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  1. How are we? Have we finally recovered? I think I am going to re-watch this drama again without skipping the sad parts because those sad parts and their tragic ending added beauty and more meaning to the love story of Jin Kang and Moo Young.
  2. @hoyund and I found myself nodding like a bobblehead while reading your post. Lol @teachermok Nope! You don't post and quote recaps from Dramamilk here. I am too sensitive right now. I can't cry everytime I read those words again. What does it make me? Hahahahah I demand a romcom from SIG and JSM just so I can have my happy ending.
  3. Again, another bittersweet ending. I was late for the livestream and work got a hold on me. I was able to watch the scene wherein JK had found MY in the forest house. I was not really shocked when they both died as we had been theorising that this will happen in the end but still I got a little bit of hope that maybe just maybe they will survive the shot. But of course they did not, instead we saw a flashback of them lying beside each other on MY's pyeong sang (low seat platform) and then it ended just like that. How can I not cry after that? I read the live recaps from dramamilk and the more I am hurting. The ending was so sad but I don't think we can have a better ending than that. I was thinking if they both had lived they will not have a peaceful life anyways or they will get killed eventually. I am pretty sure the elder Jangs will not stop at all cost until the person responsible for their children's death dies. It was a tragic ending yet fitting. At least they died, beside each other after uttering their last words "I love you". As what you guys are hoping, I hope too that Seo In Guk and Jung So Min get paired up in a romcom someday. Their chemistry is just perfect. Kudos to the writer/s, director, cast and to everyone for this beautiful drama. Tomorrow when the subs come out, we will cry more tears again. Lol
  4. And so it was a tragedy indeed T T I will just imagine that they are in a better place now free from the cruelty of this world. That they can be truly happy and free to love each other. Farewell my beloved Moo Young and Jin Kang.
  5. With all of our theories and us connecting past episodes even teaser, everything could be a possibility. About the teaser, wherein Moo Young was on the rooftop looking like he was about to jump and Jin Kang holding his hands, this might be a hint of what's about to happen in the final episode.
  6. And that he will live as Kang Sun Ho... They can die together or fake their own death and live with their real names. That would be a happy ending. See? We can be better writers. Hahahahaha
  7. Right!? How could he fully trust that woman? But then again, I was also thinking that maybe he just wanted a validation that what he remembered is true. He had put together the pieces - of their scars, about JK being adopted, and his memory of her when they were children. So, when SR told him that they were indeed siblings he was too devastated to think logically. Let's spare him the blame. Kim Moo Young's character is too sad enough.
  8. Someone commented in YT that they are not siblings and that SR was just messing with MY. I heard Se Ran mentioned the word "game" before she got shot that's why I was thinking that MY got provoked by her and that he was played on.
  9. From the expression on their faces especially when JK told Tak that she knows that she is not JG's real sister and when the secretary told Se Ran about MY's family registry, I don't think they are. But I don't understand Korean so I could be totally wrong.
  10. Again, not good to watch the livestream while at work. I was about to cry during the scenes were MY was so cruel to JK. I am guessing he was saying unpleasant things to her. He was trying to put on that arrogant, player, cold and heartless face in front of her but when he turns his back you can feel that he was in so much pain as well. It was so painful to see him looking at JK from afar. I really can't bear this episode. I thought I would be prepared of what is to come but jeez...
  11. Can't believe that this is ending tomorrow. After the romantic scenes and lovey-dovey moments, here we are left with aching hearts. Looks like pigletcloud from Twitter can't do the trans today as her mom is in the hospitalized. I hope dramamilk can do the recaps soon.
  12. Prepare your hearts for this episode... Too painful to watch JK looking like a train wreck. By the looks of it, Se Ran was just totally playing tricks with MY and she is enjoying it.
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