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  1. If you had extra time you can look up to US series House Of Cards... I guess the base story is similar. About the chief of staff doing everything to gain power. In the series the lead and his wife will become the US president... But their way up to that chair is so nasty and dirty... This is the first korean political drama that amaze me to the top. I cant stop mentioning how great the casts in this drama... All the characters filled with perfect person to portray them...
  2. This drama is too good... the whole casts are amazing... the plot is unbelievable.... even the ratings is beyond expectations... the whole hour I keep asking myself is it drama or movie that I'm watching..... Lee Tae Joon and Kang Sung Young is the real definition of what we call Power Couple. I can't wait how they defeat all of their enemies using all of their tactics and strategy. and 1 more Kim Kap Soo is the best when acting as a political with all his powers on make other people doing the job but he takes all the good credits and praises. All of his acting in Aide reminds me of his act in K2.
  3. When I read that Kim Eun Sook is going to write new drama i was anticipating this... yes i passed her last drama "Mr. Sunshine" (and haven't watched it until now). And then I read that she will colaborate with the DOTS director yess... I'm in I said to my self. Then Lee MIn Ho step inside the picture I'm grinning from ear to ear just to read the news title....... I don't care who is the female lead I'm sure its going to be good.... remember when everyone argue about Kim Go Eun as female lead in Goblin??? turn out everyone love Eun Tak. And I'm sure she will portrayed the character very well. And now Woo Do Hwan too.... WOW I love this drama already!!!!!!
  4. First the story keep circling around with no ending its like a cat chasing his own tail. They make Yu Ra the perfect devil but then she is forgiven and building alliance with the leads as the story created that she doing that because of Joon Sang.... because she is looking for her lover which is Joon Sang... so what happen with the first episodes where she was Wang Shik lover??? so she's playing double love life or triple love life??? then the grandmother turns out killed her self... oke last night episodes was all disappointed .... why did I see this whole time... makjang plot. then CJH won't be appearing in next episodes... then the last time I saw him is fighting the boys at the island.. that's it... the writer is really annoying... then why the writer create Na Wang Shik after all....
  5. Park Jin Joo Joins Park Bo Gum And Song Hye Kyo’s “Encounter” https://www.soompi.com/article/1262965wpp/park-jin-joo-joins-park-bo-gum-song-hye-kyos-encounter Definitely it will be very bubbly and full of laugh when she's around.... she is a scenestealer for sure.
  6. I still have mixed feeling about this drama, I'm not sure will I following this drama or wait until its end then I start watching while I read all the updates in here. I'm a fans of SHK in love with her ever since Full House. And Park Bo Gum well who can resist his charm and his kindness.... but I still not sure about the pairing... I just still thinking the pairing is odd.... well I hope its just my false argument...
  7. I need subtitle.... its so hard watching it with my limited korean..... 4 episode left and suddenly DF stops and leave us wondering for subs
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