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  1. i know you were angry/frustrated but imo that doesn’t give u the right to insult others on the way we choose a man and say that we got low standard just because we prefer NDS over JP. Some people just prefer men who doesn’t speak harshly constantly over benz. (Actually im surprised with my choice this time too, because i were always the benz > everything before start-up) Your post makes me think that some of JP’s fans (or maybe most of them) like to talk harshly and sometimes insult others (just like JP himself). It’s makes it hard for me to cheer for 2nd lead man too this tim
  2. This thread is almost 10 years old already.. im happy to know that i know jongsuk-nim for that long!
  3. Dalmi and halmoni scene talking about cosmos flower was the saddest scene for me. It’s so sad.. im freaking sad for dalmi, she thought everything is going so well and suddenly she lost everything, but she learn a great lesson this time. Dalmi ya... you are such a strong girl.. pogihajima!! The most unexpected and touching scene for me was when dalmi actually record her call with do san and listen to it.. i know that some couple do talk on phone/skype for the whole night n just sleep.. but this is first time i see someone actually recording it. Bcoz im lack of experience, i actua
  4. I feel refreshing when DM said that WIJ is beonbeonhae (shameless), i keep saying the same thing since week 1, its super refreshing to hear it from DM. She’s such a strong character with a lot of charisma and confidence, she can get into sandbox even without that lie.. why did she stole DM’s story as hers? She really don’t need to do that imo. i think samsan will get investment from alex’a company, and DS will go to US. Im so not ready for this... but DM needs time to sort her thoughts.
  5. interesting question. Actually i couldn’t imagine being in DM’s shoe because i never had that kind of memories/similar experience before. But one thing i am sure about myself is... i enjoy looking at people who lie to me and knowing that they are trying hard to lie. I will pretent that i believe them.. while laughing my RickRoll'D off in my mind. So, if i am DM, i will just pretend that i didn’t know about it... and keep on playing in their games, let them treat me like a princess and make them worry about the secret 2-3 times. I agree with this. I think the data back up scene w
  6. Am I the only one that thought Dalmi won’t dump Dosan just like that? Because I thought writer gave enough time for her to fall in love with Dosan. But I do think she will become closer to JP. She might be confuse with her feeling for a while, but I hope she will be professional with her job. I want samsan tech to be successful. I hope there is no time jump... im not ready for that.
  7. My fav scene for this week is when dosan sent dalmi home after he told her about grandma. I think suzy did great in this scene, she look like she cried alot. Im so proud of her! And i love the fact that dalmi found out about who wrote the letter by herself. If she got to know from others, she will looks pitiful and stupid. Glad it doesn’t happen that way, because dalmi is not stupid. I think next week gonna be great, can’t wait to see dalmi action after knowing the truth. I don’t know much about business or technology, i wonder if “audio advertisement” is not poss
  8. I hate Injae so much to the point that i cried last night! She such a shameless n evil character. I thought she wants to be independenly successful, yet she get into sandbox, stole other team’s idea... wuttt??? And why her dad is there being as one of the judges?? there is no right or wrong desicion when choosing who you wanted to stay with. They choose mom/dad base on what they wanted/needed at that time. She should stop trying to prove that Dalmi made a wrong decision. Why, gurl?? Why you even bother to do that? and Han Ji Pyeong, i pity him for not getting the girl.
  9. Talking about the scene when DS asked DM about what she likes about him... Can anyone give some insight about the scene next after that. After DM get into her house, she kinda ponder there for a while before checking her phone.. what is your takes about that scene? Because i don’t know what is she thinking about... anyone?
  10. Thank you for your kind advices. Its sad to know the good looking one are mostly taken.. just kidding xD Since there no way i can join engineering firms since im working in absolutely different field, i will dreaming of meeting them (read Nam Do San) first. Haha
  11. I never met someone like NDS in real life, someone who give honest-innocent answer, nagging about logics, etc... i want to meet one because i am very curious how would i react if i do found someone like him. Would i be bored and left like all those girls who change their mind to not joining the knitting club, or i will be amuse by him. My Nam Do San, where are you? xD
  12. Yes, i thought the same too. HJP never feel anything when he was SDM’s penpal back then. He only did that because of grandma. Now but, its might not feel the same anymore, but he missed his chance once he find NDS to meet SDM.
  13. i think he was pretending like he don’t care about her, and pretend that he is not even bother to remember her name. Maybe... Omg, i think the same too.. she don’t have to be that mean!! I hate her, right from the start! I don’t understand why she join sandbox to start her business.. isn’t that she have the chaebol dad who she’s so proud of??? I love your thought on dosan’s parent which i never thought before.. great insight!! yes, people should give suzy and namjoohyuk a chance, they work hard for this! i love people like you.. thank you.
  14. Hi, everyone! i came back to soompi for suzy!! Please give start-up alot of support!! <3 Saturday feels so far away
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