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  1. They will give continuation on next week episode 756
  2. @JiminLove actually the one trigger me is not the comments from those sites, after all she indeed made mistake. Not long ago, I saw a really really bad one. I'll leave this here. Let's just enjoy happy HPL moments.
  3. I'm ok whoever she end up with. But it's turn out she had kids with both Zero and Kaname. If I were Kaname, I would be out of my mind seeing the kids after long lost years. Me and my friend was so shock back then. 726
  4. @Lawyerh Vampire Knight!! I'm also big follower back then. Though I'm mad with the ending of the Manga. Really big WTF for me Yuuki, you naughty lucky girl. 728
  5. They sure know each other since their model days. (I have seen sexy photoshoot of them ) I was so angry when some people portray Lee El as someone who is so obsessed to have KJW. They are not her fans or followers so how can they act they are so certain about it and badmouth like that. I'm sorry for talking unrelated staff.
  6. I notice that too. Actually, I feel uncomfortable after seeing those kind of things at first. After watching most of the short clip of other dramas on youtube, I'm ok now.
  7. Ryan keep touching her hair thesedays. Who know maybe he will switch to Mo Tae Gu mood later.
  8. I really hope that DM's amnesia or DM's mom won't lead them to break up again. Please, hear me Writer-nim. Even if it's lead to break up route, please get back together within 30 mins. Don't want that to carry to another episode.
  9. Does anyone know the name of the song that seon joo sang to her husband? "Crossing the river of death"
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