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[Drama 2019] Watcher, 왓쳐


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Han Suk Kyu, Kim Hyun Joo, And Seo Kang Joon Start A Tense Partnership In “Watcher”

by J. Lim

OCN’s new weekend drama “Watcher” has shared stills of Han Suk Kyu, Seo Kang Joon, and Kim Hyun Joo’s first mission together.

“Watcher” follows Do Chi Kwang (Han Suk Kyu), Kim Young Goon (Seo Kang Joon), and Han Tae Joo (Kim Hyun Joo) chasing after a mysterious incident. The three of them have a tragic past incident that ties them together, and they team up together to root out corruption in the police force.

The new photos show the three characters as they try to work together. With even their first meeting being a battle of nerves, the air between them is full of tension. What is especially interesting is that Han Tae Joo is with Do Chi Kwang and Kim Young Goon, as she is has been employed as the lawyer of a man in the middle of a conspiracy and kidnapping that the two are after.


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What I like about Kim Young-koon so far :naughty:


1- He can’t be tricked , love how he was on to him :tounge_wink:







2- He so apologise :joy:




3- He always returns favour :mrgreen: , but would like little warning first  :tounge_xd:





4- Always ask good question :smirk:













@Lawyerh @triplem was he in my list of oppa or he is my new drug :kiss_wink:




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Ah well... it's an OCN crime drama... how can I pass up on it... It really almost doesn't matter who's in it... although these days they seem to manage to score the cream of the crop. I live in hope for another series of TEN and Missing Noir M but meanwhile I usually get on board with whatever they bring out especially if the bodies are piling up. Not big on their supernatural offerings... a bit of a hit and miss those... but I did enjoy Children of the Lesser God and the Ghost Seeing Detective 2.


This is a different approach to the usual fare. (A break from psychopaths and serial killers would be good) An internal affairs type team that investigates corrupt cops. The show begins with slow build up which is a striking contrast to the frenetic pace of Voice. It exudes a moody, laid-back (somewhat depressed) atmosphere befitting its lead who appears to be a patient, good-natured plodder who has the thankless task of fishing out cops who go beyond the confines of the law. The energy picks up with the entry of Kim Young Goon, a motorcycle cop with good instincts, himself the son of a cop who killed his wife. He's a good kid, with his head screwed on properly and surprisingly, not actually a hot head.


Almost immediately we're given insight into why such an inspection team exists. Police thuggery and "evidence handling" is well and truly alive. It's a lonely job because nobody wants to be a snitch or a "traitor" of people they work with but no one seems to think that a betrayal of public trust is a problem apparently.


It's off to a good start and with the addition of yet another kdrama Han Tae Joo... a lawyer who has been hired to represent the perpetrator or victim (his status is yet to be determined)... the team appears complete. From psychopath that catches psychopaths we now have cops that catch cops. ;)


Edited to add:

It struck me that Watcher could be a reference to the famous quote by Juvenal "Who watches the watchmen?" I am guessing here that the inspection team are the watchers of the watchmen.

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Lawyer Han certainly comes prepared, to even bracing herself with a dental guard LoL. 

I thought she was overreacting & then next thing - <BAM> The typical white truck of doom slams into side of car:blink:

Thank God the team managed to find the kid~ Must be a harrowing experience for the poor thing:( I feel bad for the female officer of the team whenever she tries to extend a conversation, the other male team members cut her off LoL awww~:lol::P

Is the other police officer nuts?! He intimidate Ah-Reum with a gun. 

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1 hour ago, mtracy07 said:

Is this drama really good? I’m curious about this and I wanna know if the story is interesting. :sweat_smile:

Its good i can say i love it.... han suk kyu drama is full with tense scenes but yet not boring or even overact... it keeps me wanting to see more ... and seo kang joon in here portray a character of a son of murderer and corrupt police... his father is said a corrupt police and killed his mom in front of his eyes. Suk Kyu is the one who arrested his dad and hyun joo is the prosecutor at that time who charged his dad. But Seo Joon not going to revenge them he (in my opinion) want to reveal the real people behind his dad act. 


You won't find romance or kissing scene or bed scene that will swoon us in this drama but it sure will keep you intrigue and wanting to see more because your own suspicions. 

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Premiere Watch:

by stroopwafel



Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Psychological thriller
Episode count: 16 episodes

Reasons to watch: Tragedy can make for strange bedfellows, and that’s probably the simplest way to explain how three people from different fields of law enforcement can end up on one team. Han Seok-kyu, Kim Hyun-joo, and Seo Kang-joon star as a team of investigators who target corruption in the police force and the prosecutor’s office. A tragic event upends our protagonists’ lives and it seems that official corruption may have been behind the event. Though our leads may not have much in common–or even like each other–they’re willing to fight to unearth the facts and speak truth to power. I’m enjoying this year’s trend of social critique in dramas and considering that this is an OCN show, I’m expecting a dark and gritty narrative.




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This drama is quite a different beast to the ones I've become accustomed to from the broadcaster (or the ones I've been binge watching). It doesn't move quite at the same rate but I like it enough to keep going with it. The concept is a variation of the theme of corruption in high places but with a few twists... a straight arrow calm male lead whose not particularly angry with the world accompanied by a traumatized vengeful female lead (prosecutor-turned-lawyer) who walks on the dark side (who seems angry with the world). Then there's the young caring officer who hasn't turned antisocial because of his past. It's an interesting combination of personality types brought together by a shared moment in the past and common goals. Kdramaland loves trotting out the o'l fate trope to deal with coincidences and I suppose it's possible that there may be more to Dad killing Mum than Dad killing Mum but we'll have to see.


The abuse of police powers was painful to watch especially where the kiddies were concerned. But it was a relief that both survived. A very striking contrast between the suave superior JRY and the beefcake "strike first ask questions later" subordinate. We know who was the brain and the brawn in that operation.


Relationships amongst the key players will be the main thing here in a way that's not always the case in police procedural. Will be interesting to see if TL Do and Lawyer Han can maintain their tenuous alliance.


@triplem Thanks for the warm welcome as usual. :D It's always good to be among friends. This is turning out to be a good year for me in K dramas. Last year wasn't bad. But this year's better in terms of quantity. Or maybe I'm just getting better at picking the good stuff. Have you seen Doctor Prisoner? I'm finishing that off now. Heavens above... It's so so good. Namgoong Min is just insanely brilliant.



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Okay its said that Tae Joon also suffer traumatic after she handle YG fatherr case. There was flashback scene where she was kidnapped?? And the chief said she still seeing psychiatrist and cannot having skinship with anyone.... i wonder who is the greatest corrupt in here... things getting more interesting as next week we're going to face corrupt police with human organ trading... 

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I have watched ep1 and 2. 


Very interesting. Lawyer Han goes all the way to make the team public which shows that she may want to investigate the case whereby she was kidnapped. The sentences that she heard the dead detective was the same from the kidnapper who said them to her. 



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4 hours ago, joccu said:

good start. :D 

there's more than meets the eye. 


Yes, true.. I'm wondering if his father really murdered his mom.. As a child who saw his mom murdered, he would have gone through trauma. 


When he saw the bad detective murdering Ah Reum father, he had a flashback of his mom getting murdered. 

Not sure how pure luck that he is working with the Detective who got his father and found him hiding in the bathroom as well as Lawyer Han who prosecuted his father for murder

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Junior V experience :D


1- why run , when you can use the  left ( criminal wouldn’t go anywhere) :sweat_smile:













2 - always be prepared :tounge_xd:




3 - boss him around , to enjoy break :yum:






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And here I am. It's OCN drama who can't resist. I like crime action murder thriller. Just finished watching ep1-2. 


Police corruption. Police abuse... gotta flesh out the ones that goes overboard. Along with that comes flashback  that revolves the three main chracters.  All three are tied up with each other's past. HTJ is an interesting character. I'm confused anout her trauma though. What was the cause?


 Hello same soompi friends watching same dramas. Lets enjoy.








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@mtracy07 said:-


Is this drama really good? I’m curious about this and I wanna know if the story is interesting. :sweat_smile:

Well if you're into crime thrillers then this drama is the one for ya!:D

It's similar to Criminal Minds (Korean version) & The Player, Mad Dog as well.. Give it a shot & decide after;)


I've been flamed on other forums for this.. but wondering if there's a loveline for Mr. Do & Lawyer Han ha-ha!?:w00t::phew:


I remembered Tom Hanks bein' asked the same thing while promoting "Angels And Demons". He said there was simply no time for romance as lives were at stake!  

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On 7/7/2019 at 2:51 PM, titania1000 said:

Sorry chingus for the lack of reaction: one my favourite drama of this year is currently airing its last episodes (on week end too) and it ended very badly this week for almost all the cast:bawling: I need time to cope with those dramatic events especially since it seems the last episode will be even worse...


I watched episode 1 of Watcher but my brain was a literal puddle after all those tears :tears: 

What show are you referring to out of interest?



This is the first show I've tried in a few weeks and I'm enjoying it. Like the mood and story but hopefully it's not too episodic, it's the quickest way too put me off a show if there's a new case every week. OCN seem to have quite a few sequels/2nd seasons these days which isn't that promising for me.


i remember the lead from Cunning Single Lady but don't really recognise any of the others. Hoping for minimal romance unless done right (rarely ever in these types of shows)


Did the lawyer get her thumb cut off when she was kidnapped?

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