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  1. This happened to me during my last trip. It's not google map fault though. The hotel drop the pin point in wrong place on Booking website. It's just 10 mins walk from our express drop off place in map so we decided not to take transpotation service to save budget. It's in hill region plus with luggaes so that 10 mins walk take more times. When we arrived to the pin point we didn't see ours so ask local, he said just keep go up,then turn left and it's not that far. His wife in the house surprisingly ask him "are they walking there". At that time we didn't pay attention to that. We drop off from express at 5, only arrived to hotel at 7. Another funny thing is exercise song about "get up early and walk" suddenly played through the whole town and hundred of people going for parade. They passed and looked as in surprise. A group of 4 with luggaes and guitar walking like zombies in cold early morning -2
  2. second time Team Sub won during my time here 498
  3. 232 hello darkness my old friend~ I have come to talk with you again
  4. Actually it's JCW who choose this drama over space theme drama 514
  5. I think the cat won't be same...it may still have same feature, genes but it's new born. I can't find the right word to explain it. 954
  6. That poster is A BIG NO! There is no way I'm gonna hang that on the wall. 952
  7. I feel angry and sad at the same time. I feel sad for her because from the very beginning post, it shows she has problem and needs help. But I wonder if I would be able to see that if I were in AJH's shoes. I'll be really mad and angry at her if she is doing those to me. It may block my other view that I have as third person. That's make me scare. sigh~ I think she is asking that hugh amount of money just to hold onto her marriage, may hoping AJH decided to stay with her instead of paying. But the boy is so determined to divorce even going red on bank account. -2
  8. his neck is always red…Is he has allergic raction to something or someone is slapping him -2
  9. No wonder I mistook them as 7 years or more age gap couple -2
  10. Let's calm our nerve from watching AJH's drama with this hot sexy man -2
  11. I feel sad for other pets…They must feel betrayed … Papa and Mama only see Anju as their child and fighting over…kekeke 838
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