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  1. Im a Shim Yi Young, at first im hesitant watching this drama because its her another loser cheating husband story but i cant ignore it because i like her. i wonder why SK doesn't remember BH they met before when they are younger. ( I havent watch the earlier episode yet. I saw this description of her role (One day, she realizes her life has been switched with somebody else’s life) does this mean they are switch at birth?
  2. EJ uncle definitely felt something for PJ . We still have 70 episode right? Im sure lots of dragging gonna happen. Im afraid that the track team will be in trouble because if YK find out that Dad likes PJ she will quit the team DId something happen to EJ and SJ in England (one night stand?!!) SH is so stupid and mam's boy he will be toyed by EJ til the end.
  3. WOW PJ so lucky she will have 3 pursuer now Director SJ, Uncle of Witchie witch EJ, and lodger SJ. its really funny that PJ can remeber what SJ looks 7 years ago after seeing the Director. But not Lodger SJ Now SH knew about EJ's rooting for SJ way back then, now he will start drinking and cheating on her (GOOD for her YES! BIG YES!)
  4. I saw the hanky, i think that hanky will end up with Min CHeol and PJ will wonder why is it with him. ohhh, im loving this SJ and PJ is moving forward. The more SJ get to know PJ the more he will fell for her
  5. SJ disguising as the Chairman himself , he will be in big trouble when PJ will find out the truth and by that time he is caught he had already fallen deeply in love with PJ. Actually he already did by observing his action and the way he talks to her, he likes her . Again again i can see the villain (EJ) get to see or know that there is someting wrong with SEC HA. She get to have more airtime again than the lead actors. Why is it that the villain always smarter, live longer life, get to discover secrets, always first get to hear the secret, more airtime than the main character (it always happens in 50 to 100 episodes drama)
  6. thank you very much. i am not expecting bedscene its jut i was to see them more sweeter and cuddling each other when they are already in a relationship. You can see how lame the relationship of DH and the Richie rich Girl i dont want that kind of affection
  7. @Jillia were you the one who give me link before where to read the webtoon of this BK story?? or anybody can help give it to me again, i tried before that link but wont work. Pretty please anybody
  8. This 2 makes my weekend worth staying home love love them waiting for their first kiss (not on the cheek please directornim)
  9. KYJ' eyes are very expressive i always got carried away. I wish SB and DH will have more Kissing scene if its not to much to ask Bed scene also directornim@cherkell Im not saying the bed scene scene don't get me wrong, im saying sweet hugging cuddling scene
  10. Im also curious is it possible that DH's mom bestfriend turn out to be SB's mom? or SB mom could be DH's dad crush . I love DH's mom she is very warm person and kind. I cried 2 times in the drama 1st SB thanking DH omma for washing her hair. 2nd when SB decided to quit job and telling DH she stayed because she wants to fix the misunderstanding and only want to prove that she can be a worthy person even she didn't finish HS and w/o parents. I love the 2 BFF of SB specially GB i want to know how they get close because seems to GB came from a well off family right ? she was the one who upgrade SB hospital room? SB got hit on the head but feel nothing and remain conscious. Im afraid there will be side effect in the coming episode, it may cause seizure or lose of vision and i believe that would be a hindrance or test in their relationship. YJ really looks older than DH in any angle. She is perfect with Director friend. To be honest his character is not important such a waste of airtime. He is like YJ's driver he is always present to drive YJ wheneveYJ and DH is in a relationship for 3 yrs? and he hasn't brought her to meet his parents and vise versa IN the preview of episode 7 DH get to go to SB house to look for her maybe he wants to return SB important things left in the store and i hope he get to see the bear and flowers he thrown away. Is it possible that SB and EB will get to stay in DH house for while because of SB and EB was force out from their house for not paying the rent? (IM crossing my finger) Directornim can you make SB and DH fall in love in earlier episode not in the last 2 episodes
  11. i SECOND THE MOTION What ever KYJ portrayed she always nailed it ITS TIME FOR DH TO MISS SB, IM GLAD SB DECIDED TO QUIT THIS DH WILL BE THE ONE RUN AFTER SB. Directornim can u you marry off YJ so she can leave the story and we just concentrate how DH and SB develop feelings for each other
  12. @mjmartinez most likely it didin't aired , i been waiting for updates for JS and DH scene no one uploaded them. i cant stand waiting for another week