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  1. thank you for sharing them lmao it's so funny just reading these - can't wait to watch the whole thing @aisling what are you going to do with this information? Bae Jong Ok is all of us here @aisling he was embarrassed about the moan-scene, JH - that was your ad-lib!
  2. didn't know about this! But I did read somewhere that the CLOY director made the shooting fun for him or something (I don't remember properly). yeah - I think KJH should just write a script - something like Don Jon by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (which he wrote and directed and casted Scarlett Johansson) - he can cast SHS and make all our lives better
  3. Wohoo! at this point, I think, it's safe to assume everyone loves Mr. Queen (despite the ending) yeah - it's quite rare to be as gifted as KJH and his journey and choices are quite interesting and speak a lot about him. I like Gong Yoo too (but I rarely follow actors) - what I admire about both KJH and SHS is their journey from non-lead actors to establishing themselves as acting legends. (though they still have a very long career ahead) and how down-to-earth both of them are.
  4. Awww, I usually get short bursts when I go crazy and do research on actors who catch my interest but then I move on, but I really like both KJH and SHS - haven't had such "sustained" interest in a very long time - and this thread is flexible - like an after-work hangout spot @aisling I hope the commentary is uploaded on the usual kdrama websites for international audience - I'm sure clips will be released both on twitter and youtube
  5. it's just so difficult not to think of these two together right and people are so creative - loved this modern mv of them:
  6. @aisling @cenching why does he look so edible lol and @aisling I didn't realise how broad his shoulders actually are until I saw this above pic where SHS looks small in proportion and I wish he had a better hairstyle and outfit - probably didn't want much attention on himself - can't wait to see the commentary
  7. never thought about this lol we need his normal pictures to compare accurately but I they are his own uncoated lashes
  8. @aisling this is again one of my favourite pictures of him - those lashes are no joke and he just looks so beautiful and pure - like a baby - I love him in those white pyjama robes
  9. ohh - let's put a good and proper picture not just our thirsty versions - I was just kidding the thread was going without thirst so I had to do it for everyone's benefit
  10. it's the power of hormones even So Bong couldn't overcome them @aisling @cenching not only does he look super alluring here - his neck thing is sending me to a deeper gutter level like imagining it in leather
  11. it's good to be confused, from confusion comes clarity and perspective - then they can view things in the right manner lol love this picture of him - especially his gorgeous meditative face - he looks so beautiful!
  12. indeed - as researchers for the benefit of womankind we should be well-versed in anatomy - might I add some penchant for skillful yet gentle fingers which can play with some anatomy?
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