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  1. [Arthdal Chronicles] PILOT Ep 1 spoilers, Song Joong Ki x Kim Ji Won x Jang Dong Gun Article: Naver 'Arthdal Chronicles' Choo Ja Hyun saves Song Joong Ki and dies... Jang Dong Gun ♥ Kim Ok Vin share a 'secret' 1. [+2413,-252] I have no idea what they said, it was so dark the entire time, the plot is difficult, as for the acting, it seems as if everyone is just doing their own thing. And most of all, the quality of the action scenes are really bad. 2. [+1583,-70] Air 'Signal 2' quickly instead... My neck is falling off... It's been 3 years. 3. [+1480,-271] I have a feeling that this is going to be the drama version of 'Race to Freedom: Uhm Bok Dong'. - [+41,-1] Agree. - [+16,-1] Agree... They invested so much money in it and it's so boring. 4. [+984,-71] I'll just watch tomorrow's episode first.. 5. [+492,-26] But what exactly did Choo Ja Hyun say at the end before dying?? - [+264,-14] Seriously, I can't hear anything they said at the end. The dream too. It's making me dizzy. - [+140,-2] Did she bring Aramoon here, or did she bring him to Aramoon? - [+79,-3] She said she was cheated by God. She was used. - [+205,-6] So the child that appeared in her dream was Aramoon, it could be Song Joong Ki or Kim Ji Won. Did she bring Aramoon (Song Joong Ki) here, or did she bring him to Aramoon (Kim Ji Won)? 6. [+303,-7] Can you guys hear the lines? I kept asking, "What did they say?" while watching. 7. [+308,-24] I'll just watch a few more episodes first... To be honest, there aren't many dramas that have tried this genre in our country. They have to keep trying to improve. How can they improve if they keep doing the same storylines...? First, they have started now. But still, it's a little awkward. 8. [+286,-6] It's kind of forced to have a young man in his teens grow up to be Jang Dong Gun 10 years later.... To add, 10 years ago, there were lots of people older than Ta Gon, but 10 years later, everyone looks younger than Jang Dong Gun. Article: Naver 'Arthdal Chronicles' Choo Ja Hyun saves Song Joong Ki and dies... Jang Dong Gun's invasion coming soon 1. [+1072,-77] Make it so that I can hear the lines. 2. [+1048,-110] When are they going to do season 2 of Signal? They talked about doing it since 2 years ago... It's been 3 years... Rather than doing this, please give us Signal 2. 3. [+686,-93] Choo Ja Hyun hard carried. 4. [+596,-73] Kim Ok Vin's acting is still awkward. It's only the first episode but Choo Ja Hyun is gone, it's such a pity... But still, it's interesting. 5. [+648,-286] It's really interesting for me. Song Joong Ki is so handsome. 6. [+188,-33] Looks like Choo Ja Hyun is only making a special appearance. What a pity. Her acting skills are good. 7. [+127,-7] Lagaz is so sexy. 8. [+113,-3] No, but Choo Ja Hyun is still the same after 10 years, but why did only Ta Gon age not just 10, but 30 years..? 9. [+112,-14] I wonder who will be the person Jang Dong Gun took with him... 10. [+96,-2] The actor who took on Lagaz's role stood out most in the first episode. What a pity.. Article: Naver 'Arthdal Chronicles' The descendant of Neanderthal Song Joong Ki, hides in Iarook (?) 1. [+1372,-55] Oh god... Is this the standard of the dramas in our country?.. Even high school students could do better makeup than this. The skull headdress, female lead with full makeup, oh.. god.. It's so embarrassing. Don't export this to other countries, please. 2. [+1134,-161] It was so boring that I turned the channel. I watched the drama 'Heo Joon' that has Jeon Kwang Ryeol in it and it was so fun that I kept watching. I guess I'll watch 'Heo Joon' [t/n: MBC / 1999-2000] tomorrow too. But Heo Joon treated his patients and escaped to the mountains after being accused of taking money from them. 3. [+522,-14] It was so cringey that I gave up watching. It's too severe. 4. [+418,-75] I read the article but I still don't get what's it about. 5. [+223,-9] They used 40 billion won for the production fees, but the headdress that Ta Gon wears looks like the one you can buy at Daiso for 1000 won during Halloween. 6. [+252,-42] tvN, please do Goblin 2 and Signal 2. 7. [+170,-12] Just what did they use the 50 billion production fees on? At this rate, you'd need the special prosecutors to conduct an investigation. 8. [+162,-15] Is this the downgraded version of the famous drama series 'Game of Thrones'? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 9. [+145,-14] After watching the first episode of 'Arthdal Chronicles', I realized how high quality 'Voice 3' is. I know why they did so much promotion for 'Arthdal Chronicles' now. What are they going to do with the male actors who speak like they are reading off a Korean textbook? At the very least, Choo Ja Hyun covered up everything with her acting skills for 20 mins. Choo Ja Hyun is the only one with good acting skills. Even Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ok Vin, and Song Joong Ki who came out only for a while, they made me cringe. Should I say that they are using a tone that's for musical? I was really disappointed. They created a new world and put in effort, but everything was just bad. I'm curious where did they use that 54 billion won on... Give it to 'Voice 3', it's such a waste. cre: melohwa
  2. Original Article: [sports choseon] "There's No Way It's Suicide" 'Beautiful World' Chu Jahyun-Park Heesun, 'Cry' Bcecause Of Their Child Who Fell 1. +503, -25 I can feel that this will become a masterpiece. The actors, especially Chu Jayeon's acting is so good and it's prettily filmed. 2. +248, -4 It's like the reality of our country ㅠ My heart seriously hurts 3. +184, -10 Their acting is really good but I can't watch it because I'm sad and annoyed that the story is about middle school kids. It was hard for me to watch when I was halfway through it 4. +74, -2 I wasn't expecting much but I really fell into it. There's also mystery to it 5. +31, -1 This is a drama that does a good job in portraying the reality. Covering up school violence and even to how guiltless the children are... It's really realistic... 6. +20, -2 I was annoyed because their acting was so good. It's just a drama, but it feels like reality. 7. +10, -1 It'd be nice if there was a 'beautiful world' ㅜ cre: kkumnetz
  3. Ratings 190228: MBC #SpringTurnstoSpring: 2.6% | 3% KBS #LiverOrDie: 17% | 20% tvN #TouchYourHeart: 4.2% cre: netizendrama
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