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  1. Reading this thread made me feel bad for BH. Before the finale, a lot of people compared the ending for this and SHR. Yeah. And now I'm seeing the similarities but for BH side only. I remember sharing this on twitter that how great will it be if they have reincarnated in the future too. We'll know their future counterparts. And I was hoping that it'll be Jang Nara who'll play CJ reincarnation. I just want a drama for the two (CJH and Jang Nara) I just remembered another kdrama BIG. Well, it's a man to man body swap but there was a teenager and an adult. I know I was dissatisfied wi
  2. I am still amaze on how Shin Hye Sun portrayed SoYong and SoBong characters. The changes are little but noticeable. Bong Hwan loves CheolJong no doubt about it. He may be in SoYong's body and it may be one of the reasons that many people can't believe he has feelings for CJ. But BH sacrificed his life to save CJ when he saw CJ was targeted. He just blocked a bullet for CJ. When he wakes up, first thing he did was looked for a way to know if CJ survived. You'll see how happy he was when he saw CJ survived and learned their achievements. Well in my imagination, BH is the
  3. Wow. I'm quite surprise that I'm still a kookmin shipper for this long time and every time seeing them together, it still gives me butterflies. I'm quite down lately with the issue of Somin's haters and how they're growing in a fast rate. But watching these two with subtle caring gestures esp JK, whether JK and Somin are together or not, Somin has friends who'll be there for her in good and bad times. I feel so reassured with just that. I've grown to like and care for Somin more than I thought I would be.
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