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  1. Why are they so cute!!!! And I didn’t get to watch it coz I was out for dinner with my family
  2. Lol @skinnyjeans I watched Time as it aired so it was so much more agonising than binge-watching it. Every week I wanted to run away because I didn’t want to see Suho suffering, but at the same time, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the magnificent JH. In the end, I finished it. And went away blown away by his talent.
  3. @lhynne yes please do watch Time and share with us here what you think! I think you will even have more appreciation for JH’s talent after watching him in sequence of his dramas - School 2016, Waikiki, Time, Cloy and MQ. Every character is so different and he can do both drama and comedy. I would love to see him in a dark comedy the next time.
  4. @aisling I know that Time isn’t the best drama out there, but please continue to watch it for JH! He is so so so so so good in there!
  5. I don’t know why some people can be so callous and unforgiving. The reason of why JH acted that way towards SH during the Time press conference was made known to them, and yet people still couldn’t empathise. I’m so mad on his behalf!
  6. Haha I just can’t catch up with all of you here! I’m also glad that I have all of you to fangirl over JH with me. I noticed him 4 years ago in School 2017 and have been following his dramas since then, but I’ve never really had a squad like this. Thank you for making this place so fun! Even when JH lost weight during the filming of Time, he never lost his charm and appeal. I’m most amazed with his eyes, and the emotions he carries in them when he’s in character. I didn’t expect to cry at all when I watched Waikiki, but the parts when he got rejected by Yoon Ah, when he was feeling
  7. JH said in his interview he prefers (or chooses) dogs over cats. Look how gentle he is!
  8. Ooh.. although I would love to see JH and SHS together in another drama, I actually couldn’t mind him being paired with KGE, or Park So Dam, or Seo Ye Ji in a drama instead of a movie! I am really looking forward to his next project.
  9. Haha why so cute??? Does anyone know if JH has appeared on any variety show before? @aisling have you finished Time yet? I wanted to watch it again but I don’t have the courage to see him suffering in the drama when I knew what happened to him in real life
  10. Live tweets from this user. Thank you so much! I really want to know what JH is saying.
  11. He has such a nice voice with a deep resonance. I think I would probably fall asleep smiling while listening to his voice at night. He’s so cute! I think he’s showing gifts from his fans and thanking them. And he sang along to the songs he played in the background
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