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  1. I agree with everyone about how this show wraps up nicely. It is after all a warm and fuzzy show, focusing on forgiveness and redemption instead of cold blooded revenge. My MVP of the show are the guys: PHS-PMJ, OMS-OJP and ???-OJS. I thought their performances were really top notch. Honourable mentions are the girls ???-PSH and ???-HDH. The moms would have been ok too if it weren't for their annoying waterpipes. I'm satisfied that there is something behind DH's response to the whole situation. While sexual assault is not something one should wish for anyone, at least she wasn't some entitled brat who lied about things due to a rejection. I liked the scene at the police station when JS talked back to OJP when he IRONICALLY tells JS to tell the truth. What DH told JS definitely broke the boy. First, the realisation that his father is an evil rapist. Second, is probably the most painful of all as whatever concern OJP was showing was not actually because he cares for his son, but because OJP is more interested in protecting himself, by making use of his own son! I've always watched Oh Man Seok in good, positive characters so I never thought he can play a disgusting character so well. Yea, EJ was left off the hook which is so unfair but I suppose she's all JS has now. As much as I love the peace between SH-JS at the end, I really, really wished that SH would apologise to JS too, since he accused him of assaulting DH. Even though the misunderstanding was not SH's fault, even if JS was cruel to begin with, I wish that SH would apologise too. I mean, as much as MJ-IN is portrayed as the best/ perfect parents, we see them apologising quite a lot especially to youngsters on behalf of idiotic adults, so I wished that SH would take responsibility of his action too. But the show wanted a perfect golden boy... Anyhow, one of the things I loved about this show is how whenever there is a positive/ hopeful turnaround of events, they started playing the title track "Over the Moon" which is such a lovely song. I'm so gonna miss that.
  2. Exactly. Unless that is really JS's and DH somehow stumble upon him wearing make up and a woman's dress on her birthday. But even if that were the truth, DH is one helluva b***** for concocting such a despicable lie. It reminds me of crazy sasaeng fan.... (shudders...)
  3. @liddi, wonderful post up there. You nailed it with the 4 themes. I would like to add Love as one of them as well. I don't know how to put it eloquently, but you can see how the Park family has an abundance of love - how they took in DH and her brother, their treatment of the mom of one of the kids who initially tried to protect her own son too, how they repeatedly stressed that it is the adults fault that screw things up (or something to that effect). Yet the love in the Oh family is very selfish. They don't mind hurting others by staging the suicide as long as they can protect their own.
  4. I'm just curious what event eventually became the falldown of SH/JS. I mean they looked very close in the laputa scene. I mean, they were so close than EJ chided him for spending too much time at SH's. And JS became jealous when SH started to show interest in DH(dahee)? Was that the point JS bully DH(donghee)? I hope that JS is innocent of the assault (if it did happen) and i hope SH survived long enough to apologise to JS for not believing him in that matter. I emphasise more with JS because i think he had the more realistic surrounding growing while SH's surrounding is more idealistic.
  5. I'm still hazy about Yi Hyun. What is his belief actually? I also don't understand the conflict btwn him and teacher Hwang. And isn't teacher Hwang aligned with Donghak? HYR is a superb actress. She may not be a beauty like SHY or anything but i just can't get my eyes of her
  6. @zenya22, i still feel DH was assaulted. Just not by JS or SH. Because what DH did is just too evil if that were true ie accuse or misled her parents to accuse SH of sexual assault. And there is the fact that she started to skip her school, being hysterical when confronted etc. I mean, how bad can she verbally be insulted to turn like that. We also have the mystery about the lipstick that EJ found. JS claims he doesn't know where that came from and i believe him, so how did that end up in their home? OJP reaction when hearing the recording. I don't think he is worried for JS, rather he is worried because now SH and JS learned about DH's assault, and later EJ. OJP kept blaming EJ for tempering with the crime scene to look like suicide AFTER SH's family became suspicious because his shoes were tied. I think if suspicion weren't raised, he would have happily pretend not knowing anything. But when EJ started breaking down, he had to interfere lest his own secrets were uncovered. The problem with JS's family is they never believe him at the times he needed that from them. If only EJ believed what happened to SH was an accident, if only she believed he didn't assault DH...
  7. I'm already invested in the story, so i won't stop watching just yet. But the show just feel like fan service... Still not fan of the police guy's acting. He is just awkward, unnatural and not at par with his counterpart
  8. Am I the only one who is a bit disappointed with Trap? The previous HIStory were much better written and acted. Especially Crossing the Line. The mafia guy was kind of okay, but the police guy is just too unnatural...
  9. Oo that's his name? No wonder he looks so familiar! He was the other kid in Miracle We Met. He was a fumbling kid in MWM and now he is a bully? He is definately another kid actor to look for. The girl who played SH is also to look out for. The isn't going to be like PSH/KSH/KYJ because she isn't the pretty/cute kind. But she has her own specialty. Will be watching 12 once subs are out
  10. It seems to me the show has this underlying message that children (teens included) loose their innocence because the adults screw up. And the adults keep screwing up even when they are supposed to protect/ guide the kids. Hmm... maybe sarcastic is too strong of a word. I mean more like ironic. It's ironic that the title is Beautiful World. That is a very positive and meaningful title. But the content is dark and painful. One would not associate bully culture and/or assault with beauty. I watched CoN too, another well produced show with horrifying content. Anyhow, people keep praising Nam Da Reum and there is no denying he is performing admirably here. But I am drawn to JS more than SH (although, maybe the fact that he spends mos of the time in a hospital bed has something to do with it). If it does turn out that JS never hurt DH and SH's fall IS an accident, I must give credit to the actor because I can just feel his frustration when EJ doesn't believe him.
  11. Are you uncomfortable if it were about minor assault by an adult (I'm asking merely out of curiosity), because it happens more often than one thinks. At this point i don't know what EJ would do. I get that she wants to protect her child, but why disguise it into a suicide? When she almost killed SH at the hospital, who was she protecting? JH or herself? Sje doesn't believe JS when he said it was an accident. Was there any reason for her to think that way? I mean, if I'm not mistaken, she only find out about JS being a bully afterwards right? The title "Beautiful World" sounds so sarcastic once we find out what the show is about. Initially, i thought the title reflects the positivity in SH's family at dealing with this incident, but now i think there is more to that. And jtbc seems to enjoy airing shows that mock the k-society's obsession with certain things.
  12. I think there has been several hints about this. For a calm and calculating guy like OJP, his reaction upon listening to the recording does not make sense. As well as his reaction when EJ heard the recording. We see him pacing back and forth in his study that EJ became paranoid. OJP's body language looked like he was very anxious as DH told SH about the attack and SH accused JS. Later EJ also finds out about it, and now both SH's parents know. So more people find out that DH was a victiom of SA. I'm pretty sure that there will be a point in future episodes where...
  13. The florist is too small of a character. I still suspect JS's father is the culprit, and by keeping silent DH caused SH to misaccuse JS.
  14. It it confirmed now that SH fall was during tbe scuffle with JS? I can't forget JS's face when SH accused him of...
  15. To question 1, 2, 3: Beats me too. Dir Seon at least has money and influence. You know, this show actually reminds me to another "doctor" k-drama that is ridiculously illogical yet sinfully addictive due to the unbelievable plotline. Care to take a guess? Hint: It starts LJS. Anyhow, while NGM is doing well in his dramatic leading role, the supporting casts are actually doing a great job too, that sometimes i forget who is the star of the show. CWY particularly. He has practically been on screen on back to back dramas. We recently saw him in Sky Castle and now we also see him in Nokdu flower! And everytime he plays a different kind of role and his appearance also change that I don't know if I prefer him with or without facial hair haha... KBC on the other hand is such a sweetie in real life but he is always playing the baddie on tv. But he does give you chills when he is in villain mode. Unfortunately, the girls are overshadowed by the men. So far I'm most impressed with JHK playing MYR.
  16. Hmm... This is a bit worrying. Because my ovaries feel fine. No tickles, no burning sensation. When I first saw DW in this NQ's garment, the silhouette looked okay, but when I see the face I got disconnected. I do agree that he looks a little too thin. CFY's physique was more believable as a martial arts practitioner. And his large hands was a rarity in C-ent environment hehe... All the best DW. I do have prejudice against you, but I'm watching the show for NQ
  17. i really love the jacket that he is wearing at the airport. i wonder which label does it came from
  18. Careful @Snow Guardian, u have a huge x on your back now lol. How old is DW anyway? He should at least be older than CFY, right? Whenever i see CFY in his normal everyday look, it really surprises me.
  19. Hu Ge does seem strangely appealing, non? Choosing the actor to play FZ is like choosing someone to play Dumbledore. A character that is like a sage, a little arrogant and sometimes have that devilish twinkle in his eyes. I think Hu Ge has that in him, except that he is too young... Alex Fong.... he wasn't even a top tier tvb actor in his heydays. I personally think as an actor he is flat. He has the same emotion when happy, sad, angry etc.
  20. We didn't get charcoal black SS, so we definitely won't get tall, voluptuous SS . What I'm more concerned of is Through bits and pieces of the bts so far, DW kind of have a similar silhouette as CFY. But I suppose we will no longer see the rawness that CFY had. I assummed DW is more accomplished in a sense that he has a longer resume than CFY? Still hoping for another FZ instead of the rumored Alex Fong. Although it is wishful thinking, I kind of want to see Hu Ge as FZ hahahaaaa...
  21. I wish they have a better look for the poster. That is such a weird look... is he angry? Protective? Sad? I don't feel anything.
  22. I have to say, it has been a very long time since I've read discussions that is very engrossed in the story, that there is almost no gushings over the actors that play the characters. This is intriguing. Keep it going, people. I've just started watching this series (now entering the divorce episode). Still many hours before I can catch up to the discussion!
  23. The drama (EN) brought me to the book. While i know that Mao Ni has another novel adaptation Fighter of Destiny (?), i haven't watched that because Luhan or any flower boys don't appeal to my taste. I might check out the book once translation of EN novel is completed. Well, not quite true. I did watch mybe 2 episodes of FoD? But the initial impression that i have is like I'm watching 10 miles peach. The costumes were very pretty pastels and clean, quite unlike costumes in EN that looks more rough and deconstructed (at lease for the those frim the lower level of society). FoD is also very bright, if i remember correctly and lacks the many outdoor scenes we enjoyed EN. But i could be wrong since i only watched a couple of episodes awhile ago. So, i can't really offer you recommendations of MN's other works.
  24. Coward! Lol The changes made to the live adaptation kind of gave that vibe, don't they? Should this guess be true, i wonder if it is a creative change or a political one (due to higher up interferences etc). I really want to hear Mao Ni's thoughts as SS is kind of his favourite character. Overall, EN is not a bad series. Despite the declining quality of martial arts scenes and special effects, the production team performed quite admirably with creative fighting scenes that one only see in big budget movies. But, while it was an awesome adaptation up until the wilderness episodes, from then on it became a mess. Character development is basically disregarded in favour of puppy love. SS became a whiny, lovesick adolescent and NQ became someone who raised his hands in a bad way. For all the disfunctional personality that novel NQ had, he is not the kind who hits people unless in fights or life/death matters. And novel SS is not whiny or one who smiles too much that it feels creepy.
  25. Maybe he didn't want to continue because he too was dissapointed with NQ-SS arch? And maybe he too was not fond of the overly done scene between NQ-MSS? Hahaha... That's my wishful thinking... But if what attracted CFY was novel NQ, i would understand if he doesn't want to continue to S2. The drama did butcher the integrity, essence, uniquness and consistency of NQ. We were left off with a fun alternative, sure, but man it could have been one of the greatest characters on tv ever... If you watch the trailer (refer pg 1) almost every important character had a clip of their pov except SS. What's with that? It is as if SS isn't a lead character. A pity to SYR... I'm going to watch S2 and will continue to nitpick if they fail to deliver. But I'm guessing 1. S2 will be darker with toned down comedic scenes 2. S2 is not going to be as gory as the novel 3. Misunderstandings occur btwn NQ-SS, myb due to MSS 4. NQ will not end up with SS - either she dies or go to Xiling. I genuinely hope i'm wrong. Especially regarding no 4
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