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  1. songhwa was taken aback upon hearing the indirect confession that she changed the subject and looked elsewhere. Ikjun was gauging her reaction. Parallel to dr Yang being surprised with Minhas confession. I think for both cases, neither had an inkling that the confessor had feelings for them. As for Andrea and Jang, i never got the vibe that he liked her. It seems that Ikjun was trying to autosuggest to him that he likes Jang, because as he said, he wants her to be eith his good friend. Who knows, have you experienced receiving a confession or being asked out and not liking the person, but over time or later on eould have feelings for him or her? Maybe that was what Ikjun was hoping for. About the NS intern. Honetly i didnt know what he did wrong when he shaved the head of the patient. That is what i understood too, but then im not the doctor. Didnt know it was the groin area that had to be shaved. One of the things i like with HP is the supporting characters are also likable. captain Ahn and Dr Do are so kind. dr Jang is formidable with the maggot incident, and her willingness to improve. Minha too is endearing in her own way. ikjun's nurse is also likable. I like the fraternal twin med students, hope to continue seeing them. And what is it about these series and twins? Wonder whats wrong with the daughter and if there is something connected with the delayed first period and possible neurological problems?
  2. I do not understand the part with Dr Cheon the CS prof. The female patient with her daughter, when they were advised to go to their nearby hospital. Later it was shown that he was meeting up for dinner (?) At a restaurant with the daughter, and there was another woman. What was that all about? Who is that other woman?
  3. So the twin medical students are cousins to to the children 5 year old twins who are the playmates of Uju? So the 5 yr old twins who were abused by their dad is a different set of twins??
  4. 1) i thought the statutes of limitations expired for the murder of Choi? How come Baek can still be in jail for that? 2) noticed at the end Det Cha was wearing white when she normally wears black 3) what is in hr video recorder that Ki Ho sent Det. Cha??
  5. I do have parts i dont get like: A) how did Baek Sang Ho know that Minsung's driver was in the abandoned building with Eunho? b) did the driver hurt Eunho upon the order of Minsung's mom? C) about the money Eunho found, where is it now? Is it with DongMyung?
  6. Nobody Knows is about to end. Does anyone know if there are any other current or upcoming Kdramas of the same genre (detective, mystery, crime, investigation)? Tell Me What You Saw and the Game Towards Zero are already done. Thanks!
  7. Question about the last 2 episodes. Why did Dong Shik want to take Sa Gang the split personality guy? That part did not make sense to me. And did Sa Gang die? It seemed that team leader Hwang killed him, but i wasnt sure since everything was happening so fast. And did Hwang resign from the police? Who is the new team leader?
  8. So how did Hyun Jae know that Dong Shik was after Soo Gang (split personality guy)? So Young knew because she saw Dong Shik reading about him on the police computer. But Hyun Jae? how?
  9. I dont understand, so Joon Young was in a coma for four years or was it shorter? Thr timeline was confusing.
  10. Another thing, when team leader Hwang was tortured by the Guy 5 years ago, she didnt even inform her other police officers about it? Weren't they wondering why she was gone for a few days?? She also did not inform Hyun Jae?
  11. Is the writer thesame for The Game Towardz Zero? Honestly there are several similarities, cultic Catholic shrines with the doll in one and thr old news article in the other, Catholic orphanages, the lead and thr villain having met or seen each other as children et .
  12. I initially thought this was about looking for the serial killer, but he is dead. Now it seems to be similar to Beautiful World, a story about school bullying or something. So the school is affiliated with the church via the foundation. The crazed pastor and the murdered lady were from the church, that's the connection.
  13. Where is this available, sinc eit isn't on Netflix?
  14. I dunno why Ahreum didnt want Doldam peeps to know she is related to In Beom, but anyway, In Beom just went along with it. Sad that they killed off pres i was hoping they wouldnt. Still not satisfied with Insoo's situation, more of Dr Nam, Mgr Jang, Nurse Oh their backstories and that of Nurse Park as well, what happened to Dr Woo.
  15. What is the timeline for In Beom? How long has it been since he left Doldam? Is it 1 year, 2 months etc? DR Yoon was said to have left 2 months from the start of season 2, and Dr Woo, it has been a year since she left Doldam.
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