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  1. Great comedy. Shin Hye Sun can do comedies so well. I didn't begin watching from Ep1. The drama took place during a very sad period in Joseon history......i was afraid it would be laughing in the beginning and crying at the end. Sooooo glad it ends 'happily ever after'. Never mind that history is distorted. But the guy who acted as the villain is soooo stiff.....he kept a straight face all right. Doesn't he feel upset that his son got sabotaged? And whose descendent was it that complained about his ancestor was being portrayed in unflattering light?
  2. I am glad you highlighted the last segment, KJMCTH. It was the most hilarious part of the episode due the PR disaster of the two people on the right (of the screen). The 1N2D boys didn't mince their words with their sarcasm. That added to my laughter. I see a lot of cut and paste in the conversation. Very abrupt cuts to stop the embarrassment. Listen guys, if you want someone to endorse your product, it just takes a lazy search on wikipedia to find out who you are talking to and in what programme you are appearing. We hear everyone commenting on Moon Seyoon's new haird
  3. No exaggerated acting and less screaming/ hairpulling scenes...that is an improvement from morning dramas. I am still quite puzzled why the script killed off PJ's mum and brought in a stand-in dad. He doesn't have any link to the other characters, so I thought that was a poor replacement. But because this drama is not a comedy, it lacks some common sense to organise a wedding when half the family are in jail...and the bride marries the groom knowing that her MIL and BIL murdered her ex-husband. My favourite scene is MH's conversations with his dad. Finally
  4. Ha ha ha. We can give ourselves a pat on the back. Funny. They have shown the pendant upteen times and I didn't notice it. Only five pages in this thread.....so few people watching??? .....anyway, I WANNA a sequel.....
  5. Is it just me? In the beginning, I hope every body is found by the final episode. Having arrived at the finale, I just hope it's status quo. No body is found. Episode 11 is a real wreak. I am sure all of us feel the frustration of the missing daughter. The writer and director have done a fabulous job. Episode 12 : pls bring out your hankies
  6. I think the Chairwoman has the most immaculate corporate style in all kdrama series. For her age, she picked autumn colours and tailor-fit cuts.........very different from the very loud dressing I see in other shows. I watched ep1 and 2 again. I spotted Heo Joon Ho's missing daughter's hairband in the glass showcase of that psychopath's house. The scene was when the detectives arrested the psychopath at his home.
  7. .....waking up every morning just to watch this drama and get angry with the antagonists. .....lamenting. Only in such dramas do we have the good guy suffer for 119 episodes and the bad guy goes to jail for mere 1 episode......still waiting for that mother and son to go jail.
  8. Any possibility the detective with a dead fiancee is the missing heir?
  9. Thomas was probably one of the independence fighters. Judging from the early version of the Korean flag, the dressing in the photo, and how he spoke about the absence of 'peace' in his era, he might have been murdered by a traitor or Japanese occupiers which explains why his body has never been found. I googled "Korean independence fighter Ahn".And I found this : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Jung-geun Many thanks to 1N2D which covered his story years ago.
  10. Did I miss out something? Why should Kim Wook look for the rapist's body? Nobody has discovered he was missing prior to the inquiry anyway. I just realised......if Kim Wook's mum is in the village, it means she is dead and he has to uncover her body.
  11. When I saw Heo Joon Ho (there ain't a super scary emoji), I almost wanted to give this drama a miss. His face and physique are always so imposing and menacing, so I couldn't believe the synopsis that he is typecast as a good guy, a human and a father figure. 10 minutes into the drama, I am hooked. i fast forward with regret. Because every conversation seems to give a clue, I had to rewind and give up toilet breaks. I guess this is a good compensation to watching Stranger 2 which I felt so lost after the third episode. We have a King Herod who tries to kill off all the
  12. That old man is either terminally ill or he is a conman. I think Secretary Park is still alive, probably still in coma until episode 118 Min Ho has his grandpa's temper....gentle in temperament, ferocious when provoked. The only thing that interests me is who might Min Ho call "ah-pa" in the last episode.
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