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Found 1 result

  1. Profile Name: 김현주 / Kim Hyun Joo (Hyun = Intelligent and warm-hearted, Joo = Jewel, treasure) Hanja: 金賢珠 (Jin Xian-Zhu) Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1977-Apr-24 Birthplace: Gyeonggi province, Il-san City Height: 167cm Weight: 48kg Star sign: Taurus Blood type: B Family: Mother, Younger brother Hobbies: Knitting, cross-stitching, driving. Special Interest: In-line skating, snowboarding. Personality: She tends to be really shy (with strangers), but she's bright and vivacious. Bad habits: Rolling up toilet paper over and over, crushing paper cups. She can't keep her hands still. Favourite saying: Love is the way, the theme is humanity = Let's live with love and humanity. Sleeping habits: She sleeps hanging off the end of the bed. First love: A friend who was in the same class as her in fourth grade. Nickname: Miss "I-don't-know" Countries she wants to visit: Switzerland, Greece, everywhere Favourite food: If she has to pick...Meat, sushi, cold noodles, sweet and sour pork chops. Favourite colour: Violet, gray. Favourite music: Movie music Favourite number: 2 A movie she wants to recommend to fans: She hasn't watched it yet, but "The Way Home" The kind of person she respects: A person who simply tries to become the kind of person who can receive respect from others. Celebrity friends: Suh Yoo Jung, Song Hye Gyo, FinK.L, Kim Gyu Lee, Park Yong Ha, Kim Ji Ho, So Ji Sub, Kim Min Sun, Kim Ho Jin, Lee Jae Ryong, the "Sang Do" team actors. What she wants to happen after she succeeds: Make it so that there are no hungry children. The reason she became an entertainer: Because she wanted to...Because she felt that only by gaining love you can gain respect. What she would do if she wasn't an entertainer: Study design more. How she gets rid of a slump: She spends time by herself. She goes to the riverside or a place where there aren't any people. What she does on her days off: She sleeps. If there's time, she wants to exercise. And learn how to dance. Education Elementary School: 상사초등학교 Il-san Achievement Elementary School Middle School: 원당중학교 Won-Dang Junior High School High School: 고양종합고등학교 Go-yang Composite High School College: Dankook University (Theatre and Film) Filmography Drama Series Fantastic (JTBC 2016) - Lee So Hye I Have a Lover | Aeinitseoyo (SBS / 2015) - Do Hae-Gang / Dokgo Yong-Gi What Happens to My Family? | Gajokkkiri Wae Irae (KBS2 / 2014-2015) - Cha Gang-Sim Can We Love | Wooriga Saranghal Soo Iteulka (JTBC / 2014) - top star (cameo) Cruel Palace - War of Flowers | Goongjoongjanhoksa - Ggotdeului Jeonjaeng (jTBC / 2013) - Royal Concubine Soyong Jo Foolish Mom | Babo Eomma (SBS / 2012) - Kim Young-Joo Twinkle Twinkle | Banjjak Banjjak Bitnaneun (MBC / 2011) - Han Jung-Won The Partner | Pateuneo (KBS2 / 2009) - Kang Eun-Ho Boys Over Flowers | Kkotboda Namja (KBS2/ 2009) - Ku Jun-Hee Pretty Insun | Insunyineun Yeoppeuda (KBS2 / 2007) - Park In-Soon Marrying a Millionaire | Baekmanjangjawa Kyeolheunhagi (SBS / 2005-2006) - Han Eun-Young The Land | Doji (SBS / 2004) Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest | Paran Manjang Miseu Kim 10eok Mindeulgi (SBS / 2004) Glass Slippers | Yuri Goodu (SBS / 2002) That Woman's House | Geu Yeojane Jip (MBC / 2001) Sangdo (MBC / 2001-2002) - Park Da-Nyung 8 Love Stories | Reobeuseutori (SBS / 1999-2000) - Seo-Young (Ep.7 "Insomnia, Manual and Orange Juice") Into the Sunlight | Haetbit Sokeuro (MBC / 1999) - Lee Yun-Hee I Love You!, I Love You! | Saranghae! Saranghae! (SBS / 1998) Ready, Go! (MBC / 1997) The Reason For My Living | Naega Saneun Yiyu (MBC / 1997) Movies Shin Suk-ki blues (2004) - Seo Jin-yeong Star Runner | Siu nin a Fu (2003) - Mei Chung Calla (1999) - Soo-jin If It Snows on Christmas | Christmase nuni naerimyeon (1998) MC Work Scoop! Entertainment City (MBC, 1997) - VJ Popular Song Best 50 (MBC, 1997) - VJ Saturday Power Start (KBS, 1997) - MC Gung Sun-young's 가요광장 (KBS 2FM, 1997) - Panelist in "I Don't Know Anything But Love" segment Super TV Enjoy Sunday (KBS, 1998) - MC Sunday Sunday Night (MBC, 1999) - MC Kim Hyun-joo's FM Dating (MBC FM, 1999) - DJ Mnet KM Music Festival (Mnet, 2000) - MC And e-Wonderful World (MBC, 2000) - MC Section TV Entertainment (MBC, 2001) - MC Kim Hyun-joo's Music Village (MBC FM, 2009) - DJ ECO Canada by Kim Hyun-joo (MBC Life, 2009) Musical Journey to Yesterday (MBC, 2014) - MC Career 2011 Seoul International Book Fair Ambassador 2010 Breast cancer prevention ambassador 2010 Good Neighbors Ambassador (Watch: Interview | 2010 SBS Hope TV | Good Neighbors TV Program | KBS TV Special) 2009 Montreal 2020 Summer Olympic Games bid ambassador Awards 1998 SBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (I Love You! I Love You!) 1998 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress 2000 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress (Virtue) 2002 SBS Drama Awards: SBSi Award (Glass Slippers) 2002 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Glass Slippers) 2002 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project Drama (Glass Slippers) 2004 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Special (Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest) 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (The Land) 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Land) 2007 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress (In-soon Is Pretty) 2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (Twinkle Twinkle) 2015 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2015 Best Actress (long-length drama) ("I Have a Lover”) Ten Star Award ("I Have a Lover”) Best Netizen Award ("I Have a Lover”) Best Couple Award ("I Have a Lover”) 2015 (4th) APAN Star Awards - November 28, 2015 Best Actress (serial drama) ("I Have a Lover”) 2014 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2014 Best Actress ("What Happens to My Family?") Best Couple Award ("What Happens to My Family?") Book 현주의 손으로 짓는 이야기 (Hyun Joo's Handcrafted Story) Pages: 212 ISBN 9,788,952,213,143 Format: B5, 188 * 257mm Current Management Company: S BOX SOURCES: Translated by Dahee Fanel Her official cafe, LIPS (Live In her Pretty Smile): http://cafe.daum.net/kkk2393 ,LOVE Kim Hyun Joo 's blogger.DramaWiki, Wikipedia, AsianMedia Wiki, Nate
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