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  1. Last episode recap on dramabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/08/search-query-www-episode-16-final/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0fT4WNJOKO/?igshid=1k13fiqs6b9v4 there was an announcement posted by tvn on their ig page but no English translation was available. May I know if there is any kind soul who can briefly explain what the post meant? Binge watched the last 5 episodes over the weekend and loved the ending with all the 3 power ladies There are certainly some loopholes in the drama which could be better but I still find it overall an enjoyable and interesting one. The show also share some interesting points on work ethics. And I still can’t believe the same actor for SJW was the actor in MOTA. The kid has talent!
  3. I’m going to binge watch the last 5 episodes and read all the lovely comments here
  4. Yes, watching but still at episode 5! Ha will try to catch up as soon as possible
  5. @jaeuckismylife @liltash85 great minds think alike Quoting from Taylor Swift “haters gonna hate” hahaha just glad to see other like minded fans here as well who really appreciate a good Kdrama when we see one!
  6. Finally finished the last 2 episodes today. It is really a great love comedy. Love everything about it and I’m gonna miss this show so much. Been reading the thread every day and I don’t know how I can start another new show
  7. Moving on from lurker mode to posting mode because I truly enjoyed this drama. My inner Deokmi-shin can’t resist this anymore! By the way, whether you are a shipper or non shipper or simply enjoy this lovely show, it’s very insightful to hear so much theories and perspectives. This shows how engaged and engrossed we are with the show and it’s great to hear something new because who has thought watching k drama can evoke so much discussions! By the way, I read all the different threads relating to this dream because I simply can’t get enough of them. Patiently watching for Wed to come while continue to rewatch gifs and clips from everywhere
  8. Traveling in Korea now and everywhere is playing Make it Count, our first OST from TYH. And I saw our ointment couple portrait along the street. Guess the show was popular in Korea
  9. Hi, this will be my first and last post. But just to want to thank you guys for active commenting and showing the love for this wonderful drama! I have read all the comments and laughed/cried with you guys too.. now is back to reality after great 8 weeks !
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