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  1. Tiger & Rose is a web drama so it has lower barriers to overcome though. A few years ago, right after Go Princess Go, I heard that China would ban these time/space/book travel type of dramas but there are more of them each year... T&R is also a straight up Male x Female story so they have more advantages. One thing though, I love that the male lead found out that the female lead was someone else from another world and was constantly worried that she would go back to her world (At least that's what I remember; it's one year already) Can't believe I would say this a few years
  2. People be using content from spin off to justify that SY and CJ were fated with each other - they fell in love at first sight etc etc etc when we all know the spin-offs were filmed when the drama was halfway aired. I'm pretty sure they decided to film those because of the show's popularity and good feedback from audience. The script may have been completely finalized by then. Maybe, just maybe they should have included the "love at first sight" scene in the original show don't you think? You fail as an author if the readers feel the need to read your side stories to understand the
  3. It feels wrong to disregard BH's feelings and actions and say that he was "forced" to feel the love he felt for CJ because of SY's soul only to justify the ending. You can just say "They cannot have BL implication that's controversial so just freaking deal with that ending and shut up" and I'd prefer that than trying to dig some logic out of the ending. Here goes my 3rd post within 1 hour I'm gonna get lost now. Can't believe that I'm more upset over a drama's ending than the fact that I don't have anyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with.
  4. I feel sorry for Cheoljong who was kinda scammed because he would be in a relationship with someone who just looks like the one he fell for I feel sorry for Bonghwan because come on, he felt something for CJ too don't @ me I feel sorry for Soyong because the love she receives should have been for someone else Thanks for coming to my TED talk
  5. Hi everyone, I should have been a silent reader until the very ending but this today really got me riled up. If they really have swapped them back right before the ending just so they can have an straight up a Male x Female to not RickRoll'D off the Korean viewers then I'd rather they go for the original route of the Chinese webdrama-- they are both killed and BH meets the King again in the present time.
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