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  1. Refreshing: No Ahjussi to play chaebol boss or villain Refreshing: No female leads with long flowing tresses. Short crop is powwwer It feels a bit like Jang Hee-bin in modern suits. I wonder if it's equally imposing behind the scenes to have so many alpha-females in the cast. i think i will have a heart attack if i had to wait every week....for my cowardice, i think i will return to the show during thanksgiving :):)
  2. They should have played Perri's "A Thousand Years" for yesterday's episode.The lyrics summarises the two episodes perfectly. Has the bartender's reason for lingering in the human realm been shared?
  3. If you can read Chinese subtitles, you can Google its Chinese title, "朝鮮生存記" This drama is quite an enjoyable watch. It's a pity that one bad hat had ruined the efforts of so many in the production team. Never mind about the awkward replacement, just keep that mischievous sister aka crown princess on-screen will do.
  4. I watched Ep6 without subtitles.I found the subplot on the King hilarious.For a king to be so infuriated by a lousy actor portraying him that he descended to correct the actor! Then he decided he could play himself better and completely take over the acting role; and that the hotel staff who couldn't figure out which king he was, had to watch Kdrama to revise their history knowledge. After watching it the second time,this time with subs, it's so funny how the ghostly staff representing the era of goryeo,Joseon and Japanese occupation, didn't know their history of kings.
  5. I I remembered it as a children's song, My Grandfather's Clock. I was humming along...Amazing,I hadn't sang this in decades but I remembered the lyrics, not the songwriter, Henry Clay Work. And decades later the music is re-arranged again to a lovely tempo.Thank you for sharing. My grandfather's clock was too large for the shelf, So it stood ninety years on the floor; It was taller by half than the old man himself, Though it weighed not a pennyweight more. It was bought on the morn of the day that he was born, And was always his treasure and pride; But it stopped short — never to go again — When the old man died. chorus: Ninety years without slumbering (tick, tock, tick, tock), His life's seconds numbering, (tick, tock, tick, tock), It stopped short never to go again when the old man died
  6. I kinda of stop watching this drama halfway. After what has happened to "Coffee, Do me a favour" which has a similar storyline, I didn't look forward to cliche ending where being slim is pretty or being slim will bring one happiness. I took a glimpse of the last scene yesterday and I am glad to see JH hand in hand with Yi Do. Quite a twist in the plot at the end....it almost feel like twilight zone. I will give this drama another try. Although I enjoyed Ha Jae-Suk's portrayal of her character ,I don't quite reconcile this portrayal with Go Won Hee's seductive or coquettish interpretation of the slim Jae Hee. After eight episodes, I started to see the fat JH and slim JH as two different people.
  7. So, Dr Jang did kill someone after all ? I am quite disappointed at this juncture. All the while he hadn't killed anyone. The aquarium fish scenes was so funny. Why can't they pluck the eyebrow or nose hair ?? ha ha ha Dr Baek's enactment of the snake bite was too dramatic here's another 7-day wait.
  8. The lady prosecutor Eun has shorter screen time than the previous season.I am not complaining. I have enjoyed this season a lot more. Many of her scenes are meant to be developed further but they seemed to have been edited out.Her uncanny observation skills got overshadowed by all the colourful characters who are supposed to be the support cast.I felt there is only space for one righteous prosecutor, and I hope Prosecutor Do stays. i have only one thing to say about the scriptwriter and director - terribly distracted. What has happened to the fugitive chaebol's son who battered one woman after another? ...I don't understand how a contrast agent can be used on a corpse in a MRI. Also, alcohol in the bloodstream does make venom travel faster to the heart, so the murder victim got knocked unconscious, intubated with sojou, then injected with venom?? ...am interested to know the difference between their experiment on synthetic venom and natural venom.e ...and finally waiting for Dr Jang to zip up that irritating chief prosecutor.
  9. Isn't the use of yoga ball as a murder weapon of this uxoricide case inspired by a real-life uxoricide in Hong Kong? https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-and-crime/article/2164793/hong-kong-jury-sent-away-decide-fate-professor-accused
  10. Started watching this drama a few nights ago and I just couldn't stop.Every episode ending makes me want to continue. Never mind if this drama only garnered 12 pages on this thread. It scored very well on local viewership although there is no romantic relationship in this drama. I will probably watch it again months down the road. How I wish the current "Partner Investigator" carries the same kind of excitement.
  11. The new cyber guy looks fishy. Is he a mole?
  12. Such a pity that The Banker has to compete against Doctor Prisoner and they both had the same theme. They are both equally intriguing. I cannot read President Kang either. In the Japanese version, the characters are easy to understand. So, did President siphon any money? There was no audit trial to prove his corruption actually. VP Lee is like a typical emperor. Like Joseon Lee Bang Won or any founder of Chinese dynasty (Liu Bang or Zhao Guangyin). VP Lee prefers to wipe out all contenders for power. VP Han reminded me of Ming Dynasty's Wu Sangui. For betraying the previous emperor, she has become a Wu Sangui. If she doesn't quit, she remains a threat to the new emperor and she might end up like Han Feizi, betrayed. Noh is Han Dynasty's Han Xin. He was one of the pillars who brought VP Lee to power. I question his wisdom to stay with the bank.
  13. Daehan conglomerate is reminding me of Daewoo. To chew up a chaebol, the government has to join in the attack. President Kang shows us he is not the head of a bank by chance. He is a power player. He is a survivor. He has the charisma to make enemies work with him. He doesn't get emotional with his decisions. I like to think VP Han is more like him and better suited as President than VP Lee. Pretty difficult to understand some of the dynamics.
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