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  1. Hi everyone, silent lurker here. Done watching the final episode. Overall, I like the story, how it didn't try to change Vin identify as a mafia ( I love gangsters or mafia story like The Godfather or Peaky Blinders, so while waiting Peaky Blinders season 6...) It's not a perfect kdrama, but it's okay. I also like the end game for Han Seok and Myung Hee. There are few things that I found them off (how Vin seemed always won, no severe injuries after fought with those many people and always looked neat and clean just a bit of blood and yeah that scene when Han Seo fought with
  2. Simmon's bed, everyone! Is it that good, Hye Sun-ah? Aaahh, I want to watch it with subs soon!!
  3. As if he was hungry he said, guysss.. Yes, we could see how hungry you were then, Jung Hyun-aahhhh We know... we know.... Isn't he so cuuteeee
  4. Mamamiaaaa I want to be that sweater. I got no idea the concept of this photoshoot. But they should have made the shirt wet because he poured water like that, then should have taken off his shirt.. Well just to make it more relevant...
  5. Guys... I wonder about one thing, maybe you can answer.... HS doesn't follow JH IG account, how did she know that JH was on Live IG? Is it because people mentioned her in the comment?
  6. I love the Esquire photos! Thank you @aisling for sharing it! While looking at this picture, I feel like he's saying: "Enough with your work there, come here beside me" Me: "I'm comiiiiinnnnggggg" @cenching I also thought so. However, It was said that he found out that his father had cancer when he was in military service, but did not say he was passed away... We just assumed so..
  7. I can imagine the agony... People should also appreciate his talent and respect to the efforts he poured on TIME. Good that when it happened many people from the entertainment industry and even journalists supported him. Even though I believe he also has good support system who encourage him so he could come back and BANG the audience with his impressive works in CLOY and Mr. Queen. To the haters...
  8. Honestly I pressed FF button and skipped many scenes in TIME once I realized the story is frustrating and too depressing. After the episode where Suhoo died, I jumped to the final episode, to the last scene, wondered how it ended. Before I started watching Mr. Queen, I watched True Beauty, I have no idea why I watched it. Maybe I just needed some laughs, but I dropped it at episode 6. Not my cup of tea. I don't like the story line either. And Mr. Queen was perfect already, I thought. For me, like other people, drama series is my escape room from work related stresses.
  9. JH previous work in web movie: Going my home or Tomorrow's time [2016]. It's a 22 mins short movie. Source: Naver some said you can find the movie in Vimeo too .
  10. They must be from the crazy fandom. Idk, Idol fans are annoying and childish sometimes. That's why it is said that some actors and actresses hesitate to work with idols. Their fans are too radical, annoying and possessive. I'm sorry for those who are offended. But seriously, many think so Anyways, I also love his previous work with Harpers Bazaar in April 2020. Teasing us by opening the blazer a bit and showing a bit of his body... My pervert mind
  11. You can watch it here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIECorUJOtV/?igshid=k4ci69onc72i She got a lot of subbed version of the interviews and also the BTS for each episodes. JH is undeniably got that sex appeal. Not only his overall body, but the eyes, lips, neck, fingers, arms, chest, shoulder, and, yes I noticed he has firm thighs and nice RickRoll'D.... ( I really have to stop...!) . And you all saw how he touched, caressed and hugged SHS, it all looked right, not awkward, but seem right, comfortable.. You know what I mean, right. I had no
  12. @Junghyunique - had made the compilation of his adlibs in Mr. Queen. I love his fingers as well @shimshimae I find it sexy, and of course his eyes.... And yes even the hidden parts... well actually I love everything about him!
  13. Actually I love his acting there. When I watched it, I was really amazed by his acting skill. His character as Soo Hoo in TIME is completely different than his character as CJ in Queen, or School 2017, Welcome Waikiki, Binggo, CLOY, [I haven't watched The Rebel]. I feel like watching different persons with the same handsome face! Yet in TIME he played it too good that it took toll on him... That's the first reason why I started to be his fans, his outstanding acting skill. There were some actors that I liked before, but Jung Hyun is different. He's in different class.
  14. Photoshoot with Singles, October 2017. Btw, about his LIVE IG today.. Every time he's doing LIVE IG, I adore him more. Look at how he answered these...
  15. It's Therez Raquin. He played it back in 2013 together with other KARTS actors. I was shocked too. But looking at the other actions he did in that play, it seemed his character was an abusive kind of man. I'm in!!!
  16. Photoshoot with Ceci, April 2017 https://www.instagram.com/p/BSdJFfdl9n-/ I actually prefer this hair style of him, or hair style with short banks or no banks in general.
  17. @aisling I know right. He still looks good with (or without ) anything. But this blazer looks oversized on him, as if he borrowed someone's blazer. @lhynne Yes, let's keep stalking him and share the info here hehehe. I like to see him in Denim as well, or anything! And thanks for sharing his play in Therez Raquin in 2013. I had not seen the last picture before! Here are some pictures from Youyou Magazine in August 2016
  18. @Junghyunique - I looked for his old pictures, and found these in your Twitter He's been adorable since he was a baby! Guess these are from his college days. He got that look and charms already..
  19. @aisling he has the charisma, or this distinctive aura other than only good looking and talent that make people attracted to him, and yes those expressive eyes! Btw just random things again, I found this MV a fan made. JH acting was so good in TIME, so convincing... unfortunately it also took a toll on him... I did not like the story cos just like everybody said it was too depressing. But his acting was really good. He deserved a recognition from that drama actually, but instead he got bashed by the idol fans...  Good that he got what he deserves now...
  20. Well, he maybe looks old, but I love him with white shirt....! He looks lean outside, but once he opened the shirt, he's toned! Yeah I wonder too, It wasn't included in the unaired scenes.. Or they made something special for the BluRay version? Or they just played around cos I saw somewhere SHS making the snow-duck using a yellow duck mold or something, or was that really for the drama purposes??
  21. Oh My... Jung Hyun-ah... Did you just wake up and did not wear anything before this LIVE IG Theeeen, his ULOS body shower ads pop out in my mind... My! What's wrong with meeee!! You are right, he is the old soul! And that old soul happens to be in good looking body as well Hahaha IKR He's fanboying JH all this long, not SHS... Well, no wonder, JH is indeed good role model for junior actor. Anyways, I found this video of KJH and his co-star, Chae Seo-jin, in Overman at the Busan International Film Festiv
  22. We are so obsessed with this guy, aren't we? I wish this year, or next year, KJH will not only get nominated, but win in the Baeksang Award. And they (KJH & SHS) get best couple award!
  23. He's special, not ordinary actor and not ordinary man. One of a kind. Not only his charms, but he's sensitivity, depth and idealistic attitudes are so alluring. Yet he's also humble and thoughtful. Always try to be better person and wise. He's a role model.
  24. Jung Hyun back then in 2017. Photoshoot session with Ceci Korea. Cuteness overload! The full clip is here: https://pl-pl.facebook.com/vdoqtv/videos/418574705165118/ Aaaand the recording session of the OST!! Btw, I love to see him with white top or white pants, and black.
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