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  1. I missed a lot of JC's conversations with his Shifu (and others) because of the subs - what you said makes sense - Shifu was initially very reluctant because the choice seemed so obvious - one small fairy versus the world - but that was more so because he had no exposure to LX at that point - he only cared about the world and JC but that choice was more tough for JC because he knows LX - he could still live with the guilt of killing his comrades who turned to the demonic side but he realised he could not live with letting her die - no matter how much he was confined to dwell on it (the stone-wall seclusion thingy) his answer would not change - that became something which was non-negotiable for him I didn't know Shifu was willing to die for them :') - very touching - every character in this drama is sacrificing something or the other - for good and for bad lol And about not letting LX onto his plans - I agree with your points - and it was very touching to see him with all those emotions which you mentioned (anger, worry, relief, appreciation, etc.) - I just think it never really struck him how much she loves him and her being there and marrying him is something which really moves him - and he takes to being the husband so quick and so well
  2. I like Si Ming too - and I think he's the only one among JC's gang who understands the depth of JC's feelings for LX and he does his best to help and it really moved me when he was overseeing the wedding preparations - like a family member :')
  3. Lol so many new Insights! I think JC's Shifu and the Heavenly Emperor are badass cool people :D (can throw in Le Bo too :D) which is what I think you guys are referring to as "villain" It was Shifu who keeps hammering on the point that LX must die there's no other way - which makes JC (and LX and us) go through that painful trail - while his master may love him he must have realised how people can be blinded and fooled by love and may have wanted to test JC's true intentions in this matter (does he really Love her or it's just some new fancy after a long hibernation?) @Winterfairy about that hand grab walkout in EP 4 - I think it was more to do with those rumors about them (she was only treating his hand - unlikely it would have made her faint) I think he grants all her wishes LOL (knowingly or unknowingly) she says earlier, it's not a bad thing to be stuck in a rumour with the God of War (he was furious at that time but might have warmed up to the idea later - maybe as a means to protect her) @Minitsuii that's a good point - he must have struggled with that guilt (the opening episode we see him see his past with his comrades before the big war) and LX making remarks like I know you are a good immortal, I'll never trust rumours (when he lets her keep Xiao Bai) strikes a chord perhaps (he's this stoic God so he can't just seek validation like normal people) her purity of herself and her love for him might have pushed him to take that step and protect her at all costs (he was willing to give up his life but not hers - I don't think he would have hesitated to kill her if she showed any signs of actually being drawn to the demonic side) @Cammy true - but I give God of War leeway because he's supposed to be that and LX initially keeps telling her she wouldn't have to worry because she's with him - it does take him sometime to understand silly bird has really turned into a phoenix lol
  4. this is SO funny is there ever a point where women weren't crazy about him LOL and his dimples
  5. I understand where you are coming from - like you've said he could not interpret his character properly - there was a BTS also (which was posted earlier) where there's a discussion between him and Ni Ni and she points out that's not how Amo/LX sees JX or something (don't remember that well) point being - his take wasn't in sync it is like a treasure hunt lol every time I see some of the early scenes I find something new
  6. to be fair - he is old! he just doesn't look old or in his case feel old LOL - and true although he's been around for so long - he never experiences a lot of things until LX comes into his life (like eating street food lol) - she brings life into him - no wonder he gets attached to her so quickly lol
  7. when is this scene? I usually skip JX's scenes (even if LX is there lol) - @blueclueblue found it on the page - didn't scroll down earlier lol Ni Ni points out in her interview that Chang Chen doesn't move much but can convey a lot with his expressions - it becomes evident when you rewatch the episodes - I really enjoy rewatching them - there are so many details that pop out @Winterfairy has a good eye in this too I skipped a lot of YT's scenes too and I can't really comment without watching the scenes with subs - so I have a neutral take on this who's-supposed-to-be-the-bad-guy debate
  8. hahaha yes - LX mentions it to JC when he finds out about the dog - it was originally intended to be food for some sacred beasts JC was only a gentleman till arc 1 - after that he turned into a lovely rogue Hello! welcome back - please do!! From ep 32 (subs are available till ep 31) thank you!
  9. I was about to point this - she gets that toy sword holder to Congji Abyss for her daughter And I love that sequence when he sees her past before his eyes - everything about him! reading books about him, painting his portrait lol it must have moved him a little (a LOT) some screenshots I really like:
  10. Hello! Thanks for taking the initiative! I'm up till Ep 18 and I keep rewatching parts of them again and again lol reluctant to watch her die for the first time again
  11. Hahaha yes it must so disorienting with both Shi San and this chirpy silly bird who has no sense of rules or propriety Also, yesterday I watched some parts of ep 2 - there's a bit where LX tries to enter into JC's bed chamber and is stopped by the kunlun sword - she doesn't back away which surprises JC and he asks, "why didn't you back off? aren't you afraid of it?" And she replies, "why should I hide when I did nothing wrong?" I think she makes an impression there - silly little lovely bird
  12. I can recognise some words in Chinese now because I've watched so many episodes of this drama on repeat but it is mainly limited to monosyllables - I wonder how long it'll take to actually understand without subs - I am trying to learn more vocabulary
  13. that's very interesting to know! there's also the plant which JX gives Amo and his weird plant powers
  14. thank you so much! nice insights about her and L&D happy to know she will be doing a modern drama soon!
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