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  1. So Do Kang Woo is really not coming back Guess I have to really let it go now.. or should I hope for a mini twist in this season? lol Anyway, Asian Wiki lists Voice 4 as having 14 episodes... why??? Is this real or an error, does anybody know? Plus, it’ll be aired by tvN.. even though it’s under the same group as OCN, I hope Voice 4 maintains its dark and edgy atmosphere..
  2. People keep talking about a spin-off, can anyone tell me what spin off is this? Anw I have mixed feelings about the ending. It’s a happy ending for Joseon since the King and Queen bring so many good changes, but I can’t say it’s a “true” happy ending for the main characters themselves: CJ and BH. I feel like BH definitely got cheated out of his passion (love?) for CJ and CJ probably will be constantly wondering about the personality changes he sees in the Queen. I mean, even if the Queen swears now and then, BH is so much more than that. I think his assertiveness is wha
  3. Hello! I’ve been a silent reader here but I have a question to ask.. so I’m wondering which clan does the King belong to? Pyungyang Jo? Since the Queen Dowager said she didn’t give birth to the King and the Great QD said she brought the King from the countryside.. What’s the deal here? I thought being a King is a lineage thing? If anyone knows the answer, please tell me.. on the other hand, I guess we can say now that the “door” isn’t the lake but the shaman. But, Kim So Yong herself is nowhere to be seen. I mean, she’s not living as the chef in the modern world. So where did her s
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