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  1. Thanks @QSD Those pics are gorgeous! Love like really love the ladies pics collage! But it's Young Jin and Kim Won Bong who have melted my heart! This confrontation between Kim Won Bong and Fukuda is overdue and give me a lot of expectations! I haven't forgotten this thread but was busy with real life: i'll come back later before or after watching the unique episode of this week (how i'm supposed to survive one complete week with one episode ) The trailer for next week: it feels like a lot of major twists are happening starting now!
  2. This gif at the top of the page is so incredibly pretty i can't stop looking at it! More of SHS's perfection! Credit: OAO3017 Did anyone catch this? Both actors played together in Oh My Ghostess? Were they married in the drama (i haven't watched it yet: is it worth watching?)? Apparently they stayed friends! He liked one of her insta posts about promoting ALML! Fandoms collide here since i truly enjoy his acting and character in MBC Different Dreams, which is currently airing!
  3. How could i forgot the outfit in the park? it's the second pic posted by @immorethant in her fashion summary I totally agree it was very nice: one of her best outfit! Simple almost minimalist but striking! He other outfits have too much patterns for my taste and mix opposite colors sometimes, that maybe why they look mature because the design despite all seemed to fit her age and her character. By the way, how could a basic pair of slippers cost 90$?
  4. @immorethant This 3rd gif is EVERYTHING! When I saw it on twitter it was so powerful: so sad and shocking! I was going to include it to my review in the ALML thread but all considered my comment is more about her and her career than the drama! For me, it's a throwback to Secret Forest and a sort of unintentional (from this writer) reparation for what happened to her character at the end of the drama. Not the fact that Eun Soo died (though i'm still mad about it): plot wise it couldn't have stayed a zero sum game, someone had to take the fall for being too close of Hwang Shi Mok but more the offensive way she's been treated after her death: as a prop intended to move his story arc forward, to wake him up to his feelings and break up the wall that prevented him to have a sociable attitude. The death of Mr Jo reversed completely this plot device used usually only to "frigde" women: he died without a proper development. We knew nothing about him. He didn't seem to have his own family, but seems to have spent most of his life working for Yeon Seo and her parents before her. And most importantly, his death wasn't about him: he died to give her his eyes, but also to allow her to recover her life and mental health. That's where the parallel with Shi Mok seems to me stirring: we had this spectacular sequence focused on her reaction from the moment where she woke up in shock in the hospital, realized her sight was working perfectly again and understood the sacrifice that was made for her; including the long and painful walk to the funerals to see him one last time (just like Shi Mok followed the ambulance with Eun Soo's body while losing slowly control over his car and his emotions) and her mad reaction in front of everybody, making her seem so out of her mind, so ungrateful (a parallel to Shi Mok's cold reaction in front of the cops and the doctors just before the autopsy, pretending he will be ok to watch it). To her return to home and her frenetic search of a way to bring him back, to feel his presence again through the family vids (just like the sweater EunSoo lent from Shi Mok and returned misshapen triggered the memories shared with her) and finally her collapse, giving in the pure torture that was the guilt to have not only survived the accident but to have too benefit from it, while the memory of their horrible last conversation in the car and her monstruous words started to haunt her like a nightmare. Her screams and anger at Mr Jo: how dare he took the decision to give his eyes and leave her forever alone after doing it,with no other solution than to accept it and live her life and no one to support her as if she would not feel responsible for his death? was a direct call to Shi Mok shouting at Eunsoo's father for blaming others instead of recognizing his own part in her daughter's death, a shouting directed too to himself. The only difference between both parts but it's a major one is that i ended up hating Shi Mok's for giving in self pity while i felt devastated for our tragic ballerina. SHS's acting was outstanding here, perfect mirror to CSW's acting and gave me chills: she instantly reignited my interest for the drama when i was starting to be lead away by the unsatisfying pace and the plot. I would so love to believe that the writer would keep giving her challenging scenes like this one all along the drama but i fear that it would stay an exception in a ocean of ordinary scenes though fluffy and warm. I guess it's better than nothing
  5. Calming down slowly, copying the zen attitude of our rising star! This gif is so soothing and relaxing! Credit: s8llite But her badass side is still my favourite side of her. As Yeon Seo, SHS is showing plenty of this no bull**** attitude, which is all good news for me since i like my heroines like i like my coffee: strong! Credit: dramasparkle That's my girl and the only way with the bullies! Because she's naturally graceful and elegant? But to be honest, i'm not a fan of her wardrobe on ALML, even the long black star dress that she wore to go to the foundation anniversary left me cold. I prefer her in more formal clothes like trench coat and black dress with same design as the one at the press conf. Can she wear both forever?
  6. Oh Thank you sweetie! You did a wonderful work: your nice words made my day way better! What i was thinking: i needed wings of course to succeed! I should find myself a nice angel who will rent me a pair!
  7. It's good to see you here @bebebisous33! Your analysis are as always on point and stimulating but i doubt this drama has enough "meat" to keep up the pace with your deduction skills. You have already resolved the mystery which is supposed to sustain us all season! I shouldn't be here: SO MANY spoilers! And i wanted to write first a review for episodes 1-2. But now i fell in hell (or is it paradise?) with those stunning gifs of our white angel protecting our wicked dark ballerina with his wings! Damn those eyes contacts! The chemistry It's suddenly very hot in this thread! And in the previewr for next week: he's already trying to kiss her! Well that escalated quickly! Taking the exit issue until i decide if i need a cold shower after all this passion or if i should rather come back with my beating gif (why so impatient, pretty angel?)....
  8. I got the worst job interview today which could be perfectly summarized by this famous quote of Montesquieu that i can only paraphrasing since i have bad memory: saying that it's in the human being's nature to abuse a power to which they felt entitled. That made me thought about how perseverant our overtalented queen must have been to endure all those rejections all those years. She knew her worth and yet had to suffer people pretending she wasn't cut for the job while people without talent but with connections get to work more than her. There's nothing similar in our experience in term of age, degrees and fields and yet the same unfairness applied to both of us though for different reasons.. It's really a sad world in which we live. But a least i can take some comfort from her current success. Will post pretty gifs to cheer myself but if you have chocolate and hugs to send my way, i'm taking it too. Credit: moonlit_gif Credit: moonlit_gif Credit: OAO3017
  9. Thank you once again for your hard work! This interview is the most precious of all those BTS: it gives us such a big insight on what went in her mind when she picked the project, how she prepared and what she wants to convey with this character and this story. I personally need to have those insights on mind in order to get attached to a drama especially when i'm not especially drawn to the concept! Hopefully she will succeed in making this project for us the full sensorial and ethical experience that it is for her. Seems completely fitting d for a refined and sophisticated ballerina to pick chic parisian brands! I totally approve her choices! She looked stunning! Thanks also @immorethant for her agency pics! They always have the best pics! Things to remember that our genious acting queen is the best at crying!
  10. Do i need to use my beating gif already? I checked and decided to not use it because she already did the job! I always knew that she took this cold and harsh character because YeonSeo spoke to her on a spiritual level! Poor cute angel: mistreated on the drama and scolded in real life. But i know that he will get plenty opportunities for revenge when Yeon Seo will start to have pervy thoughts about Dan and when their BTS will become all awkward! Oh my heart! That gif! Our acting Queen is a Godess: why isn't the whole world on its knees to worship her? The only agony that i recognize when talking about her is mine: she's the best actress on Korean TV and she isn't half as recognized as she deserves it. Any criticism is invalid. Pfft! They're so impatient to get there! Those kiddos! Sorry @meechuttso i cut your fantastic translation but my post is already too long! Aww, "neighborhood noona and lil bro" is so cute: seems like the name of a band. I love how he keeps repeating that she's bright open and friendly: it's sweet because it's so true and because he likes her for that! SHS 's reaction being so cruel: "just because i'm on the side of the angel, that doesn't mean i'm one!" Thank you so much @Flowerroad_infinite Because i'm living in a closed cult with SHS for years, i know nothing about this young, bright and talented young man. It's very interesting to discover a bit more about his personality and how different he can be depending on his motive. I wondered too if his need for physical contact wasn't a way to be reassured because he look up a lot to her obviously. It's his first major role (i mean he has been a lead before but not on this scale) and it would be normal for him to be stress out despite his big experience on stage. But it's certainly a good news if it means also that they're friend! I'm definitely looking for his chemistry with SHS on screen!
  11. Welcome to @turtlegirl and @nohamahamoud2002 @Flowerroad_infinite Let's make this thread a party! Thanks once again @meechuttsofor your herculean work of translation. What would we be without you? No commentary from me now on the spoilers: i'll wait after watching the first 2 episodes but i'm happy that she shared those tidbits, it will make the viewing more stimulating! Aww, that's such sincere declaration of hope! Can i try again to trust a k-drama writer?
  12. Thank you both for correcting this point: i was completely lost! I missed the part where it was said that his wife died and couldn't understand why he was treating this lady like family while keeping a relationship so formal with her. Also she doesn't have the look of rich japanese woman. I assumed she was Young Jin's adoptive mother because she was so nice to her, so protective, almost motherly. it was ovious that she raised Young Jin and that the young woman loved her deeply too. Somehow the fact that he's raising her "alone"convinces me a little bit more that she could be his real daugther. That's why i wrote that i would be very worried for her if he changes sides and stops protecting her; but the more i think about it and the more i like the theory that he loves her as his real daughter and has no intention to harm her. However they're not protected against the possibility that someone could use their family bond to force her to reveal herself. Fukuda is well placed to use such means. It would be even more tragic if it's been revealed that she's been his biological daughter. She's been so distant from him all her life, to discover only now how much she missed all those years would be devastating.... I'm being lead away by my imagination here but only because this theory of the father and the daughter working together and protecting each other is so good, it could filled an another drama by itself! I missed this scene: a rewatch will be necessary. Her rescue could have been a total coincidence but personally i feel that their relationship is taking too much place in the story to not contain a twist to come! Hopefully a happy one: where they would be able to break the glass window between them I'm ok with any outcome (adoption or blood family), as long as he cares sincerely about her. . Before Shanghai for me. I think he was attracted at first sight but was so busy trying to find a way to kill urgently a traitor on his side that he didn't take time to think about it much. But he had to admit to himself on the boat to China that he wanted to see her and not only for professional reasons. He put on a suit to seduce her (and i'm pretty sure that it had a real effect on her but she repressed strongly her attraction because at the time it would have seem crazy to think about him as anything else but an enemy) and was hurt by her rejection. Their sassy dialogues were a joy to hear. I wish we had more of it. In episode 6 while they were returning to Korea, Nam Ok discussed the fact that Won Bong never really felt in love before despite being attractive to few women like the girl (played by Park Ha Na) who joined their team. So dealing with his attraction is going to be a big deal for Young Jin and him. Sorry i presented my opinion like a fact! I didn't intend offend their shippers! To me, her attraction was always mixed with the fact that she's an agent of the pratriotic Corps. I can't tell how sincere she was, when he revealed his feelings, even though she seemed to have a genuine good impression of him after he saved her from jail. It's a good hypothesis that you're making: what if Fukuda didn't wait and came inside to save her? I don't think he could have forced his way like Won Bong did but who knows? She hoped for Fukuda because had she no reason to expect our leader of Heroic Corps: it was a shock for her to see him. But after Manchuria, it seems to me that nothing is left of her ancient inclination for Fukuda though it doesn't mean that she can't still flirt with him in order to advance her plans... Our hero doesn't doubt her anymore, not since the confession on the station platform: he knows for who she works, so she's not a ticking bomb anymore. I agree: we need more signals from her to be sure. Especially since i'm pretty sure that Kim Won Bong won't try anything now: with Fukuda making certainly a move, based on his reactions of last week and in the next trailer, to affirm his position as her protector and only love interest, Kim Won Bong would have many reasons to protect his team and his plans by taking a step back. @QSD Thanks so much for those pics! My heart beats way faster each time i come to this page and see my OTP looking so good together and so perfect for each other!
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