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  1. Ep.15 and Memory of Murder were adapted from the same case, Hwaseong serial murder which was solved a few months ago. Indeed, the real culprit is someone who is already in jail for another murder. The only deviations from truth : the culprit did not express remorse; the culprit doesn't look evil. I raced to see the last five minutes of Ep.16 before watching this weekend's episodes. I am so relieved. Sequel 2, anyone? ...and bring back Chinese buck-tooth Ahjumma and Evil Cruella aka organ trafficker
  2. the drama is becoming sooooo OCN........blood and gore. .....not sure if i would like to continue. What a waste.....
  3. Why did Netflix upload all the episodes all at once? Difficult to keep the thread active after a fortnight. We got to keep this thread active for as long as possible so that other Soompi fans will get to know this series. It's not all tears......there are light-hearted moments too between uncle and nephew. It begins when nephew makes uncle pitch a tent and camp stove right in the middle of the sitting room......And when uncle finally cooked a breakfast for nephew, nephew's first remarks were "are you dying?"....I don't understand the important of wreaths in Korean and
  4. This drama doesn't go well with a tub of ice cream or popcorn, I will soak the popcorn wet with my tears. Non of the mainstream tv stations is able to match the quality of this netflix drama. The film direction is more toward a movie style of telling a story. Superb.
  5. The depiction of the Chinese ahjumma is so stereotype.......but I couldn't stop cringing at Dogi seducing the Chinese ahjumma with crab claws. Dogi, the ahjumma-killer Are those teeth real????
  6. Glad to know KJM did something to improve his performance in Feel the Rhythm Project. He is sunbae but his initial dance audition was really embarrassing, considering his dancing background.......Anyway he looks younger and energetic now. btw, Ravi needs to cut down on his ramyeon too....his face is puffing up.
  7. Yong Goo has become my favourite character. If the writer decides to write the main characters single, so be it. But please let Yong Goo live happily ever after.
  8. i prefer the old menu too. The dishes in the old menu captures my imagination. The new menu looks like stuff we can get anywhere or make at home. For kids, pls don't add tomato into their fruit juice. I remember hating tomato juice when i was a kid.
  9. Great comedy. Shin Hye Sun can do comedies so well. I didn't begin watching from Ep1. The drama took place during a very sad period in Joseon history......i was afraid it would be laughing in the beginning and crying at the end. Sooooo glad it ends 'happily ever after'. Never mind that history is distorted. But the guy who acted as the villain is soooo stiff.....he kept a straight face all right. Doesn't he feel upset that his son got sabotaged? And whose descendent was it that complained about his ancestor was being portrayed in unflattering light?
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