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  1. Guys! I watches it live and once SHS commented I just got up from my bed and once they LIVE together, I was like giggling like crazy especially when I saw JH acted different when he realized that SH was there and then both of them seemed shy but with full of smiles and blushes. Aaawwwww they were sooooo cuuuuteeeeee It was accident when he turned the camera to front? I thought he was nervous, cos HS asked him if he's watching TV, so he showed her that. I don't know if it's the real translation, I used Google Lens translate hahaha
  2. Omg! JH and SHS live IG together!! They're so cuuteee!! At first SHS commented, if he was watching TV and told JH to do live IG together. Let's wait for the subs from kind person out there hahahaha
  3. I love the Esquire photos! Thank you @aisling for sharing it! While looking at this picture, I feel like he's saying: "Enough with your work there, come here beside me" Me: "I'm comiiiiinnnnggggg" @cenching I also thought so. However, It was said that he found out that his father had cancer when he was in military service, but did not say he was passed away... We just assumed so..
  4. I can imagine the agony... People should also appreciate his talent and respect to the efforts he poured on TIME. Good that when it happened many people from the entertainment industry and even journalists supported him. Even though I believe he also has good support system who encourage him so he could come back and BANG the audience with his impressive works in CLOY and Mr. Queen. To the haters...
  5. Honestly I pressed FF button and skipped many scenes in TIME once I realized the story is frustrating and too depressing. After the episode where Suhoo died, I jumped to the final episode, to the last scene, wondered how it ended. Before I started watching Mr. Queen, I watched True Beauty, I have no idea why I watched it. Maybe I just needed some laughs, but I dropped it at episode 6. Not my cup of tea. I don't like the story line either. And Mr. Queen was perfect already, I thought. For me, like other people, drama series is my escape room from work related stresses.
  6. JH previous work in web movie: Going my home or Tomorrow's time [2016]. It's a 22 mins short movie. Source: Naver some said you can find the movie in Vimeo too .
  7. They must be from the crazy fandom. Idk, Idol fans are annoying and childish sometimes. That's why it is said that some actors and actresses hesitate to work with idols. Their fans are too radical, annoying and possessive. I'm sorry for those who are offended. But seriously, many think so Anyways, I also love his previous work with Harpers Bazaar in April 2020. Teasing us by opening the blazer a bit and showing a bit of his body... My pervert mind
  8. You can watch it here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIECorUJOtV/?igshid=k4ci69onc72i She got a lot of subbed version of the interviews and also the BTS for each episodes. JH is undeniably got that sex appeal. Not only his overall body, but the eyes, lips, neck, fingers, arms, chest, shoulder, and, yes I noticed he has firm thighs and nice RickRoll'D.... ( I really have to stop...!) . And you all saw how he touched, caressed and hugged SHS, it all looked right, not awkward, but seem right, comfortable.. You know what I mean, right. I had no
  9. @Junghyunique - had made the compilation of his adlibs in Mr. Queen. I love his fingers as well @shimshimae I find it sexy, and of course his eyes.... And yes even the hidden parts... well actually I love everything about him!
  10. Actually I love his acting there. When I watched it, I was really amazed by his acting skill. His character as Soo Hoo in TIME is completely different than his character as CJ in Queen, or School 2017, Welcome Waikiki, Binggo, CLOY, [I haven't watched The Rebel]. I feel like watching different persons with the same handsome face! Yet in TIME he played it too good that it took toll on him... That's the first reason why I started to be his fans, his outstanding acting skill. There were some actors that I liked before, but Jung Hyun is different. He's in different class.
  11. Photoshoot with Singles, October 2017. Btw, about his LIVE IG today.. Every time he's doing LIVE IG, I adore him more. Look at how he answered these...
  12. It's Therez Raquin. He played it back in 2013 together with other KARTS actors. I was shocked too. But looking at the other actions he did in that play, it seemed his character was an abusive kind of man. I'm in!!!
  13. Photoshoot with Ceci, April 2017 https://www.instagram.com/p/BSdJFfdl9n-/ I actually prefer this hair style of him, or hair style with short banks or no banks in general.
  14. @aisling I know right. He still looks good with (or without ) anything. But this blazer looks oversized on him, as if he borrowed someone's blazer. @lhynne Yes, let's keep stalking him and share the info here hehehe. I like to see him in Denim as well, or anything! And thanks for sharing his play in Therez Raquin in 2013. I had not seen the last picture before! Here are some pictures from Youyou Magazine in August 2016
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