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  1. Original Article: [sports choseon] "There's No Way It's Suicide" 'Beautiful World' Chu Jahyun-Park Heesun, 'Cry' Bcecause Of Their Child Who Fell 1. +503, -25 I can feel that this will become a masterpiece. The actors, especially Chu Jayeon's acting is so good and it's prettily filmed. 2. +248, -4 It's like the reality of our country ㅠ My heart seriously hurts 3. +184, -10 Their acting is really good but I can't watch it because I'm sad and annoyed that the story is about middle school kids. It was hard for me to watch when I was halfway through it 4. +74, -2 I wasn't expecting much but I really fell into it. There's also mystery to it 5. +31, -1 This is a drama that does a good job in portraying the reality. Covering up school violence and even to how guiltless the children are... It's really realistic... 6. +20, -2 I was annoyed because their acting was so good. It's just a drama, but it feels like reality. 7. +10, -1 It'd be nice if there was a 'beautiful world' ㅜ cre: kkumnetz
  2. Ratings 190228: MBC #SpringTurnstoSpring: 2.6% | 3% KBS #LiverOrDie: 17% | 20% tvN #TouchYourHeart: 4.2% cre: netizendrama
  3. Rating ep 43 44: 12.2%|14.5% https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002879354
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