmailed by secretary Yoon, and his past anomalies as former chief of security and accepting bribes from Dynamic System. I also hope that we get more info about Jerome and Hosik, what they talked with or threatened them.
  3. I do not understand this, in episode 2 , Nam Seon threatened his father that he can tell General Choi that he knows about the rigged exam. However, Gen Choi already knows that Seon knows about it. He was there in the forest and shot an arrow at the other guy who knew about the rigged exam. What does this mean? Also, why is it Hui Jae's fault that Hwi was sent to the military? I thought it was Nam Seon who sent Hwi, so that he won't broadcast about the rigged exam? And did i understand it correctly, it was Nam Jeon who saved Hui Jae as a young girl? That's why she felt indebted to him.
  4. Btw where can i watch the preview for thr next episode? Netflix doesn't have it. Thanks in advance!
  5. About Shadow, who exactly is he to Jessica? What I mean is, Jessica hired Shadow to do exactly what? Is it to kill CDG? Or to bury the truth about the plane crash? Or to act as the mole in NIS? I wonder who the guy that turned CDG's shoulder at the end is. Also if the reporter is alive, who did he give the flash drive to DG with the info on the co pilot? Who is he reporting to?
  6. Same, I wondered why Dal Geon and the two female NIS agents immediately trusted Edward Park. It felt too careless, and sudden. Why was Park suddenly part of their inner circle? In fact I felt that the plane crash details for now should only he between DG and HR and maybe Mr Gang from NIS. Also, Lily said that Park was going to be one of her clients, but it did not push through. Forgot if it was because Jessica offered a higher pay. So who was the person that Park was planning to have assassinated, if it were true?
  7. I wonder who is the man who killed the Jerome. He seemed to be with the military given his attire. What is his connection with Jessica if any? The PM sent Jessica and the NIS's kissing pictures to the president. What is his goal? Is it to show that thr NIS is being blackmailed, and that J&M is dead set to win thr contract even though Dynamic is better? Is it so that the President will choose Dynamic System? I wasn't keen on Haeri and the scenes with her female friend. In general i dislike comedy especially when it feels forced and contrived like theirs. I find it annoying and do not like chick flicks. I didn't watch Vagabond to see a chick flick, i am watching it for thr thriller and mystery. But i am still interested in the story, so this I can just ignore. In this regard, I like Stranger better because the was no contrived and unfunny comedy scenes. If there was any, it felt natural.
  8. I guess the doctors aren't there anymore. I was hoping to see Dr. Woo Yeon Hwa again, like doing the rest of her residency at Doldam, and the other 3 as well, what a letdown. Season 2s are difficult, hard to match up when the first season is eeally good. But I am glad to see that Nurses Oh, Park, Mgr. Jang, and Dr. Nam are going to be back. Even Dr In Soo is there, I thought he was going to be back at Geosan MC as soon as possible?
  9. In episode 2 at around the 47 minute mark, when the man in black the one who crashed the plane received a message from his laptop, the name of the sender is not in Arabic, it is in Hebrew letters. I also do not think of the man as a terrorist, but hired by the company to destroy the name of Dynamic System. We'll see... By the way recognized the actors who played Dr Song and Dr In Soo from Dr. Romantic Teacher Kim. The nrgotiator is the actor who played the chairman of Hanjo in Stranger. Prime Minister is the deputy hospital director in Life.
  10. Just saw this seeies on netflix and Im glad I did! I still have so many questions though, - it seems President Yeo (president of Doldam Hospital) and Do go way back. He spoke little nuy i am interested to know, What is Yeo's backstory? Who is the woman he is talking to at the udon shop? - is dr Yoon really not the daughter of Pres Do? After all they didnt push through with the DNA Test. - Dr Kang didnt know of Yoon's relationship with Pres Do, that he acted as her guardian. That is why he gets jealous of In Bom. He didnt know that IB assumed that they might be half siblings at first. - what was Chairman Shin's secret to be said to teacher Kim after the operation? Follow up, will there really be a season 2?
  11. They also didn't chaange Suho's face back to the original one. Anyway it would have been a hassle, and it has been several years now, they are used to it.
  12. OSH's mom might have had relations with whose uncle? Sorry, I didn't get to watch all the episodes.
  13. I am all for forgiveness, no question about that. But on the part of the villains, being sorry for one's sins entails reparation and penance, forgiveness doesn't mean being scot free, that certainly isn't the case.
  14. When Suho's face was replaced, it was only the face. The voice wasn't included. So it is puzzling why nobody recognized that DG had Suho's voice (except Sanha I guess ) really strange, because the dad's way of identifying people is through their voices. Aftee the surgery of Sanha's dad, he might get surprised with Suho's DG appearance, although he was aware of the plastic surgery that happened years ago.
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