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  1. I don't think that the 30's husband loves the mistress as @confusedheart326 said. She was just a sense of fresh air for him. Like he said there is nothing to end it was just a one time thing that turned into a baby. He was just attracted to her sexually. 30s husband is behaving like a child. All of the older characters are annoying except from the wives I didn't really watch all of season one but has the 40s husband ever shown interest in his step mother?
  2. The maid and the first grandson have no chemistry and i don't understand why they like each other
  3. I really want to know why Seokhoon left the test center because the man just said that he looked like his father. This show is proof that a show needs more than one writer because a lot of things are happening and they don't make sense. I did skip a lot of SR's scenes. I am just tired of her crying for logan. Is YC even going to go see his daughters. Although i don't think that the first scene was necessary i do understand why it was there. I only liked the scenes where RN sprayed Dantae and she reunited with her mom. I don't think that YH will betray SR
  4. I hate this show so much. It makes no sense for the writer to be reusing the same storyline or plot. It is really frustrating when Kdramas make black people the gangsters. The anti-blackness in Korean entertainment.... I hated that scene in season 2 where the black people threw YC in the water and i am so disgusted by the new character in this show. It makes no sense that a rich guy is speaking AAVE when he has obviously lived in an area with only white people. Even if he lived around black people it still makes no sense for him to speak AAVE. I won't call what he had on his head lo
  5. I just don't understand why some people want eunbyeol and rona to be besties. It is a little bit weird. It feels like they watched a different show because EB bullied rona, tortured her emotionally and tried to kill her. RN really has no business with EB. I still want rona to leave that country. I really liked RN in season one (not when she would argue with her mom but when she didn't take nonsense from the kids or adults). I hope they don't make her depend on SH. I don't like him Also didn't SR go to see a therapist in ep1 or what? It makes no sense how she s the only on
  6. SH doesn't have to tell her everything but they have been together since they were born. To her he is the only one that has been there for her even though she treats him like an object and emotionally blackmails him. Going to school in another country is a big decision. I just wish that he would have told her. Yes SK deserves to suffer a lot but i hope no one gets harmed in the process of her suffering.
  7. Rona needs to get out of that place quickly and she also needs therapy. SK is a little snake. I think i am the only one that wants logan to stay dead and that detective said the truth to SR. Who dates the adoptive brother of their child. Ju dantae is amazing. Wow his hatred for logan was more important than his health. It seems like everyone is out to get Ju dantae though and what was YC thinking. YC thought about killing RN. He was just too much of a coward to do it. Why, how and when did YH get out? When did RN and SH talk about Julliard and why didn't he te
  8. Seokkyung is a spoilt brat, she is evil, cunning and delusional. At this point Ha Eunbyeol is better than her. Why would she go back to her dad. Also why is Logan's death affecting Oh yoonhee and rona like that?
  9. SK deserved that slap that she got and i am glad that it was from her loving brother. It is easy for ju dantae to feel her though. i feel like because she has never seen her dad do anything bad apart from beating her it would be hard for her to accept that he killed someone. Sk just wants to be loved by her family members. I don't think that YH would cooperate with DT. Don't forget he tried to kill her child,
  10. Since the first ep will be out on friday these are things that i want to happen Although i am a huge seokrona fan i don't really want them to be together. Like his sister bullied her and made her life miserable and he did nothing. His father almost killed her. To be honest i only like them because they are cute and i like young love. I am glad that we are getting Season 1 seojin back i didn't like how weak she was in season 2. Oh Yoonhee needs to move on from Yoonchul. He doesn't deserve her and i hope she doesn't go back to season 1 yoonhee because she was a badass in season
  11. I have come to the conclusion that if i didn't watch this show as it aired i wouldn't binge watch it. I like comedy and dramas with crazy plots and although vincenzo had comedy in it i think that it is a boring show. I never laughed at the scenes with the tenants and i still didn't really like them towards the ending. As someone who isn't a fan of the system i liked how he punished babo and the rest and i also liked how he knew that he was also trash like them. I feel like people are ignoring the fact that vincenzo probably killed innocent people just like babo.
  12. This is the worst ending that i have seen in a show. I can't believe that this is what the director and writer came up with. I feel like a bad person for enjoying what happened to Myunghee and hanseok.
  13. I am not complaining that he was weak. I just feel sorry for Hanseo because Vincenzo was going to leave him with his brother to kill him. I would feel betrayed if i tried to help someone and the person tried to leave me after that. I actually like how they didn't focus on that because Hanseok is a psychopath. I don't think that he ever liked her and also there no way for him to talk to her after she found out that he was babo.
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