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  1. Thomas was probably one of the independence fighters. Judging from the early version of the Korean flag, the dressing in the photo, and how he spoke about the absence of 'peace' in his era, he might have been murdered by a traitor or Japanese occupiers which explains why his body has never been found. I googled "Korean independence fighter Ahn".And I found this : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Jung-geun Many thanks to 1N2D which covered his story years ago.
  2. Did I miss out something? Why should Kim Wook look for the rapist's body? Nobody has discovered he was missing prior to the inquiry anyway. I just realised......if Kim Wook's mum is in the village, it means she is dead and he has to uncover her body.
  3. When I saw Heo Joon Ho (there ain't a super scary emoji), I almost wanted to give this drama a miss. His face and physique are always so imposing and menacing, so I couldn't believe the synopsis that he is typecast as a good guy, a human and a father figure. 10 minutes into the drama, I am hooked. i fast forward with regret. Because every conversation seems to give a clue, I had to rewind and give up toilet breaks. I guess this is a good compensation to watching Stranger 2 which I felt so lost after the third episode. We have a King Herod who tries to kill off all the rightful heirs....wiping out the orphanage. Hmmmm, Koo Soo's character's mum is that fierce lady......is that fierce lady married to the detective? Koo Soo is the remaining descendent of the old lady? The competent lady hacker is Heo Joon Ho's character's daughter? How many centuries old is that cafe owner?
  4. That old man is either terminally ill or he is a conman. I think Secretary Park is still alive, probably still in coma until episode 118 Min Ho has his grandpa's temper....gentle in temperament, ferocious when provoked. The only thing that interests me is who might Min Ho call "ah-pa" in the last episode.
  5. i noticed that too....They got the food truck lady to prepare all the delicious dinners lately. And she has been so reliable since Season 1. The contents are still good except that the editing is lousy. This week's lunch is something I would watch it over and over again And that lunch fed the whole crew of 100+? I have never seen cooked beef that wobbled like gelatine. While one member tried to look cool with dignity, the rest wagged their tails like hungry puppies.
  6. EJ's fainting spells: Are you also having wicked thoughts there is something growing in her brain? I wonder how often Jumbak goes to the coiffeur, always so immaculate on the screen.....he is the reason i started watching this drama and the other puppy in Unbelievable Inheritance.
  7. Maybe they should just end at Ep15 or 16 when Queen Min is enthroned. End it happy. To continue, we will see the beginning of a darkest period in Korea.
  8. I can wait . Maybe, two years later KB will turn more hunky than Song Joong-ki. KB power can always be revived with some frivolous reason. BTW, i agreed the editing for the last episode really sucked. I don't understand the segment where the guest stars appeared. And I don't understand why the spirit of the sacred tree couldn't manifest to save KB. .....going to watch ep.1 again.
  9. we all did the same the moment we have access to the episode .......First and foremost, we skiiiiippped to the last 3 minutes. The way KB saved mum is soooooo cool. How did they make every episode so funny ?
  10. I love the backstroke competition There must have been a complete change in writers. I don't really see a shadow of the past ....well done. It aint easy to do indoor games during the covid period because they have to minimise interaction with the public. This team is surprisingly entertaining. They are not comedians, but they helped each other to be funny and entertaining. And they have the audacity to tease the PD every episode. It has been a long long time since I looked forward to every episode.
  11. The girls really looked fabulous in their modern hanbok. But they must have really suffered wearing hanbok in such a cold winter. ohhh for the sake of vanity, all things are possible. I really ROTFL whenever the Cinnabar spirit appeared. Why does she have to sound so uncouth like her prospective MIL and grand MIL?
  12. ...not criticising the plot but I am amused how everybody seems to recognise everybody, living or deity but WJ recognises nobody. I am jittery at this juncture whether to carry on watching. WJ signed the go2hell contract which means she would be separated from Chief Gwi and Son soon? I really enjoyed how they played out the romance between the parents and also between the two young lovebirds. We all want a sweet ending....and the fake grim reaper can keep what he had swallowed.
  13. Has anyone noticed the iced americano with ginseng root which the two ladies were enjoying? Noticed how the spirits disappear every time YR appears? Does that mean YB must stick close to YR in order to be protected from the fake Grim Reaper? It seems that Chief Gwi is already testing the grim reaper at the convenience store in ep.9
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