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  1. I’m not sure if I understood it correctly, but I think when YH got hit while protecting Prosecutor Park, it suddenly triggered something in him and that’s how he found the planet? Not very sure about this though. A lot of guesswork just looking at the sequence of the scenes.
  2. Ok I know he’s a priest, but still... Translated caption says: Father, if you do this, I’m going to have a heart attack. Funniest Coat flapping ever
  3. I wonder who Oppa is buying those shoes for? Maybe his staff and crew helping with the fan meeting! Such a sweet sweet man!
  4. To calm myself down, I shall post this cute fan art of our SS giving his peace offering of mandoo.
  5. I really really detest Scarface and his disgusting face. I really wanted to reach into my screen and pull out all his ugly teeth, twist off the smirk on his face, gouge out his eyes, set his eyebrows and hair on fire, poke sharp needles through his nose, then finish him off with six bullets to his brain. I'm sorry guys but I really needed to rant and vent. How did he ever become a government intelligence agent with his twisted mind? Do they not have psychological tests for that?
  6. @triplem I’m not a big fan of GHJ either but I think most of her dramas have been big hits right? It would be sad if Oppa is the second lead again after being the first lead in TSYB. He has the looks, and the acting chops, so he definitely deserves a male lead role! Looking forward to Sunday. I hope we get some live updates about the fan meeting.
  7. https://www.soompi.com/article/1318674wpp/kim-ji-suk-in-talks-for-new-romance-drama-alongside-gong-hyo-jin-and-kang-ha-neul Ooooh! I hope Oppa considers this. But will he cast as the good man, bad man, or cheap man?
  8. @triplem I really need to watch the latest ep to see who SM is the most comfortable with. I was a little disappointed that she chose HSJ over Oppa, but I saw a comment which said that she probably had to, if not, HSJ would not get enough screen time and it would be unfair to him as a guest. Oh well. I’m just happy to see our handsome Oppa. His latest update:
  9. Our Oppa is looking so fine... lucky fans who will see him on Sunday and celebrate his birthday with him! I haven’t watched the latest RM episode yet, but oh my.. my darling YB-KS are so cute and sweet together!
  10. Ya PD-nim still owes me several hot kisses!!! I loved that clip when Oppa was dancing with SM and her face came really close to his. The expression on his face was just priceless! A bit shy, and yet I bet he found it funny too. Can’t wait to watch the full subbed episode tmr!
  11. @triplem I Guess Oppa lost to HSJ in the end since he’s also wearing the yellow jacket like LYK?
  12. Is anyone watching RM live? I want to know which man won SM’s heart.
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