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[Drama 2023] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (Season 3), 낭만닥터 김사부 시즌3


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On 6/14/2023 at 7:44 AM, dzareth said:

I did a marathon watch of the first season to rekindle how KDJ is. I mean, of all 3 seasons, KDJ is still the best/most developed character in the Romantic Dr universe. I forgot how hotheaded  and stern he was because I confused KDJ with AJW (Hospital Playlist) for awhile. Both are doctors, but very very different in personality.


Comparing KDJ with SWJ, the former is louder and is more of a challenge while the latter is more silent and steadfast. SWJ respects and likes KSB so much that KSB can practically do no wrong in his eyes, so when KSB placed his utmost faith in KDJ, SWJ is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because of his own trust in KSB. I don't detect jealousy but curiosity.


CEJ is probably the most brash character in the Romantic Dr world and she is also prone to be more judgemental. Likely a product of a spoilt upbringing. Rather than trying to communicate with KDJ she decided to create camps despite that man only shortly arrived in Doldam. Her character development hasn't been the strongest in both seasons. Her character is not too different from YSJ actually. Their temperments are similar except YSJ's style is more quiet and dignified while CEJ is more of a stamp-foot-when-unhappy kind.


I'm also a bit pissed that there weren't any mention of YSJ to KDJ - are they no longer together? Logically speaking they should be married now since it is about 6 years from the end of S1.


It does seem that JDH is related to KSB's dead patient-student JHJ. JHJ was a 3rd year student in 1998. Let's say 'today ' is 2022, that is 24 years apart. So how old is JDH?


Anyhow, I find Dr PMG being supebly under utilised as character and doctor, which is a shame. And I hope the cute couple will make up and get back together in the next episode.


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It's intriguing how KDJ's character has evolved throughout the seasons, and you've made some insightful observations about the dynamics between the characters in the Romantic Doctor universe. KDJ's assertive and passionate nature contrasts nicely with SWJ's more reserved demeanor, creating a fascinating dynamic. CEJ's brashness and YSJ's dignified temperament make for intriguing character interactions. The lack of mention of YSJ and KDJ's relationship status raises questions indeed, considering the timeline. It's possible there's more to their story that will be revealed. As for JDH's age, if he's related to JHJ, who was a third-year student in 1998, and assuming "today" is 2022, JDH could be around 24 years old. Hopefully, the show continues to explore character development and ties up loose ends in a satisfying way. Let's look forward to more engaging twists and turns in the upcoming episodes!

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