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  1. I really think Netflix passed on Mr. Queen. Vincenzo will air on Netflix.
  2. Source Cosmopolitan magazine 10/14/20, "the truth about love at first sight Having a super-intense reaction when meeting someone for the first time is not just a figment of your imagination. “That very strong electrical feeling that people say they have—that’s very much possible,” says Niloo Dardashti, PhD, a psychologist and relationship expert in New York City. However, it’s not exactly what you would call love. “With love, we’re talking about things like intimacy, tolerating somebody’s flaws, seeing them as a whole person and still liking them, and so on. That’s a lot
  3. I just finished watching the spin-off episodes. Ep 1 love at first-sight (except i hate your whole clan) this is lust, Ep 2 male friends (showing SB has no feelings for CJ) okay you had 1-19 episode to show a bromance. SB wanted to kiss the king before she found out she was pregnant. Ep 2 last scene ( SB wishing to go back to his body, and she also wished for CJ storybook happy ending. Next time asks Disney for help writers. CJ wishing to meet SY in the future, but just as regular individuals. ( not as king and queen ) without all the baggage. Basically let fix our crap
  4. I never understood Second lead Syndrome, until today. I don't know if I can finish watching the ending with English subs. I am going to wait until the Mr. Queen Bamboo forest spinoff are with English subs and than try again. I feel bad for CJ he stuck with his Kitten. In my head I think BH will missed CJ but they will find enough each in this life. CJ died at 32 and is reborn remembering his old life and finds BH.
  5. Actually I hate it more with the English subs. I like the Chinese ending better. They lived and died together, sad but true the characters. I am more heartbroken than before. Anything is better this s...t ending.
  6. This Kdrama was written for a Korean audiences, not international fans. So so if the majority of the targeted audiences are satisfied, who i am to disagree. BUT, I can see why Netflix didn't pick up Mr. Queen for an international audiences, as a weekly series. Maybe it can be added to Netflix all at once and it might have a good reception. I do fault the Writers with the execution, I would have preferred more of a happy ending for Bong Hwan. I love episodes 1-19. 20 can kick rocks. Waiting for subs on the spin-off. But I will never watch an ongoing drama again. This is reminds me of w
  7. http://m.slist.kr/news/ampArticleView.html?idxno=225613&idxno=225613&__twitter_impression=true FYI
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/Geeahnnah/status/1359151465797926920 Found this post on twitter. Best solution to the So Yong and Bong Hwan. I don't remember who posted this , this is like a Shakespearean comedy, lots of twists and turns but a happy ending, ex. Much to do about, midsummer's night dream. I predicted happy endings for everyone except GQD and her brother.
  9. The writer are going to either disappoint So Yong's fans or So Bong`s fans . Because this isn't my happy ending. If So Yong was supposed to come back to her body I would preferred to more internal conflict between the two souls. I would have wanted reason for the switched, at least in C-drama a reason. I haven't formed an attachment to So Yong. I am hoping for happy ending for the King. Anyway after Mr. Queen I will wait til a drama finished before I start. I don't like waiting.
  10. I want a happy ending for Cheol Jong with the woman he gave his heart, body and soul too. Cheol Jong has suffered the most, his family gets killed, made into a puppet king. He had to stand alone for two years. If Bong Hwan has to go back to his body . So let's this be a bad dream, that he was stuck in woman body. He meets the reincarnated soul of Cheol Jong, who is now a woman. They can be happy in the next life. Kim So Yong has not showing the strength of character to stand by Cheol Jong side. Kim So Yong ran away from her problems by killing herself. Didn't think of the trauma th
  11. His first love was So Yong Hwa Jin was an obligations. His true love is Bong Hwan First love isnt always true love. First love needs to grow into true love. So Yong isn't the Queen for Cheol Jong. He needs a strong and fearless Queen,who can fight her own battles and who help him rule. Hwa Jin was conditional love and he felt an obligations to love her base on lie. She saw an opening and exploited it, twisted into love. Cheol Jong is in love with Bong Hwan as a whole person. He loves the good, bad and ugly parts, he know Bong Hwan flaws. Bong Hwan sh
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/hyesunarchive/status/1357144456814759937/photo/1 So we don't get a happy ending
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/notouchruler/status/13571303603420692 "I know who overturned the palace, will act as a variable in the power sucture, and whether Kim So-yong, the soul of the world, can return to the present age" I am not feeling this.
  14. I haven't watched many historical drama Writer is always trolling us The little maid doesn't die, she saved by the king The father doesn't die, he got mad and fainted Even Hwa Jin, Got no punishment for ruin the King's plan King wanted to win the Queen's heart and it was like they were dating for last two months.
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