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  1. Yes JW should feel the pain. Next time control your body. Well I hope the next drama is better than this because this drama was interesting at the beginning but a lot of things got dragged and now they are rushing stuff up. The judge is a good person that made poor judgements. XX and her son deserve each other. JH should do whatever he wants . CA needs a backbone. SA needs to stop whining and move on with her life their parents are annoying jeez. The younger sister loves money and that is sad. TR and HR deserve better and the father SW needs help and he needs to get rid of that attitude stop forcing things let it take its natural course THE END
  2. Call me Ms Petty

  3. Okay JW is a boring person in the drama. He is -1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. SA and HR deserve better and he deserves nothing Also i don't need your advice
  4. Jo Woo Ri is such a good actress better than the other actresses in the drama. I feel for HR people keep on bashing her when all she wants is to feel loved JW(cheater) showed her that instead of focusing on his wife and now she is being blamed. I don't get why people are supporting him when he is trash. Boring episode
  5. KSW is doing too much at this point i get that he is curious but don't go into people's houses like that. That is just wrong. HR looked really good in this episode i don't know why people keep on disturbing so what she bullied CH but she was suffering also and no one wants to help her. JW is annoying jeez like you are a cheater stop behaving like you didn't do anything wrong.
  6. I know that i shouldn't be personal but when you have been cheated on and all seeing things like this and people supporting it is just annoying. I don't care about the love triangle or whether they are all sinners. Yeah second chances, making amendments but you can't make amendments when you don't want to talk about what you did wrong. SA is not innocent either but at least she is honest JW is not. I don't really care if SA forgives him or not but how JW is going about it wrong he didn't like the fact that HR is in his house but he went to SA. Double standards. HR and JW are actually the same
  7. I can't believe there are people that are actually supporting JW like seriously. So what they were married for 10 years, she didn't love him and that is why he cheated. First of all, no one put a gun to his head and forced him to marry her, He just wanted to possess her and she wanted a rich husband . SA could have cheated but she didn't and she never told him that she cared about him. He had 10 freaking years to make her like him but he wasted them. Don't come with that his mother didn't support the marriage. He mother still doesn't like her and he is after her now. He is a cheat, a manipulator and a nasty being. I don't care if you like the actor but the fact that a lot of you are supporting this character is disgusting. O he is a human being he just made a mistake. Cheating is a serious issue and he doesn't even want to talk about it. He keeps on invading her privacy, There is no difference between him and HR, they are both creeps and disgusting human beings (I am a big fan of Jo Woo Ri but you don't see me supporting her and saying that her character was going through a lot and that is why CA was bullied) SA and JW relationship is toxic and he needs to get out of her house and life. He is dragging her back. She has moved on he needs to move on. Also i need to add something if the writer makes SA and JW get together in the end then that is just the writer promoting toxic relationship and people that cheat in relationships One last thing the people supporting SA and JW i hope you have a relationship like that since that is what you like. Your OTP I am going to be supporting HR from now onwards. HR has no one she keeps on wearing her heart on her sleeves and it is so sad to watch. Imagine being an orphan, feeling not wanted and someone comes along and shows you love and affection. I don't blame her JW should have kept his stuff in his pants. it takes two to tango. She wasn't married so she didn't do anything wrong
  8. I am trying to watch gog go squid but the beginning is boring so i might skip. I watch both
  9. I don't have a preference actually as long as the drama is interesting
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