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  1. Hello! Was silent lurker here. Just like most of you here, I am amazed with It's Okat to Not be Okay series. For me, each of the episodes is a masterpiece so far. Not to mention the acting, settings, scripts, etc The issue this drama brings is the issue many many people can relate. As a person who had mental health issue and also surrounded by people who have same issues, I find the dialogues hit me many times which are basic, deep and so relatable. The script writer, director, actors and all people who have involved in this drama should have given great appreciation for delivering this issue to public in such a very beautiful cinematography, dialogues, directing, and acting. I think It's Okay to Not be Okay is the best K-drama this year, and the best drama in my K-drama list.
  2. OOps! So I cursed wrong writer I read in this forum first page that the writer is Jung Hae Ryung. I'm sorry for cursing you writer-nim!!! I couldn't agree more. I should never watch on going drama from KBS again.
  3. Oh dear @4JennieN love suppose to make you feel alive. when we fall in love to someone, It feels beautiful. That's why when people fall in love we smile whenever we remember things about that person who make our heart flutters. Some can even become a sudden poet when they fall in love. Of course there are times when we feel our heart hurts when we fall in love to someone, but that's after our heart flutters. It's like your heart is in the air, and then it falls. that's when we hurt. I really got no idea what's on the writer-nim mind, really, that's why I think the writer-nim is a "he" who thinks that woman's heart is complicated He just did not know what we women feel when we fall in love. He weaken the female character, which a female writer, I think, won't do. And he tried too hard to twist the plot that made it odd.
  4. Hi all, I'm a silent lurker, and I'm out just because I feel the need to curse the writer-nim!! Please, writer-nim, dont ever bring that SB character again in your drama. I tried to keep watching this drama just for the sake of LSH even though SB character is damn annoying. Don't bring that classic weak characters who can't differentiate love and pity to live again. There are people who date someone cos they feel sorry of that person, but at least they know it's pity not love. All the characters in that drama, SB friends and uncles could not even tell her that the feeling she felt about JB is pity?? I know drama is only fiction, but puuuhhllleeeasssseeeee This drama is frustrating and wasting time. I will remember his name Jung Hae Ryung and I will never watch his drama again, ever!! Thanks @fluffyloaf for representing our thoughts about this drama. You nail it! I hope LSH will wisely choose a good writer next time. Geez!