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  1. The weirdo who killed the detective inside the car has quite gotten the looks.
  2. Recent episodes be like: DCG is suspicious. *Helps the team.* Suspicions cancelled. DCG is suspicious. *Helps the team.* Suspicions cancelled. DCG is suspicious. *Helps the team.* Suspicions cancelled. DCG fabricated evidence. DCG is suspicious. *Helps the team.* Suspicions cancelled.
  3. Is this drama really good? I’m curious about this and I wanna know if the story is interesting.
  4. I see. So, it’s hard to point fingers on the production team really. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. If I remember correctly, the director for Voice 3 also directed OCN’s Tunnel. Tunnel was so good and it replaced Voice S1. Wonder if there were arguments between the writer and director. Is it the director who has the last say on what should be shown on TV?
  6. I feel everyone’s sentiments here. Indeed, Voice 3 ended on a low note as it was not what the fans have been expecting. The story’s pacing is too slow and characters weren’t developed until the last minute. Even at the last episodes, characters weren’t fully developed because revelations were too sudden and the time was too short. It breaks my heart, too, that there will be no more Do Kang Woo in the next season. Voice 4’s future is too bleak since most of us are devastated by this season’s story. I remember LJW saying he’s very keen on reprising his role. Do Kang Woo’s fate was too fuzzy until the writer confirmed that DKW is definitely dead. I’m still hoping that there will be a way to resurrect DKW’s character for the next season. And if so, I hope that the story will revive the heart and soul in the stories in S1 and S2.
  7. The Elite Team warned Kang Woo not to make another move as he was caught strangling Kaneki, or else they’ll shoot him. He further strangled Kaneki as to trigger the team to shoot him. If Kang Woo wants to be saved, he would’ve let Kaneki go, but he didn’t. Clearly a suicide mission.
  8. Man, I really feel sorry for Detective Yang. First, he lost Chief Na. It was heartbreaking for him. Then, no matter how mad he was at Kang Woo, in the end, he realized the goodness in DKW and went very close to him. Then, he lost DKW, too. I feel sad for him.
  9. I really don’t understand the ending. Can someone please enlighten me?
  10. So Kang Woo is still in the GTT and the next season will be BJS’s return???!!
  11. I’ll be missing Voice 3. It’s the only K-drama I’m able to watch livestream even if I don’t understand Hangul. This drama made me so excited and frustrated because I have to wait for another weekend to watch it. To all the casts and crew, thank you so much! You made my life a bit lighter when my problems are heavy and are wearing me down. Thank you for giving me another reason to enjoy and appreciate life, that there is always something to look forward even when the future seems dull. Thank you so much!! Kudos to the team of Voice 3 and the writer of the Voice series. You guys deserve all the appreciation and credits! Hope y’all can read this.
  12. I feel sad for the long time shippers and supporters of the couple.
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