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  1. DAEBAK!!!! A great ending for WATCHER... My mom said would there be a season 2? The way they made postcredit, there could be a possibility....
  2. I also agree that the prosecutor won't agree to the nurse on doing that as its like destroying someone like. Very emotional towards the end of ep12... Twice we see Dr Cha became very emotional. Its very sad that he is trying to live his life and people don't understand that. What's wrong living a life as a doctor when you yourself are not perfect? Isn't humans are all imperfect! I just feel like slapping her, she is sooo obsessed with Dr Cha until toward on destroying his life. I believe that because the guy who killed her daughter died fast and she wasn't satisfied that he died fast and not painless enough, she put all her energy on destroying Dr Cha. On the pretense that he killed that guy so that guy won't suffered long. She is putting her anger on an innocent person who didn't even hurt her daughter and herself. Like my mom said, after she destroy him or killed him, who is she going to vent her anger on? To another innocent person? In reality there are people like her, who can't accept and find innocent person to vent their anger on. Sometimes they become to obsess on them and become their stalker. I think we can her Dr Cha stalker. I'm not sure about him applying a job in Cleveland. Hmmmm... it looks like he was applying for a job. But we can't assume anything yet. He just went for one treatment and hope he doesn't fall sick. In ep13 preview, Dr Cha meets the old man. I hope he don't work with him. They want to use the drug and want him to work with them. I don't think Dr Cha will agree on doing that. Also, his name get tarnish and not sure what his situation going to be like..
  3. Wow. A lot of things happening in ep15 and some questions has been answered. Confirmed Detective Jang killed YG mom. Actually it was an accident as they were fighting with the knife. But he covered the incident and made because YG forgotten of his trauma, he didn't get convicted instead of YG dad cos Detective Do falsified the evidence. Its because he thought YG dad killed Officer Jang. it was YG dad who started Jang society and it looks like Assistant Commisioner took over and make it like his own. He was the one who killed Officer Jang. I felt sad for YG after he heard his father confession on the tape. And the best big bang was the original file was kept in the safe deposit. How YG going to do with it we will see in ep16. aka finale
  4. Oh. I was like they are hugging each other... I was waiting for that even though the kiss has not come yet. Preview ep12 showing the journalist found something on Dr Cha and I don't really understand why that nurse is so crazy to destroy Dr Cha. He didn't kill her daughter and she need to realize that the person who kidnapped her daughter and killed her has already died and would have died as he was dying already. Looks like the Prosecutor is getting sicker already. Something going on with Dr Cha's friend. Have to just wait for the ep12... Normally weekend SBS drama would be 20 episodes as with Fiery Priest. But Doctor John has 16 episodes only.
  5. I also thought the same thing that they would have finished the filming earlier and decided to have the wrap up party cos its not easy to accommodate everyone to be there at the same timing to have their wrap up party. Like what happened to Choi Jin Hyuk in Last Empress when they decided to add two extra episodes and he could not be there to do so as he already had to go for his fan meeting which was planned earlier. A lot of fans was upset that they ended his character like that as he had to leave the drama when the production decided to add more episodes. Well, at least watcher didn't have that problem and had ample time to complete the drama. Actually its good to complete the production of a drama earlier as I believe the actors can have some time to rest before they move onto their next project. Not forgetting the staffs too as they would have worked hard day and night together. Actually its not surprising as Ahn Gil-ho is the director and he directed Stranger and Memories of Alhambra which both dramas ended very well.
  6. Wow. First time seeing they had wrap up party quite early. Normally it would be on the finale day.
  7. I hope Detective Do will save YG from killing Detective Jang. Now we know Detective Jang is the one who killed YG mom but why. Is it because to stop YG dad? Detective Jang started to kill because of his daughter, which I'm sure it is based on what information given by his daughter to YG. YG is in the revenge mode. Lawyer Han did express her worries that she dont' want YG to become like her. She was in her revenge mode until she realizes that she hurt many people around her for her revenge. I dont' know what ep15 is going to be like but I hope YG anger will subside.
  8. The link from FB disappeared after I shared it.. I have edited my post with the link from youtube
  9. Preview for ep15.... Looks like the truth is nearer...
  10. HI all. After watching ep10, I don't like the ending. I have to wait next week for continuation. I don't think Dr Cha did it 3 years ago. Based on one of the flashback, in my opinion, I think that guy's mom could have did it as she was hurt seeing her son suffering. I don't think he did it this time. I feel that he is being sabotaged by someone who is trying to get rid of him or what. I read in the internet what's viral labyrinthitis. So for Dr Cha, its dangerous as he has CIPA. Not sure what he is going to do as if he takes steroid, he can't work as he will be immune to any virus, disease. If he don't cure it, it can harm him. I don't get it, why the nurse is so obsessed with Dr Cha. What's his friend, Lawyer Han is planning? Kept us in the dark with the mysterious person leaving in the car when he arrived. I think there could be a sparkle of romance between Dr Lee and Mi Rae.
  11. He always call her but still she will answer his question when he disturbs her especially when she is sleeping.
  12. Its nice reading your thoughts and comments guys. I still haven't watched ep11 & 12. Took a long break for the school holidays and I need some catching up with my dramas... Hopefully soon as ep13 is already underway. Thanks for the photos. I saw them in OCN FB today. Looks like Young Goon and Lawyer Han get tied up...
  13. I haven't watched ep11 sub yet but at first from looking at the clip, it looked like a woman. But a woman with strong strength to do that.
  14. I missed the BTS and thank you for sharing it here.. It was nice seeing them having good relationship between them. I always like to watch behind the scene videos.
  15. Ya, I think ur right. When think about it, it looks like a simcard. Don't tell me that YG dad put it there and its the ledger?
  16. Guys! OMG! Daebak! I really don't know what to say.. I was like practically jumping out from my chair the moment the camera was detected by YG. All along it wasn't her boyfriend. We finally found PROOF.. SHE is definitely the SPY.. But who is working for? Commissioner? My mom is guessing could be the commissioner who was the one sent her in the first place. And then the big bomb came when he was about to leave his house. My mom and I was talking, why from ep9, they keep showing his shoes. Dont know what made him to check inside the soles of his shoes. I was like oh no, why YG and DCK fighting but at last, the suspicion has been cleared and YG has mentioned that he was told practically by most people to distrust DCK. WHY? Cos they don't want him to work with DCK and make DCK as the bad guy. DCK also admitted that he made false evidence. Oh my! Oh my! Now have to wait for ep11 and looks like YG is attacked could be the killer. It looks like his home in the ep11 preview.
  17. Its a good opinion that maybe the murderer wants the ledger to be exposed and not hide it. Hmm.. i didn't thought of that.. But its a good way of diverting our opinion and the team that DCK could be the culprit. As I was telling my mom, the writer is good. At first we think ok DCK is a good cop and then out of the blue, it makes us confuse. Is he on the good or the bad side? Then it changes again. And then now again. I already scratching my head thinking and I haven't come a definite conclusion but one thing I can say that I believe DCK is not the perpetrator. I agree with you that Lawyer Han is using him. She should know he is a young man who lost his mom 15 years ago and his dad was in jail for all that time and just came out. But then he also got killed in the SAME HOUSE. Can you imagine any human being would feel loosing both parents to murder and in the same house too? I cannot imagine the feeling... Lawyer Han did say he wanted to become a cop so she helped him to pull strings. But I'm not sure about she grooming him. She is on her revenge and like I stated earlier, people who are on the mode for REVENGE, would not think about other people's feeling around them including their family members and friends. But in the end once the revenge is done, the only thing you would feel is EMPTINESS... I can feel that DCK takes care of his team members but he is a man of secrets. SO definitely people going to think him wrong, especially YG as YG is a soft spot right now. He just lost his dad and he wants to find the truth of his parents death and behind of his parents injudiciousness.. LETS WAIT FOR EP10..
  18. Wow! After watching ep9, I really don't know what to say. Do YG believed in DCK or not? I believed Lawyer Han is very very selfish. With her revenge, she didn't thought of others. When a good person who hell bent on revenge, does she/he thinks he/she will be forever good? Definitely Lawyer Han also has been corrupted with her thoughts and action on revenge. I am not so sure of DCK... He looks like he is a good cop but he could have done bad things or mistakes in the past and wants to do the right thing. I feel soo bad for YG in ep9, he looks soo sad after loosing his only parent. Now we know why his father wanted to come out from prison. He had heart problem and he knew he won't be alive that long that's why he decided to come out for two reasons. For his son and find out the truth of his wife's death. If you read the last paragraph, looks like more interesting event is going to happen. We can see that from ep10 preview. https://www.soompi.com/article/1343212wpp/3-crucial-questions-that-will-be-answered-in-the-2nd-half-of-watcher The production crew shared, “The truth of the past, which has been scattered throughout the current events, will start to come together. Please wait and see what kind of choices the corruption investigation team will make while surrounded by a mix of truth and falsehood. The surprise is only beginning. We hope you will look forward to the second act, which will present a more elaborate suspense.”
  19. When we think ah we know what's going on, suddenly the story goes the other way. The writer is trying to confuse us at first thinking DCK could be a bad cop, then no he is a good cop. Then suddenly, the story is going all around. YG having bad thoughts of DCK. I don't know what Lawyer Han thinks of DCK but she doesn't believe him. I don't know how they are going to work together if they all don't trust one another.
  20. Have you guys watched ep9? I watched the preview for ep10 and looks like something going on between YG and DCK. Like they are fighting. I just have to wait tomorrow for the eng sub
  21. I like your reasoning. I'm not sure about the 'boyfriend' still. No evidence so I would wait and see... Out of the topic, I found this news while snooping around. https://www.kpopmap.com/s-korean-cosmetic-surgeons-reveal-the-actor-who-has-the-face-that-is-setting-the-trends-for-mens-visuals/
  22. The one thing that I'm curious is when YG was searching for the guy who was murdered in the public toilet (who was the one in charge of selling human organs), he encountered the killer. The killer hit him and pointed the gun at him. That's where YG stated that the gun was a policeman gun. Did the killer know YG or he just decided to let him go? The irony part is that YG dad had to be murdered in the same house where his mom was murdered 15 years ago. Is it for the ledger or to stop him for investigating the case? They keep showing us the photo of the 5 guys which is pointing to something but not giving us any clue to what it is. So there are more questions than answers. Just when YG about to start a new relationship with his dad, he had to loose him again. I think deep inside of him, he thinks maybe his dad didn't murder his mom. It was sad to see the ring that he didn't get the chance to give to his wife. When YG open the fridge after coming back home from hospital, he saw the food left by his dad.. soo sad... I'm thinking he may start to have some memories coming back and he already questioning did his dad killed his mom but then he also questioning could it be Detective Do killed his mom instead. He already like not soo trusting Detective Do.
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