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  1. SUNGHOON BANG SUNGHOON ll 방성훈 14/02/1983 184cm ll 74kg Stallion Entertainment Yongin University ll Social and Physical Education instagram Drama 2011 New Tales of Gisaeng (SBS) 2012 The Bodyguard (CCTV), Faith (SBS), The Birth of a Family (SBS) 2013 Passionate Love (SBS) 2014 6 Person Room (Naver TVCast) 2015 Noble, My Love (Naver TVCast), Oh My Venus (KBS2), Five Children (KBS2) 2017 My Secret Romance (OCN), Idol Master KR (SBSfunE) Variety Show 2012 Let's Go! Dream Team S2 Ep12
  2. Title : Hormones The Series (Hormones วัยว้าวุ่น) Genre : Teen-Drama, Comedy, HighSchool. Producer : GTH & Nadao Bangkok Director : Season 1; Songyos Sugmakanan, Season 2; Ping Kriengkrai Broadcast Date : Season 1; 18 May 2013~24 August 2013, Season 2; 12 July 2014~18 October 2014, Season 3; 19 September 2015~ TBU Airing Time : Every Saturday, 10pm (TST) Official Website Website Instagram Facebook Youtube ll Youtube Wiki Synopsis Story about teenagers in high school features issues about relationship, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang, and family.
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