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  1. Ep 5 recap is up on DB! http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/06/my-unfamiliar-family-episode-5/ I finished Ep 5 and 6 last night. So intense and heart-wrenching, especially Ep 6. And I have even more questions now even though some of them were answered. This show is so good at the red herrings, twists and pinching at your heart.
  2. Are these new stills? Mum and dad look so happy in the first photo. I wonder what the words in the photos say. Anyone free to do a rough translation?
  3. Episode 3 recap is out! Can't wait for Monday to come! http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/06/my-unfamiliar-family-episode-3/
  4. @triplem I have not watched Ep 4 yet, but looking at things right now, I don't know what ship I'm on for Oppa. Maybe in the end, there won't be any ship at all?
  5. Thanks @triplem for the videos and updates! I just finished Ep 3 with subs and it left me with so many questions! It’s like for other dramas, there is one cliffhanger at the end of the ep, but this drama has several. How did Barista’s gf know TH? What was TH going to tell EJ? Who was at the door when EH and GJ were together? Who was that guy who called Dad “aboeji” and why did Mum think that “this day had finally come”? So many questions and I hope that Ep 4 answered at least some of them. This is so exciting!
  6. I agree with all of you. IS needs to tell HR soon about his own medical issues. I know that she said that love is a miracle too and I hope she remembers what she said when IS tells her, but I don't want IS keeping it from her for too long knowing that she has always wanted a baby. They should go through this together as a couple.
  7. Hi @ktcjdrama! I know I am reaching here, but I looked at the “official” drama posters from TVN, and CH is the only non-Kim-family member in them! Dare I hope..? No offence to SDW fans, but I’m very biased towards my bias!
  8. Just finished watching Ep 2. I cried. Dad and CH broke my heart. Now that we know that CH has liked EH since their uni days, the scenes of her confiding in him about her boss (sorry I can't remember his name yet) made me tear up. He has done a good job of hiding his feelings from her, but the little cracks, like how he clutched her arm when she was distraught and looking for her car keys, and how crestfallen he was when he was about to show her the photos he took of her, but she started talking about how she started liking her boss first, and when he told her how she always catered to her ex-bf and asked her not to do it this time, started showing. He is still a good friend though, allowing her to confide in him, but at the same time, taking little jabs at her. It shows me that their friendship is really strong, because they had been estranged for almost five years, but they fell back into the friendship really easily too. And it really struck me that she took it harder that CH betrayed her, rather than her ex-bf. It's really going to be very hard for me to watch CH getting his heart broken, because it seems like EH is falling for her boss. With one of the big relevations at the end of the episode, I'm really looking forward to see how EH is going to handle the situation. KJS Oppa, fighting! I'm always rooting for you! And the parents. I have got to admit, they made me cry harder. The veteran actors are just SO GOOD. I know the whole story isn't out yet, but what I felt was that Dad seemed to really love Mum when they were younger. She went to him because she was pregnant, and probably didn't know what to do, and he looked so happy to see her. The minute she said she was pregnant, he took out a ring and proposed to her. It seemed like he had it ready all that time, and was just waiting for a chance to give it to her. On the other hand, Mum didn't really seem thrilled that he proposed to her. She was embarrassed, and honestly not very happy about it. She could still be distraught about her pregnancy, but I think she didn't really love Dad when they got married, and the love didn't really grow after 30+ years. It made me so sad, because of the contrast in the way Dad behaved towards Mum after he got amnesia. You could really see the difference, when she was thinking of what to tell him when he asked her what they called each other. Maybe Mum couldn't love Dad all this time, and Dad slowly came to realise it, and got bitter. It made me so sad. And the revelation at the end about EJ? Wow. So was Dad Mum's last resort? That's even sadder. I can't believe I have to wait one whole week for the next two eps. I've loved the first 2 eps so far, and I hope the drama keeps up the pace and the story line. What will happen to EJ and her husband TH? Will CH get the girl in the end? Will Mum still go through the marriage graduation? I know this is a melo-drama, but I'm still hoping for happy endings.
  9. @Ameera Ali do you mean KJS? If so, I hope so too! Anyway, I don't know if these have been shared: https://www.soompi.com/article/1403833wpp/what-to-look-forward-to-ahead-of-todays-premiere-of-my-unfamiliar-family?utm_source=viki&utm_medium=newsmodule-container-web&utm_campaign=soompi_news_module&utm_content=37090c https://www.soompi.com/article/1404076wpp/my-unfamiliar-family-starring-han-ye-ri-kim-ji-suk-chu-ja-hyun-and-shin-jae-ha-premieres-to-solid-start?utm_source=viki&utm_medium=newsmodule-container-web&utm_campaign=soompi_news_module&utm_content=37090c https://www.soompi.com/article/1404146wpp/kim-ji-suk-is-deeply-concerned-for-his-longtime-friend-han-ye-ri-in-my-unfamiliar-family
  10. @triplem I just finished watching Ep 1! And great recap by the way! You managed to capture the important plot points, short and sweet. I'm so glad to see Oppa back on my screen! I may have to rewatch Ep 1 again, but when CH went to his office to do some last-minute work and he looked at the old photos that his female colleague was looking at, was that a photo of a younger EH? Maybe when they were in Uni together? A flashback showed EH with long hair, and the girl in the picture looked like her. Yeah, gotta go back and watch it again. I wonder if CH always had a crush on EH, and if like you guessed, EH used her new boss to "get back" at her ex-bf YM, and told CH about it, would we see CH jealous?
  11. Ep 6 recap on DB: http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/06/oh-my-baby-episode-6/ I'm feeling so sad for YS! I wonder how he and HR will proceed on from here as it seems like he has fertility issues too.
  12. Yay it's finally happening! Can't wait to see KJS back on my screen! http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/05/premiere-watch-my-unfamiliar-family/
  13. Comrades, a beautifully written piece by @packmule3 about the significance of fire and light and how it's so romantically used in CLOY. I cried reading this. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2020/02/19/crash-landing-on-you-by-sun-and-candlelight/