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  1. It's me, the CM apologist again. I just came here to say that I hope he would get a "proper closure" as well, after 1300 years being the small light no one cares about. And Yeon Woo said "You, live as a traitor so that Man Weol could live as well". Mystery solved. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  2. The thing that actually bugged (not a word pun) me, though, is that someone said it's karma that CM was kept as a firefly forever/not allowed to be incarnated/going to hell for things he had done. But, it's rather poetic that someone (Mago, death god, whoever they are) decided to turn this evil son of a b-word into a firefly as a punishment. I mean, what a cute punishment. That's why I'm more onto the "he chose to be like that himself" theory.
  3. Hi guys. this is the first time I post on the forum despite lurking around for a long time Just want to share my take on MW's past story, specifically with the Firefly Guard as I felt it would be harsh to just refer to him as the "bad guy" after episode 8. Somehow he became my fave in the series lol damn me Reading the dialogues from the recaps gave me a feeling that CM did indeed try to be a spy at first or at least he was assigned to do so mid-way after the Royals/Princess found out him being friends with MW. However throughout the process he truly fell in love with MW. The end of his mission was coming near and he was struggling as to follow his heart and give up the job (which basically equals committing a crime) or to forget MW and back to who he's supposed to be and marry the princess. In their last meeting, he kept suggesting her go to him, him go to her, stating he would be willing to risk his life. I doubt if MW truly knew the meaning behind those words, but anyway her telling that they could not be together gave him the ultimate answer, to go back in his original position. He looked sad and empty after hearing that but soon accepted it. That should explain his action later, as well as his saying "You should be alive to kill me" or something. I don't know. I just feel like some people were born in wrong place, wrong time. These two would have made a cute couple if they were not placed in opposite forces. Or maybe I have been reading too much Chinese novels. Either way I hope he could get a proper closure because he did not look like a bad guy to me
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