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  1. @heoimajeossi OMG. Thanks for the .gif i can watch it for 24hrs *pervert
  2. I feel that PMY and KJW don't want make a huge rumor like WWWSK. U know the effect about that rumor make PMY in uncomfortable position. So.. i think KJW know about it and give his respect. Or even their management could ask PDnim to not show something on BTS that can give a chance to rumor. Sometimes rumor could destroy their friendship..i am sure they close for each other and support each other genuinely and keep it private. *off course i will be the happiest person if they are dating in real life.. but as a fan i wish them could be happy with whoever their choice. And now i'm officially KJW (hardcore) fans..
  3. I want to confess my sin here.. i cannot stop watching KJW video on SOOP management youtube channel.. a video bts of his perfume commercial. His collar bone..shoulder..cheek bone..eyes.. OKAY, I AM A PERVERT! This man really make me insane.. HELP..........
  4. Yes! I have the same thought! *sorry my bad that forget to remove the gif and picture
  5. If RG show his abs.. OMG! I dont know what would happen to me. too much to handle! He is a man that already look sexy with a thick coat! Okaayy..i should control my imagination.
  6. I feel cheated too.. whyyyyy.. just a bit..at least show us, how they move from painting room to bed.
  7. I have the feelings that we must be more shock after we see the dvd bts of HPL.. the chemistry just so damn good. *we are a healthy shipper.. now we really happy for their interactions, we not stated that they are dating, but we believe they have a good feelings and respect for each other. For the future, who know? We always wish the best for them, whatever or whoever their choice.
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