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  1. It's been a while I didn't post anything here and just become a silent lurker. Thanks for sharing all the discussion, opinions, strips, BTS, pics, videos, OST etc so we could get updates and things that could entertain us. I should admit that I haven't watched the last 2 episodes. I just read the live recaps. I feel disappointed and lose interest. I agree with some soompiers here that it's forced and some didn't make senses. I was amazed with the character of Ae Shin but then I found her to be selfish. I remember one once mentioned about her character of being selfish and naïve noblewoman earlier. She analysed it right. I didn't feel the love anymore from Ae Shin to Eugene like in the episode when she ran to Eugene in forest after had argument with her grandpa. It must be not love. And I don't know why Eugene still love her after 3 years of no contact and they don't even have that enough 'bonding', not even psychological or emotional bonding. Well if the writer wanted to show the world that skinship is not everything in love, well she could do better to make us believe that. I just couldn't get why Eugene would sacrifice that much and did something out of his character for her. He lost his mind for a fantasy? There are many other things need to be criticized, but I think others have mentioned it as well. Anyhow, It indeed has great cinematography, great acting, but well, the plot seem to be forced in the last episodes, it's just too tragic ending and doesn't make sense for me to accept. I watched some sad ending drama too and I could accept them, but this one I just can't. That kind of ending is not my cup of tea, true. But well, I will just leave it and watch rom-com! hasta la vista!
  2. Omoo.... only KTR need to shoot extra scenes?? Does it mean that all the three guys died and AS will eventually be a monk? thanks to @jeffreyd015 and @mistergenie for the information. I use to watch online from dramanice/watchasians. Now I know what to do if they're late uploading the ep with sub! Need to rewatch the 15+16 ep!
  3. So, my prediction was close. It's just imagination! Still waiting for the ep 16 sub. I think it's really late today. The longest wait for Mr. Sunshine sub so far
  4. IMO, he may be felt he's not accepted anywhere by Joeson people, or American (for American, cos he looks Asian). He tried to help RA and The joeson government, but they pointed gun to him in return because he investigated his father's murder that could lead to their secrets. It's because AS said "I am with you, walks towards me" he felt touched that the woman he loves is there for him and offered him her hands, and he just simply released his emotions. Even a man needs a shoulder to cry on. LBH is indeed a great actor. And the preview! OMG! They are really teasing us! I hope it's just imagination about the goodbye part! Isn't it still early to runaway and go to US? EC is going to be the instructor in Joeson military right? Why the heck is he back to US? I hope it's imagination, the possibility EC thinks that might happen if they take that path, that AS will still think about Joeson and leave EC. OR maybe AS said that to EC refer to his past? So like saying goodbye to his past? Isn't it possible too? Well I juat hope they don't separate! They use to mislead anyway, right? Right????
  5. Somebody made Playlist of Mr. Sunshine OST in Spotify! Found same kind of playlist too there. https://open.spotify.com/user/julyanamendes/playlist/4FcjIKhcuO5r3HZSQY3Zxx?si=XcOouvQaQAmNHKZs-DoQNg Umm btw, how to insert picture here from our device without URL link?
  6. Gosh! I smiled alot watched episode 12, felt as if I was Ae Shin, fluttered and shyyy. Aw, Eugene! Such a sweet mouth you are! Okay, some thoughts: - I love the frenemy between those trio; The Fool, The Moron and The Loser! They do care each other, like how DM gave EC information about WI, and of course the tram scene between DM and SH! Awwww, they look cute! Or the frenemy between AS and HN. There might be opportunity for them to cooperate one day, just like the trio who will cooperate to protect AS. - when I watched EP 12 preview, I wondered why AS passed by EC without saying a word nor smile but teary eyes. Then I think because she is disappointed and sad that EC will soon leave Joseon. She showed that too when she met EC in legacy to translate the letter. Maybe that's also the reason why EC decided to stay longer in Josean. - But another reason why he stays in Josean longer is because he wants to protect AS, at least teach her how to be sniper using better rifle. -Aww and look at this couple, instead of giving her flower or jewelry as a gift, he gave her a Russian rifle! How romantic! Lol - The trio who love AS, have their own ways to protect AS, awww isn't it nice to be AS? No wonder HN got jealous. But good that HN has new perspective about AS, that's she's not weak noble woman, she got skill with rifle! - I sense there will be more sad scenes after the happy ones we got in Ep 12! - It seems like the writer try to lead us to believe that it will be a sad ending, which maybe she will turn it to be a happy ending ( I HOPE!! ) - The bloody hand EC hold in the preview of EP 13. I also think that it's Joseph. He's on the way to meet him. Guess it's WI's order. And DM being tortured! And EC's there too! I hope he will help him there! Okay that's all my thoughts for now. I hope Saturday comes soooonnn!
  7. Gosh! He's so charming. Maybe this is what people say "old gracefully". I've completed watch ALL IN, those 24 episodes! And also Keys To Heart. I like that he tried various of characters, not like much dramas about son of chaebol or rich guys. I only seen couple of movies and only 2 dramas of his now, but from all those, there is one similarity that I observed, that most of characters are man who is from low economic background family which is more realistic for me than those chaebol stories which could happen too but too many rich guys stories in Kdrama I had watched. Kinda boring. Btw I wonder, Was he also from low economic background family in real?
  8. After made us widely smile, fluttered and happy in episode 9, they made us cry in Episode 10! Good writer-nim, make us suffer longer! 14 episodes left. 60 mins feels like 15 mins. 6 days feels like forever!!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome @rubie and @peonie. Have checked out the link, and surely will check it more. Thanks also for the recommendations, I think I will watch them each day til Saturday and Sunday come! He's indeed addictive! LOL.
  10. Hi all! It's indeed intriguing of how you guys interpreting, analyzing, and discussing about the characters in this drama. Just like one once said here, it seems like a Film Class But I think it is what this forum made for. I don't really analyze much actually, since I just enjoy the story, the acting, the beauty of this drama series. Yet, I think It's interesting to do it, so... I do think that EC is not trying to be neutral but professional, as he's a Captain of US Marine not a politician, as he said to the King. He was contemplating about what exactly he should do with the certificate which could determine the fate of Joseon that people are ready to kill for it and as he said to Kyle that he also wonder why on earth it falls to his hand. I don't think he irritated with Kyle's advice, but surprised cos it does not sound like an American [ I agree with him there LOL] and also I dont think he wanted Kyle to take the certificate and set him free of the burden, he asked Kyle just simply to ask for advice because even though he got the notion about destroying Joseon, he didn't want to do things that could make the situation bad for America and for himself. And I think he's agree with Kyle, that's why he went to that old politician/counselor and told him that the interpreter in the palace said wrong thing and seem pro-Japan, just to warn them, which I interpret as his good intention that he does care. Remember what EC said to AS in the pharmacy when she asked if he wanted to destroy Joseon? He said that it's not entire Joseon, but only to that certain family. Well, AS is the one who drag him to the fight for Joseon for sure, at least in the beginning. And the reason for him not hug her I think because he was surprised [like we were!], did not expect that would happen that fast at all [did you??] he thought she might even hated him and yes maybe he thinks she's a noblewoman who has fiance whose family killed his parents and he just had intense encountered with him. But well, who knows that maybe we can see he hugs her in ep 9 (I hope!) Kyle is not his mentor, he's simply his best friend. Some people or things influence him that makes him HIM, but how EC perceives things matters as well. Awh, Im in that ship of EC-DM bromance!! I could feel their chemistry though and EC-AS too for sure!!
  11. Hi all! Honestly, I didn't know Lee Byun Hun until Mr. Sunshine. And because of many rumors before, I just have more curiousity of him. Watched his 2 movies today: Inside men and A Single Rider. Two way different characters! And I was really impressed by his acting skill! No wonder he could play in some Hollywood movies. He played many different kind of roles. And this Mr. Sunshine, gosh... He's really charming! He seems not acting, like naturally. Well, I'm his new fans!!!
  12. Annyeonghaseo! I'm new to this forum. When I watched 1st episode, I did think that Kim Tae Ri looked very young, like 18-23yo. I was not sure that I'd like this drama. But here I am now, I can't hardly wait for the next episode! LBH, there's something about him that so alluring! I've watched EP 4 for the 3rd time now
  13. I know, right?! Exactly that's on my mind too. I wonder why TR has more screen time than BR, and I wonder how Korean netizen react to this like how we react. I feel bad with the actress who plays BR though.
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