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  1. I'm not used to seeing the actresses with their hair down. Does SHS speak English? Like Michelle Yeoh, she would make a fantastic modern Bond girl.
  2. Random thought of the day, because I can't seem to quit this show. Watching some of the recent fan videos brought some scenes back to mind, specifically So Bong's growing worry at the king's absence that led to her collapsing in tears. Up to that point I was sure Bong Hwan was going back to his 2021 life, but that was the moment I began to wonder if the writers were "all in" on keeping him in So Yong's body. It seemed that his soul was increasingly aligning with its host body and that the queen was experiencing very strong emotions she didn't understand, but that women would. In sh
  3. Some Like It Hot (1959) actually ended on a more daring note than Mr. Queen (2021) (of course it was a gag; no one in the audience expected the characters to follow through with it). Personally, I wasn't looking to change the world with this show, just have a good time.
  4. We saw him only in fight-or-flight mode, pumped up with adrenaline. I expect he crashed hard soon thereafter and it all came down on him. Not that we see that. We didn't see a lot of things.
  5. I just watched Train to Busan. It was fantastic for what it was, but I do not recommend it as a Mr. Queen follow-up.
  6. "This is where we meet for the first time," he says, showing the photo from episode 1. The king weighs in on the great "who did he fall in love with" debate! (Well, not really...)
  7. If they had finally gotten to sexy times after BH left, I think the Team Abs folks here would have thrown their TVs and tablets across the room!
  8. This is the fate of every couple who lives "happily ever after," from Snow White and her prince to Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton. The ever after is wonderful for them but boring for us. I think that was an actual quip made by a character in the Narnia books, that the children never get to visit Narnia when it's peaceful and they can enjoy themselves. Yes, I know you were joking. That was a major disappointment for me with the finale. Up to that last 15 minutes, the writers had been fantastic about paying off the plot threads they set up earlier. I really think they
  9. Oh boy! Only a handful of hours until Saturday morning, at which point it will be time to... do regular weekend stuff.
  10. Alas, no! That's the instrumental of A-Yeon's LIKE IT'S SUMMER. Check out my post on page 193 for the version with lyrics. If you saw this story as BH's adventures in time and not a romance, you're probably a lot happier with the ending. The genre rules are different. I see what you did there. And I agree that would have done a lot to quell the disappointment in the Romance camp. Their love adventures will go on!
  11. The OST. I do wish the regal and triumphant "King Claiming his Throne" theme was on here.
  12. la-ah-ah!... a song of love! Composer HowL also did much of the soundtrack for Mr. Queen, including the main theme. I'm hoping for the instrumental version. A reminder of those heady days when we were all head-over-heels in love and the good times were gonna last forever. Back around episode 9.
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