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Guide of : how the royal child was made         

The Tale Of The King’s Failed Mission   Our king had a very important mission, he even sent his brother away in order to succeed in his task.   5 minutes later.  

Watching it with subs made the final episode even worse.   I’m so tired of people saying So Bong was only influenced by So Yong’s emotions and feelings. You people had your happy generic het

I absolutely loved this drama, including the ending. With all the negative crazy stuff going on in our world, this is exactly what I needed. 


For those who were expecting a more detailed resolution involving BH, I don't think that’s realistic. Korea as a country is not there culturally. This drama stayed away from crossing that line throughout it. It went as far as it could but stayed basically as a fun rom-com.


BH did a lot for the royal couple and went back to his merry life. And the royal couple became a real couple. And that is that.


No more no less and I'm absolutely fine with that outcome.  


I thought EP 20 was perfect. Totally in line with what I had hoped.  It stayed in the lane the drama has been in from the beginning. No surprises. 

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I can’t stop crying while listening to Mr Queen ost playlist. Waaahh. My heart hurts becoz it’s already finished :dissapointed_relieved: wooohfff... this drama is one of kdrama that will always have a place in my heart. :heart: the ending really is beautiful. 

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9 hours ago, Raffles said:

I loved the payoff to the Choi-chef love story. He invited her to have ramen as a softer, piano version of the love circle theme (la-ah-ah!) was playing. :tounge_wink:


I also liked the just desserts to our baddies, though I really think So Bong had earned the take-down of Sunwon. The brother was the king's nemesis, and the sister was hers.

I have been looking for that music on the love circle theme I hope they release it with the rest of the OST.  They played it many times during the last 2 episodes.

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I now understand why the writers said that the spin-offs are for  coping with the finale of the series.  So many are rooting for the SB CJ BH team!


It was a mutual relationship between SY and BH because they benefitted from each other -  SY was able to voice out her innermost self because she can be BH (so she can attribute the craziness to BH without shocking the rest of the palace) and then BH gets to understand how to be kind and also women (he was a player ideally) and how to be socially involved - he did go through all those issues that SY had to go through and that triggered him to be less selfish and giving to others e.g. DH, Lady Choi and HY even to Royal Chef I Love You Heart GIF by Absolut Vodka



In case of love with CJ you have to see BH back in the modern times... He was rooting for both SY and CJ together he didn't wish to be with CJ only and when we saw the conflict of the SB person that is because BH doesn't want to do all the womanly stuff SY wants to.  That was SY who was responding to the feelings of CJ.


In the last episode SY acknowledged BH and CJ noted that there is a difference with his queen (probably he hasn't written anything new in the dictionary) but he loved the queen no matter what (even at the start) 


That's how I see it.

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People be using content from spin off to justify that SY and CJ were fated with each other - they fell in love at first  sight etc etc etc when we all know the spin-offs were filmed when the drama was halfway aired. I'm pretty sure they decided to film those because of the show's popularity and good feedback from audience. The script may have been completely finalized by then.


Maybe, just maybe they should have included the "love at first sight" scene in the original show don't you think? You fail as an author if the readers feel the need to read your side stories to understand the characters' actions in the main story.


Btw, "SY-CJ endgame is legit because the scriptwriter said they fell in love at first sight off-screen/shown in the spin off. You just did not get to see their chemistry for 19 3/4 episodes of the original drama but they sure love each other, trust me" is a lame reason.

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6 hours ago, aisling said:

Wow, I’m speechless. They just had to rub salt in the wound even deeper. Jeez, couldn’t you just leave this scene out? Why make it even more painful than it is?


From time to time you feel like.... WHAT? That you lost someone precious? That your wife isn’t the person who you fell in love with?

Well this showed he did love sb he felt he is missing something precious n his love was not only till physical but soul one too...it's just that he couldn't pin point it n know the truth.....I feel so bad for him and I feel bad for sb .I hated how the makers put all under the rug...it was sb's story to begin with n him ending up so damm alone in future didn't sit well with me.they could have shown soul travel of cj too to modern  times in girls body as he did die young .he could have reunited with sb.....but no all we got was the emptiness left because of the ending ....plus why did they had to rub salt with bamboo forest where everyone is wishing to be reincarnated with sb in next life n there was no future shown as such...truly a disappointing ending post moon lovers but atleast I can demand n sign petition with a hope of a second season for moon lovers but that can't be done for mr queen:brokenheart:

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The ending was a bit rush but not as bad as I expected it to be. Was reading all the comments here last night and I understand the frustration most of you have. But for me, it was not that bad.


Previous episodes already hinted/showed us the SoBong situation or what it is like. But the writer just was not able to give me the solid evidence to prove.

---When the Queen/Bonghwan is in the brink of death/dying >>> that's when BongHwan's soul leaves Queen body and returns to his like the previous episode when someone attempted to kill him in the hospital. And so when the Queen was shot, BongHwan returned completely to his body.

---SoBong both in Queen's body >>>> voice change in Queen's thoughts, memories remembered, SoBong saying "get out lady" when feelings for the king's arouse, tell me that somehow SoYong is in there. But what the writer should have done is at least solidify in the previous episodes about SoYong's existence not only with that line "He is gone..."in the final episode. So she was there all along?! BongHwan was just more dominant? Why was her soul suppressed so much?


----as for BongHwan's true feelings, that leaves me hanging. 


Edit: The King loves the Queen!!!as to which Queen. Hmm.... The writer's objective also for the spin off imo is to show that SoYong also has the quirky naughty trait in her like Bonghwan. He was not able to really get to know her because she is of the other clan. Bonghwan definitely helped SY for the King to reciprocate her feelings and for the King to see her as she is.  But yeah I know it still doesnt justify!!!



Overall, Mr Queen is one of my best romcom dramas!!! Truly funny. Wittily funny!!! Love also the side characters. 

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5 hours ago, Rae said:

Actually I hate  it more with the English subs.  I like  the Chinese ending better. They lived and died together, sad but true the characters.  I am more  heartbroken than before.  

Anything is better this s...t ending. 

I just finished watching the spin-off episodes. 

Ep 1 love at first-sight (except i hate  your whole clan) this is lust, 

Ep 2 male friends (showing SB has no feelings for CJ) okay  you had 1-19 episode to show a bromance. SB wanted to kiss the king before she found out she was pregnant. 

Ep 2 last scene ( SB wishing to go back to his body, and she also wished for CJ storybook happy ending.  Next time asks Disney for help writers.  CJ wishing to meet SY in the future, but just as regular individuals. ( not as  king and queen ) without all the baggage.  Basically let fix our crap ending. I am not watching rest of episode 20. 

I have reached my daily limit. I am taking a break from Kdrama. 

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While I'm happy with So Yong and Cheol Jong,  I find myself sad for chef's Jang ending.

Then one of my friend said to me (edited - sorry I caused some misunderstanding earlier)



Don't be sad...at least he got his dragon back. 



Thank you Mr. Queen.  :kiss_wink:

I will miss this drama , and all the casts and characters.

This will be another drama that I will watch it again and again. 

See you .... probably in the next Shin Hye Sun's drama/movie thread. 








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Delurking too, because I simply have too many mixed feelings about the ending as well.

All I know is, I AM attached to So Bong. They're the one I watch and cheer on for the past 19.5 episodes from the first time they wake up in So-yong's body. So, heck, yeah, of course what's most important to me is So Bong's happy ending.

And I'm not convinced that's what happen.

I think I'm just bitter because the writers don't explain properly WHY Bong-hwan's soul goes into So-yong's body. What connects them? It is implied that they're both on the verge of dying in the lake, but, then again, why specifically the two of them? Why it's Bong-hwan who travels back to the past and not So-yong to the present? Why not swap souls? WHY?

Still have a lot of rants, but I need to sort my thoughts first.

But anyway, I am thankful of the 19.5 episodes that's been my source of happiness the last few months. And also happy that it's such a drama where both Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun are able to showcase their acting ranges and superiority. Because of them, So Bong and Cheoljong's chemistry is simply ELECTRIFYING. All the best for them and cannot wait to watch them on their next projects! *also praying to DramaGods to cast them both together again, pronto!

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