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  1. Hello all HPL lovers Its Wednesday today, but sadly no more HPL.. Missing HPL& RG& DM like craazyy. The withdrawal is REAL.. I’m HPL marathoning btw.. Currently stopping at episode 11 to pull myself together..can’t help but cry along with RG... Literally cried 1 litre of tears here.
  2. Hello HPL lovers.. How r u doing? Has the withdrawal taken over yet.. mine did..to the very core I’ve been spending a lot of time going back to watch each n every HPL related video like bts, Fan MV and what not. I’m crazy lovesick over HPL(mostly Geum Saja). I’m definitely sure i am not alone. So, for that reason, let’s list down ways to cure out withdrawal shall we? ROAD TO OVERCOME HPL WITHDRAWAL 1. Rewatch all 16 episode of HPL 2. Rewatch all the BTS videos 3. Rewatch all sweet scenes 4. Find, watch, like, download, fan MV on HPL-KJW-PMY 5. Reside in forum(support system) writing, sharing, spazzing, every tidbits on KJW-PMY-HPL 6. Check out KJW previous projects 7. Check out PMY previous projects 8. Create, download, watch gifs on favourite moments (RG chiselled abs comes to mind) 9. Admiring Geum Saja arms & hands (the veins guys the veins!!!) smexy!! 10.
  3. @heoimajeossi you have great sight!! What’s your secret? Carrot juice every morning? Our “Saja” abs peekaboo is officially another cure for the withdrawal. 4 times daily should do the trick or more depends on how severe your symptoms are..
  4. Nope.. the entire casts get along really well. He definitely didn’t shrugged her off. he just trying to reach for the car key in his pocket..nothing to worry about babe. KJW is a nice guy he won’t do such thing To be honest i had my attention elsewhere.. can’t help but noticed RG kept reaching for DM in that scene when they’re leaving. He was like reaching for DM’s back to walk her to EG’s van. Cute doesn’t he somebody said about writing a fanfic? Please do write.. be happy to read em
  5. This is me after watching HPL finale Regardless of what “some people” say (some are nasty) to me HPL &KJW&PMY has bring a tremendous amount of joy for these past few weeks. I enjoyed every bit of it. Kudos to the actors and actresses also production staffs. HPL will forever be my serotonin inducer, stress relieved pills, energy booster, & my source of rainbows and glitters. Its a feel good drama, very light and easy, you don’t have to rack your brain to understand the storyline. All you need to do is to watch and feel the love. I’m gonna have a serious withdrawal syndrome after this..but since HPL is the cure itself i’ll rewatch all the sweet moments to my heart content when the withdrawal kicked in later ps: i never realised it before, but i think i have “hand & arm fetish” going on over here. I wonder whose faults is that.
  6. Hey beautiful HPL lovers its finally Wednesday!!! I’m done counting days now I’m counting hours, minutes & seconds. Seriously tho a minute feels like an hour. Time passes so effing slow. @NaYouSabi? i had a lot of fun reading your posts.. keep it coming. The writer in you should make a professional debut one day. We’re more than thrilled to root for you. Fighting!!! Someone said about opening a rehab centre. Is it open yet? Coz the withdrawal symptom has kicked in for a while now. I need serious help What am I going to do? I can’t get enough of HPL and every sweet thing in it.. & definitely couldn’t get out of KJW’s charmed. I wonder how PMY dealt with his fatal attractiveness. Can’t wait for tonight show.. be back after episode 15 ends tonight. I’ll join the spazz squad later. May the writer/PD nimm/ bless us with lots and lots of honey dipped sweetness interaction between our leads so it could be one of the many cure for our withdrawal symptoms.
  7. A beautiful hurricane that’s what I’m thinking after watching the upcoming episodes preview. I believe in our RG&DM. They’ve been practicing a healthy mature relationship all the while now I don’t think they’re gonna go on foolish breakup route..No..No.. Just like how DM gave RG some space previously with the whole “momma” thing now its time for RG to return the favour. I’m just going to focus on the “Alkong Dalkong” moments shared between them and ignored the latter part. Part of me wishing & praying earnestly for Wednesday to come fast, but couldn’t bear the thought that HPL is coming to its end now
  8. Count me in y’all. In the same boat we row I dropped all currently airing dramas & keep coming back to rewatch HPL episode 1-12. While doing so, i can’t help but noticed there are quite a few cute amusing moments of our leads which are not meant to be funny but did & leaves me with prolonged cackling while watching. I’m going to learn how to make gifs and insert it here. Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode.. hope my stream link works well. Happy HPL everyone ps: Can we all agree that RG/ KJW is the epitome of the most desirable boyfriend/husband materials? Im swooning ( sorry bae) He is so considerate and respectful even when they’re doing romantic scene together. Take the “sujebi cooking” moments for instance, he doesn’t just dived in for the kiss, he snoop down a little and stop to wait for DM reaction.. and only when DM tilt her head up then finally he go for the smooch. Swooning
  9. Tidbits from todays episode: 1) lee Sol is definitely RG Mom 2) Lady in the church = SA’s mom 3) lady in the church = Lee Sol which make; 4) SA & RG = siblings 5) there’s a possibility that DM is also adopted 6) kudos to cindy for speaking her minds up to her Mom/ hope she changes her mind bout cancelling SA collabo exhibition. 7) CDI seems to be finally accepted the fact that RG is off-limit now? Dear korean chinggu is that correct? Just a wild guess judging from the conversation she had with EG at the bar. 8) I’m totally drunk from our lovebirds sweet cooking scene 9) I cried again at the ending part 10) no preview? That’s sucks
  10. Hello HPL lovers how r u all been doing? Any casualties after episode 11 last night? Spazz worthy moment 1. That revelation of the great Latte nim tho.. i’m dead.. its like watching real couple having their lovers bantering.. sweet honey soaked moment!! Swooning over RG ways to calm DM down.. first he took her in his arm.. controlled her with tight bear hug.. brushes her hair tenderly all the while keeping the eye contact throughout the whole conversation KJW said over n over again in the bts n also during one of the interview that he found it difficult for him to do Rom-Com and he lean on PMY a lot in order to bring out this character.. however, based on the numbers of exploded ovaries & the increasing STS affected victims i think its clear that KJW is really damn good at it.. its seems effortless. The emotions, the eyes, the facial expression all are spot on. 2. Penthouse visit The jealous RG is so adorable it made me want to pinch his cheeks. He sure has a lot to say on DM’s treasure collections DM-RG- mother in law moment. The way he stifled his laugh is legit one Of my favourite.. replay button was harassed countless time.. don’t judge me. I also think KJW broke his character in that scene.. its just so KJW-like. Im not complaining tho.. he’s cute beyond words. Something to worry about I’m a little worried on what Choi Da Out intend to do.. coz in the episode 12 teaser she said she’s left with one thing which she could do. But, its not very clear whether its related to RG-DM r/ship. Nope.. Scratch that. I think it’s all related to RG-DM r/shipp. Please CD-Out don’t let us hate you more.. Also, please writer nim, no breaking up due to noble idiocy or anything alike
  11. The last scene tho... without knowing.. i cried with him.. . It must have been really hard for him to withstand the heartache he felt.. abandoned by his own mother when he needed her the most at such a young age. Imagine the hurt & disappointments he felt. DM is so wonderful tho. She really something that girl. She just know it right away that something was not quite right with RG.. She put her whole heart in that hug hoping that it will somehow offer some sort of comfort to RG. Both KJW & PMY did a really good job times infinity in this scene.. i’ll come back & spazz with you all later bout the cute scene at the very beginning of episode 11. But, for now, i had to find comfort myself. Very sad for RG..
  12. @50okie OMG you’re so funny.. Today I successfully became a big crazy weirdo in the office when i “proudly” let out a very loud high pitch giggle reading your post.. followed by constant STS syndrome.. my mind has gone to a very dangerous place and i found it hard to escape from it. BTW there are few hours left to episode 11. I’m going to watch it live!! Hope my stream link work well tonight. Im gonna make use of every little korean i picked up while being an avid K-drama lovers to understand tonight’s episode. C u all tonight. Happy HPL everyone
  13. 10 hours ago, sillygal said: What are everyone's TOP 3 heart fluttering moments? Top 3 heart fluttering moment? Mm where to begin?..there are so many of themApart from the obvious ( the imaginary kiss and the workshop kiss and the rooftop kiss Here’s my “other”top pick heart fluttering moments: 1. Wrist kiss it’s just an innocent peck on the inner wrist, but the feelings radiated by that small act of pure adoration was so powerful it throws you straight up to the seventh heaven.. Beware everyone. Radiation hazard ahead!! Watch at your own risk. Possible effects includes ; 1) Acute STS syndrome 2) numbness on your point finger due to excessive harassment on replay button 3) red-eye due to constant ogling 2. The Lion’s paw to the rescue When our “Lion nim” helps DM to disentangle her hair in the bathroom my poor heart skip multiple beats. I think it has to be about the silence in the air. You heard nothing but their breathing sound. i like DM expression in this particular moment. You can tell from her facial gesture that she felt a tremendous amount of tension only by RG presence on her back helping her out. Besides, RG’s eyes, his silence, his tenderness when he disentangle DM hair is just out of this world- not helping to ease the tension.. sexual tension overload!! 3. RG unbuttoning his shirt The glorious moment hasn’t aired yet but from the episode 11th teaser, though it shown very brief, its more than enough to cause a huge tsunami to our heart.
  14. Hello there all beautiful people fangirls fanboys alike.. decided to de”lurk” after a long long time of hiatus.. HPL brings me back and I’m glad to be back. I enjoyed reading everyone’s post. Keep checking every now & then for updates.. its been quite some time since i go completely nuts over drama.. oh boy it all thanks to the unGodly chemistry between the leads.. but mostly its bcoz of sexy thang King KJW. One thing about KJW is he is effortless sexy!!! his gaze his high cheekbones, and his voice!!! i’m so in love with his calm, low tone voice!! it has this soothing effect that’ll melt you instantly. PMY is great as always. I’ve been following her works since the days of Sungkyunkwan scandal. She nails every character that comes her way. She’s a talented actress with wonderful personality. Of all character she played so far, i like DM the most. Coz somehow I think DM= PMY.. what do you guys think? Hiding rabbit I read a lot of comments regarding this fateful event. Some says how insensitive of DM ignoring RG despite knowing he saw her and keep calling her to come out. I mean.. she’s terrified! Her secret life she worked so hard to hide is about to be exposed..and it just not anybody. Its the man she loves.. well I blamed it on EG. Coz he’s the one who instilled this idea on DM that “no man will tolerate or date or be in relationship with DM if they knew about her “little obsession”. That darn EG. Can’t help but hate him a little bit bcoz of that. However, our lovely “Lion nim” is completely fine with DM obsession. He even found it rather amusing and cute. Blessed him!!! What a great guy. Love this man. I can’t wait to watch ep 11-12. Hope Wednesday come faster. Btw, l’m experiencing an acute STS sindrome.. what have HPL done to me??? Even my HB asked me” this is just another drama right not another guy?” And i said, of course dear u know me. I’m crazy over kdrama”. However, when i stop and think about it, it is because of another guy.. its RYAN GOLD..
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