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  1. I recently watched Queen for 7 days after @Oksana Sutra recommended it. It was very touching and nice drama. I never imagined that I would love the drama so much since I normally don’t like historical dramas. Had also watched Remember recently but I somehow didn’t really like the two lead actors and PMY didn’t have as much airtime as them. I prefer the bad guy and PMY to be with the judge rather than the male lead. Ok, will try to watch Glory Jane after Dr Jin. Thanks for the recommendation. I see. So at that time she had two offers and she picked A New Leaf? Hmm... ok will probably watch it last then.
  2. I’m currently watching Dr Jin and had just finished episode 4. This is my first time watching this drama. It is quite interesting.and every episode ends with really exciting cliffhanger thus far. Her face is chubbier in this drama but still as cute as now. Although her acting in Dr Jin is likeable, I can see that she has improved greatly, especially in Her Private Life. I’m learning Korean because of her so I’m planning to watch all her old dramas to learn more about her past and practice my listening skills. Is anyone else rewatching her old dramas lately?
  3. I’d love to see her as a forensic doctor, bravely dissecting corpses and solving mysterious death and cold cases. Or a romantic comedy in ancient setting and maybe pairing with Ji Chang Wook again soon.
  4. Wonder what’s her next project? Kinda missed her lately. There are too few updates on Instagram. I think it’ll be great if it is true. I enjoyed watching the four short episodes of Sweetheart... Min young is so cute and bubbly.. Bunny bunny...
  5. This is so cute. I’m ordering the Klug massager just because Min Young endorses it and she looks so cute and pretty in the ad. She looks extremely cute pouting her lips in the clip above.
  6. Agree with you that as fans, we should give her the freedom to choose her projects and enjoy her private life. I haven’t been her fan for a long time as I only started watching Korean dramas around February this year. WWWSK was the 2nd Korean drama I tried watching and I fell in love with her Secretary Kim character. Mi So is so pretty, cute, kind-hearted and responsible in her work as well. And I love her pairing with Vice President. After that I also watched Healer and City Hunter, and then Her Private Life. Last weekend I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal and had just finished watching Queen for 7 Days today. I just realised now that I like her pairings with all the other lead actors. Her great acting skills really makes me love her and her partner in the dramas as well. She makes us believe that her character is really in love with the lead actor and we very much want them to date in real life. Therefore, I trust that Min Young will choose the best projects and wish her the very best. Will patiently await her next projects and give my support. P/S: Besides her dramas, I really enjoy watching her recent Klug advertisements with the cute dog.
  7. Really! no wonder she looked so tired in the farewell video. She deserves a good rest. KJW too. Just love their onscreen and offscreen chemistry. In fact the BTS versions are even more heart fluttering than the cut that made it into the episodes.
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