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  1. I also thought the same. How BJS know so much about Kousuke whereas information about KW was not revealed much. I'm thinking maybe his father or brother is still alive. But the guy who is the killer they have not shown his face right?
  2. Stress waiting for ep5.. Wondering what's going to happen by all the photos that I have seen just now... OMG!
  3. Don't know what is going to happen this week... 3 days more to go.
  4. I hope KW will control Kosuke but how long? Twice he was stopped by his team mate and he looked confused on what he has done. In my opinion, he attacks bad guys only.
  5. Yes. I noticed that too myself... I was wondering why he suddenly stick out his tongue and that's where he acted weird as not KW. I'm also waiting for when the story will come up with KW but I think they don't want to focus too much on KW but what the Golden Team was supposed to do. Which the story goes on, little by little they are showing a different side on KW and now BJS has escaped, so we don't know what BJS planned to do after escaping. I'm still waiting why BJS is soo into KW which the question has not been answered.
  6. Thanks for the updates guys... I have not watched ep3 and 4 yet.. Hopefully will watch it later once ep4 got eng sub.
  7. Ooooh.. It would have started by now... I hav to wait after 11pm Malaysian time to watch the raw version online. Only tomorrrow morning/afternoon I'm able to watch ep3 with eng sub
  8. I read the news a couple of days ago that Japanese is making remake of Voice. I don't think I can watch it. As I will definitely differentiate what I have seen in the original series.
  9. I agree... In season 2, the unanswered question was why the mystery Japan man and BJS were interested in KW and wanted him to acknowledge that he has evil in him. Always calling him with his real name.
  10. HI, Its been soo long I have been here but nice reading all your comments... Can't wait for this week episode...
  11. Hi guys. Its been quite some time I have been to soompi forum.. Its nice to read all your comments. It enlighten me and I keep nodding to myself saying, Yeah, I agree with your thoughts... Before Voice 3 started, I rewatched Voice 2 and I'm glad I did that. KJ already knew that KW condition is getting worse, I think as the way he almost killed the Japan serial killer in the woods. When he didn't shake her hands, I thought, hmmmm.. This is who KW really is.. He acts tough but he is soft inside. I hope KJ will help KW and he will overcome his illness.
  12. Finally watched until ep40 (subbed)..... I feel sad as they had to sacrifice themselves for the humankind. It looks like SW knew that he was going to die earlier itself, like he planned it. ZYL looks like he was thinking of becoming the lamp wick when he asked the man who was possessing his dad as he told him to take over his body if anything happen to him.
  13. I'm at ep35... Are you saying ZYL is in eternal suffering. Why?
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