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  1. because writernim and directornim wants to make SA hero in the ending so they maybe planning to rewrite the remaining script thats how good actress she is they need to make her look superb who who who???? havent watch for a while hate seeing SA face
  2. Pretty well thanks , Me is like the Jhope (mom role) in House of army . My daughter is like girl namjoon . She is laughing at me being addicted to BTS. Just finish watching BON VOYAGE 1 to 3, next in line is RUN This boys are so adorable and talented. Their journey is awesome . This quote quite describe this boys. P.S. Does Jimin has solo forum like namjoon?
  3. IT is all of because of SA "the witernim and directornim BIAS" as long as she will have airtime every episode they dont mind the storyline anymore. 120 episode is really a joke. What a great dismay. So upset for BH's character Maybe just maybe, in the last 2 episode the writer in order to save SA's character or SA turning point is to accidentally killing her own daughter
  4. their version of SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN is so smooth to the ears my children is laughing at me i use to get annoyed and got mad at them keep playing bts songs . After encountering DYNAMITE wah now im steaming their songs
  5. After watching the story of BTS's journey to stardom, made me love them even more. Shame to those people who accused them plagiarism/sajaegi and saying all those hurtful words. see where this boys now Those who sending death threats to this boys MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE! I love BTS not for going down to their level. They have collected all the stones thrown to them and never throw them back now they have built an "EMPIRE" BTS! FIGHTING!
  6. dont be shock if one or both of BH parents died or SA turned out to be a rich daughter or SA get all her case get acquitted and blame everything to SK as long as everything good for SA the writernim and directornim will do it "In four words i can sum up everything I've learned in this DRAMA "SA is the BEST!" as saying goes "IF YOU CAN"T BEAT THEM JOIN THEM"
  7. what a loser writer we have here now BH having illness just 17 episodes left. 100 episode of BH suffering and letting SA stealing the limelight. OBVIOUSLY so BIAS!!!!!
  8. its "Directornim and Writernim" Her spell works for them Even to the lousiest acting they still has her back
  9. i agree with you 200% with the help of writernim/directornim she surely can escape she has to be in the ending of the story ...... thats how important she is in this story, it is what is this drama is such a waste, too much dragging. The lead star became the supporting cast
  10. This kids are so talented . they have this charm that can make you drove into them. Me being an ajuma, never have thought that i can be addicted watching their dance practice video and guesting. So Good and funny! ARMY dont be mad, for me JIMIN is the most appealing of them all (he has the most beautiful face of them all ) Don't get me wrong all them has their own good quality for me JIMIN, JIMIN, JIMIN His eyes can hypnotize!!
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