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  1. Hello, anyone still here? Yesterday i randomly watch Her Private Life on youtube and the autoplay started playing preview clips and I notice something.. Sneaky TvN, they show us different shots in the preview from the one used in the episodes. more for ep7 more for ep15 More for episode 16 I wish we could see all the footages but oh well...
  2. Kiss compilation.. From fake kiss, almost kiss, cheek kiss, wrist kiss, peck, kiss, makeout.. you got it.. --WARNING-- HEAVY IMAGES under spoiler Ep4 Ep6/Ep7 Ep7/Ep8 Ep9/Ep10 Ep11 Ep12 EP13 Ep14 Ep15 Ep16 BONUS++ Bye for now..
  3. hello there... Ryan Gold's abs said hi.. too quick? Almost didn't see ya.. Is that his nips.. maybe not.. i'm so old, i can't see.. Doek Mi-shii, you saw it? p.s - update instagram same day, huh? What are the odds?
  4. I'm back cause I miss them so much! Here is another compilation I made of them saying kagoshipeoyo. Sorry for any misspelling. Thanks @luvcrabbieshinhwa for the correct spelling. I try not to be delulu much.. so.. Back to ninja mode.
  5. Hello... this drama have forced to me delurk from being silent reader of this forum. God, i swear i'm not gonna be too attach to a drama after my last one, which apparently happen to be directed by the same director HPL, no wonder i got hooked with this drama too... I just love how they recall back the wall fake kiss scene back in ep4 into the greatest real kiss in the last ep. Their position may be the same on the camera, but they did switch place and their clothes' colour too. So i'm gonna go back to be a silent reader. See ya! **
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