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  1. i believe because its cold. i waited for my mom's operation once, everytime the OR door's open, i could feel the cold air.. it was very cold. Why there's no handsome face like him in my life.. im 31 years old, n never met anyone as handsome as him (except idols). I need to watch still 17 then. coz i can get both SWJ and DIB handsomeness in that drama.. i like how WJ taking some steps back and always give space to EJ to decide and he patiently wait for her at the edge of the line. He made it clear about his feeling but he doesn't burden EJ about accepting his feeling. I see EJ never find WJ budamseurowo or makes her feel awkward or anything like that... too many alpha male in kdramas sometimes make me feel like girls don't have a chance to choose. ah.. i have yet finish watching the subbed of last night episode. but im glad at least the live streaming last night was good, so i got clear picture of what people talking about here.
  2. me too... i couldn't handle his cuteness, his face is just way too handsome. i thought the same. i really don't want him to die. i agree.. it would be very interesting to see how they gonna work together. i still bothered with how they park their cars.. isn't this gonna block the way for ambulances?
  3. i just finished rewatched the latest episode with sub.. OH MY GOD!!! saascyhn98t7'n vyyn woPam[ 0wehtncf scp[ iktse76bn] 98qun 0iusgGY HJ and SWJ's scene is my favourite scene in the episode again this time. how could AHS cry so beautifully?? oh my heart.. he's so beautiful, is he even a human?? i don't know what kind of drug i need to take next week... idk if my heart could handle SWJ and DIB in the same frame.. you two kottminamsss, noona y heart is fragile!!! ps: i wonder why CEJ being hesitate about "crossing the line", WJ has been waiting for her for so long... what's stopping her? i don't understand... seriously. pss: why did bone dr address himself as "oppa" to elizabeth and jessie? that's so funny!
  4. i didn't even realise that Uhm was not in S1 omg.. maybe the actress for the roles was not available right now. so they change to new chracters.
  5. haha..im the not-taking-drama- things-too-seriously-type too. seeing how the gangster are so loyal to KSB, i hope they will loyal to CEJ as well. i agree, they got so much chance to tell more about Yoon Aruem and Dr. Bae (im really curious about him). i guess 16ep wont be enough if they include something about these two. about the table death, i don't understand why they keep the vip unnecessarily appearing a couple of times if they just want to kill him off in the table death scene. and i agree about dr. park inguk... what the hell is he thinking? i thought he's a good dr, that even KSB believe in him. maybe im the weird one, i like S2 more than S1. I finished S1 for Do Inbum only... and that pretty chinese dr.
  6. we still need to wait till next week for do inbum.. *sigh* i am very curious about Aruem ssem with him, i wonder if i mssed anything before. can't wait to see their interection next week! and our girl fights back! i adore her character development. gosh, all she need right now is realise about her feelings towards SWJ. and finally CEJ using her gangster's friends to solve SWJ's problem. Gosh, i love this pair so much. those gangster gonna be very loyal to CEJ till the end! i hope there is season 3. jebal!
  7. I kinda hate the writer a bit right now. imo, the latest episode is the most romantic episode. there are alot of heart fluttering scenes in this episodes, even the scene when KSB by telling CEJ the truth about the medicine is so heart fluttering yet funny at the same time. And SWJ put the cherry on top when he called CEJ to the OR, telling her he will carry her on his back (in front of everyone), and he will back up if anything happen... and KSB suddenly very concern with Dr. Yang. i goes like, "awww...". not to forget all the cute scenes like the peace scene, Mr Park and Dr. Yoon scenes, buy me beef scene.. and suddenly the writer dropped the bomb with SWJ need to transfer to another hospital. how could you broke our heart like this. T.T I hope doldam people can do something to solve it. seems like SWJ really2 don't want to go. i cried watching the final scene. ps: i don't want the vip to die because he seems like a good kid.
  8. I love their acting. SWJ scene with HJ was so good, his voice was about to break down, he was about to cry but hold it till the last sentence. I cried when i watched it with sub. And i remembered that i once so impressed at sungkyung acting in previous episode (i forgot the ep number) when she cried at a perfect timing. She did great in latest episode too. But I feel a bit frustrated because SWJ cry alone, CEJ cry in his embrace. Hope she could be there next time. and somehow i hope gangster that EJ saved in previous episode would appear again. idk, i just think they could be used to help SWJ with his loan shark. Im still waiting for Do Inbom too... *edit* btw, i don't understand how eating instant ramyeon could make you rough.. lolz EJ's mommy.
  9. Agree. I don't really believe in President Park. Seems like he want set a trap for both SWJ and CEJ BTW. Hello everyone. Im new in this thread. its been a while i login into soompi, finally i did for this drama. I heard my friend commented (and saw a few online) saying that S2 main lead are lack of romance. Am I the odd one who think that they are very romantic? I could feel SWJ and CEJ's feeling since the first week. Idk, maybe i am weird ^^ll they way they look at each other and being worried about each other really melt my heart. Oddly, i think Mr. Park and Dr. Ah Reum relationship was abruptly develop. Can't wait for tonight's episode
  10. SUNGHOON BANG SUNGHOON ll 방성훈 14/02/1983 184cm ll 74kg Stallion Entertainment Yongin University ll Social and Physical Education instagram Drama 2011 New Tales of Gisaeng (SBS) 2012 The Bodyguard (CCTV), Faith (SBS), The Birth of a Family (SBS) 2013 Passionate Love (SBS) 2014 6 Person Room (Naver TVCast) 2015 Noble, My Love (Naver TVCast), Oh My Venus (KBS2), Five Children (KBS2) 2017 My Secret Romance (OCN), Idol Master KR (SBSfunE) Variety Show 2012 Let's Go! Dream Team S2 Ep124 (KBS2), Strong Heart Ep92-93 (SBS) 2015 Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education Swimming Ep113-124 (KBS2) -will add up more- ps: pictures are from various source including dramafever and google. pss: i tried to find his thread but i found nothing, i hope im not duplicating his thread.
  11. Title : Hormones The Series (Hormones วัยว้าวุ่น) Genre : Teen-Drama, Comedy, HighSchool. Producer : GTH & Nadao Bangkok Director : Season 1; Songyos Sugmakanan, Season 2; Ping Kriengkrai Broadcast Date : Season 1; 18 May 2013~24 August 2013, Season 2; 12 July 2014~18 October 2014, Season 3; 19 September 2015~ TBU Airing Time : Every Saturday, 10pm (TST) Official Website Website Instagram Facebook Youtube ll Youtube Wiki Synopsis Story about teenagers in high school features issues about relationship, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang, and family. Cast: Teaser OST Additional Cast (Season 2): Teaser OST Additional Cast (Season 3): Teaser OST
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