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  1. Oh boy, I wouoldn't mind seeing her with Joo Ji Hoon as well... Can't wait to watch this. Ooh it's Kim Sae Ron too. Good. @angelbeast90 Yes. Yoon Chan Young part of the cast. One of the best young actors right now. cr: kdramaindo twt
  2. Ooooh.. there' School 2020 already?This series or is it franchise? always gives us the next kdrama stars to watch. So my cast wish?! I hope to also see some of them...... I'm telling you all fantastic acting from these young actors! And most of the young actors has won awards.. I hope to see some of the younger cast from Sky Castle.... Lee Ji Won, Kim Dong Hee, Kang Chan Hee Beauitful World.... Nam Da Reum, Seo Ding Hyun, Seo Young Joo) Moment of Eighteen... Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Do Wan in particular. And the cast of Condition of 17.. Yoon Chan Young and Park Se Wan. Here's wishng.. at least. It's School 2020 anyway.
  3. @Tango27 For me, I don't mind seeing young version of main leads. We always see up and coming young actors becoming main leads..sooner than we expect. And many of the actors right now (ie: YJG. YSH, kim so hyun/saeron/ yoo jun... etc) was at one time played younger version of main leads It's a good way to see who amongst has potential to be the next superstars ( ie: Lee Dohyun, Nam DR) That said, I don't like too much flashback though in drama unless it's done in really good way (ie My love Eun dong, or Hello Monster). Waiting for this drama. I old school melodrama..but no makjang all the way.
  4. A big humongous fist tpump in the air and love to Parasite and the whole cast! totally totally tally deserve the recognition! Daebak!
  5. @bebebisous33@40somethingahjumma@bedifferent @triplem@stroppyse @Jillia @lu09 happy to see you guys for this this! It's always nice to discuss a drama with with soompiers who analyz each chapters. It makes it fun and good to and enjoy a drama and especially with an all star cast like we have in this drama @larus thanks for all the updates. I'm super waiting but wait.. @triplem what 1 episode per week? The last time I watch a drama with once week was "Money Flower" every Saturday but that 2 hours once a week (ep 1 &2). How many episodes does this have? @nrllee watch this too.
  6. Whoa.. can't wait to watch! Talk about sexy on the screen Hope the chemistry too and fantastic story and of course top notch actinng! Thanks of rht eupdate, @larus
  7. @irilight I think it's because I think they all live within the same gated community (as was Sky Castle) and they know each other as rich friends but.. I'm sure each of the couple or the women with their husbands have story arc with the main plot of a murder taking place within their suburban community. I actually likened it to the jdrama Hazardouz Wife. We'll get mature content drama with mature actors where as Sky Castle deals with mostly students and r-ship with their families.
  8. And there it is the script. Counting the months for this. Shin Ha Kyun playing the eccentric doctor... again (since Awesome Brain). And Jung So Min...I always like her anyway and the characters she plays. Last watch her in kdrama ver. Hundred Million Stars from the Sky. Fingers cross this will be a good one. crédit dongwoo__89 via @jirok twt
  9. Psycho role... we always love that kind of character. Adds edgy..ness..or quirk. I guess most everyone here is for the LJG. But me....I'm happy see Moon Chae Won again in a drama. I hope has more muscle weight. I thought he was skinny lean with his last drama.
  10. This is the drama I'm waiting for 2020! Happy to see script reading. Thanks for the update
  11. @larus Thanks for the update. Good to see. Park Hoon! The guy from Watcher drama I think. I like. Still long ways to go but. I like this type of dram, this genre. This is on my watchlist. See you guys in March! Wai
  12. Okay. First drama I'm watching for 2020. It's at the bottom pack when it comes to ratings but you know how it is... I like to watch a drama that's interesting and different. I actually was entertained. Drama that shows what goes on behind K-ent. Though main story is about make up artist in the industry. This drama has it from idol auditions, to company strict policies and shenannigans going, to make up upartist and make up products, to beeuty and fashion make up. Which artist to best suits the product. Cut throat industry (whatever that means). Competition amongst the leading make up artist. What's it like to work in VIP salon. Seeing a glimpse of what's like behind what we're watching who were idolize, how we perceive a person's look, the simplicy vs putting on make up making yourself look good. Kim Bora as Han Soo Yeon.. failed the idol audition and was sacked as part of girl group. The agency was dealing with crisis with their top star (DJ played by Lee Tae Hwan) and have to axe someone and unlucky SY she was the one who suffered from scandal create by the agency. SY encounted Cha Jeong Hyeok- top make up artist- when he did her nake up. but she felt she was "too pretty" which she did not feel like it was her and her persoanlity. She removed the the make up done by JH and did her make up on her onw to which our lead got upset. Hence they have the animosity towards each other. SY having failed as idol, tried to appy as intern to JH expensive well know CHA salon that caters to VIP. JH still had animosity but others in his inner circle ( the hyung and the baldie with glasses) saw the potential and found the make up test very good so they wanted her. JH was in the minorty despite being the CEO so. SY was hired as new intern. Jo Sang Wook as CJH well know top make up/ stylist.. he's the boss and the ceo of CHA bauty but.... I guess in the long run throughout this drama Both leads are trying to prove something to themselves. That they can do it, that it can be done, and they can succeed. In JH case maybe it's more of a something to prove to himself and his ex? Ji Yoon. I also like the that the each actors fit their characters much. However you can actually see the obvious age gap between the leads. I'm not iffy about it Kim Bora is in her 20's.. so that's fine with me. Maybe they will be mentor mentee but I like their chemsitry together. I got a kick and laugh during the shower scene.. Of course they pixelated the lower back end part. I probably would have same reaction and be .. huh.. I didn't see anything. Thanks Viki for the sub!
  13. Thanks larus glad there's an update for this. Excited to see Joo Won's comeback. Did not care for his last drama actually (sassy girl historical remake) but also excited to see KHS. The last time I watch her was in 215 Angry Mom. So she's going to play a mother to Joo Won..in the past? I'm not the biggest fan of fantasy/time travel genre I stay awat from them unless it's good writing/story (ie Tunnel, Signal) but I like these two actors plus I'm curious actually about plot/premise...so I'm going to watch this.
  14. My Fav new actress Go Min Si along with Lee Seol. Congrats. More good characters and dramas please!
  15. You mean to say say KBS will be the network for this drama? Finally....finally Park Hae Jin will come back? I'm no super fan of the actor but but for all that's happened with previeous supposed drama... hopefully a good new year for him. He is good.. given a good script and story (ie Bad Guys!) @larus@triplem thanks for the update...
  16. Finally I was able to watch Ep 10. Boy that hearing! and this is just a drama. Imagine what it's like in real life with an on going impeachment. Uh.... I really really enjoyed two seasons of this drama. At first I didn't like just 10 seasons cauf it felt like cliff hanger but being a dorama fan, I didn't mind. I usually find myself bored of dramas after 8 episodes..unless it's really engaging and well written.. otherwise I move to other dramas. Watching this drama every episode from S1 to S2 it means I was thorroughly engaged and the drama writers was good on how they present this. It's not your usual boring politcal dramas. good actors, good story and writing. The actors and characters they played are so appropriate for them. I have discovered Lee Jung Jae in this drama and he's good. Also the actors playing HW and DG (sorry I don't know their real names). Anf Shin Min Ah.. so good to see her back. I like that she plays age appropriate characters. I like that her character here is strong smart independent but still has a hear and care for TJ and cause. That open ending beckons seaon 3. There should be a season 3. I've said every post here. TJ going to be right hand man of the president.. That last scene when he's ask to aid the leader. It means helping out with state affairs. National affairs. I want to see the suffering dowhill progression of Song in season 3. TJ thriving as Aide of the president... SY as powerful female leader of the National Assembly. HW.. she can be press secretary to the president? (wait.. that's for Season 4!) DG story arc making it through with all these political sharks and rising throguh and the next best hope of the county. @triplem@larus Thanks for keeping me company in this thread and sharing posts. We certainly enjoyed this. It's nice to watch a drama void of the usual kdrama trappings. This was serious politcal drama and was enjoyable. If there is S3, I wouldn't mind a a little bit of of TJ and SY...on a personal level. You know what I mean. I'm waiting for S3 announcement. Let us know, larus. this same thread too.
  17. @triplem Thank you. Heart you for the recap post. Wow! I'm excited to watch the last episode for season 2. OMG! are they reading our post here? because...... two days ago I said..... Edit: forgot this is pre produced. And now with the president asking to aid him.. to be an aide. Wooooo! You know me.. every post I post.. I keep asking for Season 3. This drama needs a Season 3. This is that type of drama than be a series and seasons. I really hope for Season 3. TJ as powerful Chief of Stafff to a sitting pressident... and then eventually running for the postion in the future! Season 4! We need to wait finfers cross.. Seaon 3 will happen because... there's just so many story arcs that will thrive Going to watch. Thoughts once I'm done.
  18. Done with episode 9. I like the sense of urgency. I like the slow pace when it came time with TJ lying in bed not waking up. I like how the director and writer mange to make it with feelings without going over the top for each characters. From SY squeezing his hand, a brief flashback to remember the days when they she made promise to be there for him in this fight. From HW face of worry and hope, whpering the words to TJ they are in this together from the very start.. brief flashback of TJ journey from becoming Aide, to scenes of him with former assemb Lee promise to continue the fight on and pledge to get rid of corrup politicians and the system. From the father of TJ getting all emotional ( as it should be and the case) seing his son unconscious. The different emotions shown from the characters close to TJ. And when TJ woke up from coma and called Song.. I actually YES! and sad I love TJ. And when he met Song, he was in total control. Song playing it cool but he's flustered and nervous and he shoud be. The files and evidence of slush fund and the favors done to politicians, TJ and his staff got them alreadt. Thanks to how smart SY is. Song tried to have her arrested, they suspect they knew there has to be files somewhere and ask prosecutors to go after SY.. in the cemetery of all places! Files was already fax through to their TJ office. Song's going to be expose and TJ and SY willing to not get reelected if it means exposing the truth. They've come this far,.. this has to be done. Throughout this season SY my favorite, she hasthe diligence, the smarts, the urgency, she is a fighter, she takes risk. She goes up agains't the powerful. She knows her politics and ehat to do. I admire SY cause she never gave up and continue to find ways to bring poerwful chairman Sung and Min. Justice Song.. to be expose as corrupt leaders. Last episode just aired.Waiting for the sub tomorrow. Lets see what happesn then. How it's going to wrap up.
  19. Yes thank you writer! TJ is alive! Song and chairman Sung better gonne dig their own grave! I can't wait for subs. I'm ready! Much love @triplem for spoiler. I couldn't be more happier learning that. For this drama I keep asking for season 3 with continuation of them from the National Assembly then to the Blue House. I mean if it's only going to be 10 episodes then why not, right? OT: Has there been a kdrama where in it's so good and lots they decide to have more seasons? I know there's Voice from OCN and I Need Romance.. but seaons have different stories and plots. There's Season 2 of Forest of Secrets (and Signal, at least I think).
  20. Perhaps testing for story arc and plots... for Season 3? I've been wanting.. and waiting. Maybe.... part of Season 3 too? Could be added? I want to see Shin Min Ah in a powerful elected position in the Blue House. And perhaps TJ as Chief of Staff.. but this time to a president? But TJ has to live! The scenarios coming frrom my wanna be writer mind for this drama.
  21. Okay so I'm done with the first two episodes. It's interesting enough for me to check next week's episode. Just to see satisfaction have that abusive husband in the gutter and dead. It's always sad for women who canniot have children. What happened with her.. maybe due to the abuse she suffered. The husband blaming her for losing the baby. He's likely going to find the money..... she'll suffer more. The lover, also need money.. but he's ot as desperate but the situation bind them together. Edit: I forgot to ask.. did the wife find out what's inside the envelope? It's her husband and friend.. the fe male lead in the Hotel Sapphire. I think she knew already about them... or least was suspecting. I can actually do away with the 9.9 billion .. and just have have a focus on the wife, the lover, the husband, the marriage, infidelity, the abuse, trying to conceive. But.. this is not your daily drama. I admit I didn't actually read the plot for this one but I got interested as I saw ep 2 ( 30 mins format so it's 3 & 4 on KBS )
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