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  1. They also didn't chaange Suho's face back to the original one. Anyway it would have been a hassle, and it has been several years now, they are used to it.
  2. OSH's mom might have had relations with whose uncle? Sorry, I didn't get to watch all the episodes.
  3. I am all for forgiveness, no question about that. But on the part of the villains, being sorry for one's sins entails reparation and penance, forgiveness doesn't mean being scot free, that certainly isn't the case.
  4. When Suho's face was replaced, it was only the face. The voice wasn't included. So it is puzzling why nobody recognized that DG had Suho's voice (except Sanha I guess ) really strange, because the dad's way of identifying people is through their voices. Aftee the surgery of Sanha's dad, he might get surprised with Suho's DG appearance, although he was aware of the plastic surgery that happened years ago.
  5. While people may think that the villains right now are paying for what they did, i was hoping that this is a series where thr villains receive what is due them. Unfortunately, it seems that Aera and NJ having the chance to go to the US to have the surgery or whatnot seems like business as usual for the bad guys. Esther still carousing around like a socialite at the house of her in laws. These three having brought so much suffering, like death, loss of identity through lying for the family and company. No civil penalties, no anything. The Aura family is rich and influential, but they can't provide a just penalty for those guys.
  6. Why did Chairman Park and PSH try to help Aera? What was their purpose? After all, Aera did a lot of bad towards them.
  7. If NJ really loved Sanha, he would not have hit her hard with his van. He is just selfish, thinking about his own "happiness". If he only realizes that to be happy is to love someone, which is to desire their utmost good. He did not desire Sanha's good. He only wanted her for himself. As for Esther, the family is too good to still let her live with them in luxury .so i say use her all they want. She didn't really get punished for all the wrongs she had done. Was hoping she change. But like Aera and NJ, it is all about me, me, me, without regards for others. What a sad life they are living.
  8. Why did Yeona and VC fight about, making VC stab her accidentally, which eventually led to her death? And like my question earlier, well it is a good thinf that Suho's dad is the older brother. Otherwise, it is going to be a disaster if they make the story with VC as the real dad, if they go for a DNA test. Suho has had enough problems in his life, don't add to them anymore.
  9. Wait, so Suho really is the son of the autistic man? Not the son of VC with Yeona? Also, why was Aera at the scene when Yeona died? Was it because she knew that VC was having an affair with Yeona? And she was mad, so she gave away Suho for adoption as a revenge? Why was Aera only in jail for a short while? And why did Namjun not get jailed for hitting Sanha and attempted murder of her?
  10. Have not seen the last episodes. So LJJ would be in jail? What about Seon? Likewise, not a fan of that mother and daughter team.
  11. I still wanna know what happena in the end. But so annoying that Esther is up and about. She should be in jail! The Aura family is really weied for still having her around. I just want Aera, Namjun, and Esther to be punished. And why does the Aura family get stuck with evil daughters in law? Sigh...
  12. Not excusing Lee's behavior. Still, if his mom did not commit suicide, and if his dad showed at least some care when it happened...maybe he did not turn out so bad. But this second family, the mistress, ugh. And why is Mo Ira mad? It wasnt just Ije's fault. Four of them were supposed to monitor Jaehwan. They should have been more careful. LJJ is no dummy, of course he would be careful about the cameras. Yes, it seems everyone is double crossing each other and just lookinf out dor themselves, and that includes that very shrewd Mo Ira and her vile daughter. Looking forward to see what happens in the end. For me, it seem Han Bit should be in charge of the company, dont want it to end up with that mother and daughter team. The deceased chairman was no saint himself. What a mess. Almost everyone seems like a jerk.
  13. Does anyone remember this duo from years back? I really like their songs; too bad they disbanded. They seem to be an underappreciated band. I love the touch of violin to their melodies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0ZnkhB5z7Q
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