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  1. Questions 1) who is the father of Jamie and Jung won? In the last episode, for a while when the scientist mom and Dr Going were talking, I had this idea that maybe the Dr was the father of the twins, making them half siblings with Detective Gong 2) the young Detective Hang, he is the the illegitimate son of Lee Byung . But who is Lee Byung? 3) who is the old man tech guy (friend of Jung Won) who is very good with gadgets? He seems to be some underground kind of personality.
  2. Wait, jamie told Do they've met before. She doesnt remember her past, so how does she know they have met even before the train tracks scene?
  3. I wish they would show this on Netflix. I need more akorean mystery or detective dramas on netflix instead of more romcoms. Pleaaaaaase....
  4. Ok... So what do you think Seo said fegarding Hanjo and Park Gwangsu? Did he change for the better? As for Kang's lecture to miss Lee, it's unlikely that Hanjo changes/will change for the better... Things like this do not change easily. Even if Lee chang Jun died for thr truth, but it seems to be still same old same old Lots of cliffhangers! Season 3 please!!!
  5. Ok, does anyone here think that when Lee Changjun committed suicide in S1, was to expose the corruption of Hanjo? He couldnt do it yet because of his father in law, so he sacrificed himself. And yet noe, his wife is running the company partly, but it seems to be thr same old story. I guess you can say it is good, because the story is realistic. It is true Hanjo Engineering has irregularities, but mIss Chairwoman is not flawless either, as she said, they are not cheating, they are just being economical. They always talk in riddles.
  6. So what is Choi and Woo Tae Ha's secret? What are they hiding? Does it have something to do with PGS and Hanjo?
  7. Also, i dont understand how Detective Oh came to know about the watch that he bought at the auction. So was it owned by his rich cousin? If so, when did it get lost, and who found it? Was it evidence at a crime scene?
  8. Did the murdered college student Ji Sun was dating the rich cousin Oh and Mr Tattoo Gangster at the same time? She went to NY with Rich Cousin, then Tattoo beat up her bf because they were dating, right? So was she 3 timing the boyfriend?
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