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  1. Really! no wonder she looked so tired in the farewell video. She deserves a good rest. KJW too. Just love their onscreen and offscreen chemistry. In fact the BTS versions are even more heart fluttering than the cut that made it into the episodes.
  2. She looks sad in the video and almost cried because she probably will miss the relationships forged during the filming for the past 3 months. It just like how we don’t want HPL to end either.
  3. @jaemin kimpark is that Deok-Mi’s elbow? Edit: Omo... it’s not her elbow since she wore long sleeve shirt...
  4. It’s Park Min Young’s Instagram. She was referring to the dog though hehehe...
  5. @jeonghyang thank you for mentioning me so that I won’t miss your lovely final scene gifs. They are so nicely made that I have saved all of them!! Thank you!!!
  6. Keep them coming. I love reading your posts. They show that you are really really excited about HPL and PMY! I’m a PMY fan too!!! Ah... she’s so pretty and such a cutie!!!!
  7. Hehe yes I’m planning to do that. Actually I’ve watched ep1-13 thrice and ep14 twice. Will watch again maybe tomorrow and I have been watching those mini clips uploaded by TVN as well. Had just rewatched the doorbell scene. It’s still so funny even after so many times!!!
  8. Sigh... I want Wednesday to come quickly but I also don’t want the drama to end... How?????....
  9. Agree with you completely. And yes, I had never expected that any other dramas can be better than WWWSK until HPL happened!
  10. From the BTS clips posted by TVB, I also felt she’s more carefree this time and seems to be enjoying the shooting more with KJW than with her previous co-stars. It’s like her heart fluttering happiness just shines through in the BTS. I can see her increasing happiness from the first BTS until the most recent one for ep11-12.
  11. I love them so much!!! They are so sweet that I have STS all the time while watching and I had been replaying their card game video on YouTube repeatedly because it’s so FUNNY!!!! And SWEEEEEEETT!!!! and yes, I noticed RG squeezing her waist at the sofa the first time I watched the BTS haha. Ain’t he supposed not to touch her??!!! must be irresistible....
  12. Hi @Cara may I check with you that I only need to fill in Bluray1, name and email address for the survey? (I don’t have Daum ID and I can’t seem to figure out how to register for one). Thank you you very much
  13. Agree totally. Not just mere acting especially when they are so happy and joking with each other. Unlike BTS of her previous shows, where she looks quite serious with her co-stars.
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