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  1. I don't like MS but I couldn't get myself hating him either. Im rooting for him succeed revenge against shady mom. I hate Eunji nowadays, because i think DJ did show disinterest in her, and imo she is not that dense to not understand that DJ doesn't interested in her at all. She should stop trying. Is it because she is overconfident with herself?
  2. agree... sometimes i do asking "do you really in love?" their dates looks boring, and they seems like been talking about shady mom all the times during their dates.. then where is the love?
  3. i like to see MS's reaction when shady mom flipped the table and throw money to Song Ah and her mom. Seems like he is still has heart.. he feels bad for them to get treated that bad by shady mom. and SA's mom acted so well.. and for the first time i love how Jenny cry. i love the whole scene. and another scene that I love, when YM went to find KI at her house and met SA. imo that scene kinda reveal how SA would actually behave when meeting familiar man, she's so cute... and i hope that scene will break the over-polite-behaviour-barrier between her and DJ.
  4. I agree.. he's so immature. I can't believe he is someone that once become a dad.. he never think of his late child? Somehow, I like to see scenes when Eun Seok talk to Eun Ji, (even in a scene when he said "I'm going to CEO's office") he sounds so gakkoi, cool, manly, and sometimes treat Eun Ji like a princess even though he knew that Eun Ji is spying for her mother.
  5. the filler scene are seriously hard to get by... the basketball scenes.. the stupid conversation between eunseok and youngman about abs and basketball. (/_-) no wonder it's so long..
  6. how can i find his future works?? currently contionue this after netflix sub is released
  7. i missed GD oppa so much. so I came in here.. anyone know where can i get HD GD oppa wallpaper for my computer?
  8. hi, everyone. i would like to ask if anyone have information about the dubbing voice actor for LYZ character. i found his voice is so sexy, i wish to watch more drama with his voice. if anyone know about it, please do share with me ps: LYZ real voice is sexy as well
  9. i agree... i can't see Monster Xu, all i see is just mike. im a fan of mike (for his lakorn), but i do wish he will sacrifice and let go abit of his style for the character. this is too Mike-ish. but its still a good story to me. i like it so far. i like the 2nd lead girl (the obsess delulu gf). i like her character and she's so beautiful. ps: gosh i got locked out so many times for wrong password. finally i reset my password just to login. i miss you guys.. (and the discussion, glas its just 3 pages so i can catch up.)
  10. The teaser has came out. I saw it at Mike's IG, can anyone dm me how to live-stream it later?
  11. SUNGHOON BANG SUNGHOON ll 방성훈 14/02/1983 184cm ll 74kg Stallion Entertainment Yongin University ll Social and Physical Education instagram Drama 2011 New Tales of Gisaeng (SBS) 2012 The Bodyguard (CCTV), Faith (SBS), The Birth of a Family (SBS) 2013 Passionate Love (SBS) 2014 6 Person Room (Naver TVCast) 2015 Noble, My Love (Naver TVCast), Oh My Venus (KBS2), Five Children (KBS2) 2017 My Secret Romance (OCN), Idol Master KR (SBSfunE) Variety Show 2012 Let's Go! Dream Team S2 Ep124 (KBS2), Strong Heart Ep92-93 (SBS) 2015 Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education Swimming Ep113-124 (KBS2) -will add up more- ps: pictures are from various source including dramafever and google. pss: i tried to find his thread but i found nothing, i hope im not duplicating his thread.
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