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  1. AHHHHHHHHHH EP 16 BEEN SERVING US SOME REAL THROWBACK!!! I literally laughed when Hwang Si-mok tried to set the spoon on the table. It was so funny seeing him learning normal things. SDJ’s wife is so pretty though. I feel like there are still alot of questions unanswered in this season for me. I feel like it was a rushed ending (though idk for others). Ep 14 was still one of the best episodes ever, it’s like the climax of the story. I’m not satisfied with the ending (because I think I expected way better than this) but then thi
  2. Omg at today’s episode. Is Lee Yeon-jae after SDJ’s life?? I’m still suspicious of Director Park. Could he be an accomplice in both PGS and SDJ’s cases?
  3. Random thought: If we were in the protagonists’ positions, will we even take the same route as them? If we were in their shoes, can we cope with the stress of looking for our colleague and at the same time the killer? Looking how hesitant the kidnapper was before admitting his crime, can we even think properly given that we are losing time trying to find the body of our colleague, not knowing whether he is still alive or dead? If we were in their shoes, can we really follow our moral ethics or just take what is being thrown at us (KWC and Hanjo Eng’g accounting fraud)? Can we reall
  4. I still want an answer from Ep1 of S1 where Si-mok’s mother told him that they should kill themselves. I’m still wondering what happened during HSM’s childhood. What happened that a part of his brain responsible for emotions must be removed.
  5. The scratches on Capt. Baek’s forehand might hint us that it wasn’t suicide. It seemed like Sgt. Song was trying to breathe, hence he held onto Capt. Baek’s hand for help but instead, someone from behind holding the rope was choking him.
  6. I love how you describe writernim’s craftmanship in this series. Indeed, this is the reason why I love this type of drama always because there is always an underlying message in it (not to say that other genres don’t have life learnings in the end). And it also moves you to think, like you’re part of the investigation and is investigating on your own. Like we’re part of the team somewhere behind the scene backing the protagonists up. She also wrote a series called “Life” where Si-mok, Lee Chang-joon and Prosecutor Yoon were in.
  7. I’m not suspecting Jang Geon but with the recent episode where he just stared silently at KHJ in the prison cell and then KHJ broke into tears, that creeped me out like wth JG?
  8. I remember in episode 7 where Jang Geon said that with SDJ’s bodybuilt, the attacker must be bigger and stronger than him or there must be at least 2 persons who took care of SDJ. There must’ve been an accomplice but idk anymore. I feel happy watching episode 14 because you can see how determined the police and prosecution to get the warrant and imprison SDJ’s kidnapper when KHJ’s father went to the higher-ups for help (even though I know some are taking advantage of the situation and are actually an accomplice to the incident).
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