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  1. In Bamboo Forest/Secret BH introduced himself to the King and he only loves himself though, I mean if it was a genuine feeling for CJ he wouldn't be that conceited guy about himself.
  2. I hope Netflix does get it.... I recommended it to others already and they're hooked.
  3. But it was fate now working on them I guess. It wasn't SY claiming her body back when BH was transported back to his time. "Is he gone?" was all she said and she did what she had to do next, even trying to put the scarf back to the king.
  4. I think SY was like BH in some traits like cursing etc. She did stop cooking already as was shown in last EP. I thought we were supposed to see SY cook for King as part of the process of choosing his Sunjeong but that didn't show so I'm not sure. Why did BH go to SY? SY didn't get punished yet, she's still alive she was saved and for that she is thankful and thankful as well to BI because he always "found" her hiding. In the end, she somehow accepted her fate and got love from the man who loves her after BH makes him see that SY is a loveable person as well and is j
  5. The duality of the SY-SB-BH character should always be considered it's not just BH all the time especially after SB passed out and when SB woke up again. I don't get also the hate for SY. She loved the king first and she loved the king even after BH left. BH was all for winning.
  6. I kinda wanted an ending where BH still in SY body gets to experience childbirth and then that's when he goes back to modern times and he's going to be a better man or some sort . I think it would also be funny This is how I saw it too. I think the miss was the interaction between the two like it's SY responding to all the charm but BH is there. I think most dramas are told to limit their episodes now especially for TvN dramas Hence why they can't make it longer
  7. thank you I saw it I'm also looking for that song where Sobong misses King not in the album I wish they'd include it
  8. Does it have the music when Hwan and Hong Yeon and Hong and Chef and Lady Choi are being featured?
  9. I now understand why the writers said that the spin-offs are for coping with the finale of the series. So many are rooting for the SB CJ BH team! It was a mutual relationship between SY and BH because they benefitted from each other - SY was able to voice out her innermost self because she can be BH (so she can attribute the craziness to BH without shocking the rest of the palace) and then BH gets to understand how to be kind and also women (he was a player ideally) and how to be socially involved - he did go through all those issues that SY had to go through and that triggered
  10. I have been looking for that music on the love circle theme I hope they release it with the rest of the OST. They played it many times during the last 2 episodes.
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