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  1. Well this showed he did love sb he felt he is missing something precious n his love was not only till physical but soul one too...it's just that he couldn't pin point it n know the truth.....I feel so bad for him and I feel bad for sb .I hated how the makers put all under the rug...it was sb's story to begin with n him ending up so damm alone in future didn't sit well with me.they could have shown soul travel of cj too to modern times in girls body as he did die young .he could have reunited with sb.....but no all we got was the emptiness left because of the ending ....plus why did they had t
  2. New extended spoiler video for tonight.... please can some one translate https://www.instagram.com/p/CK-evUqpgat/?igshid=i9zylf1jl2nn
  3. I actually wanted to download the episode n see as my network has issues n I don't want to experience any interruption while watching ...so the subs download is not there yet ...the online watch with subs is on kissasian now
  4. True ya....why is it not there yet....I have been refreshing the page since yesterday....arghhhhhh Really??????
  5. Finally the spin off trailer is here but I am extremely confused with this trailer...does someone has subtitles one?
  6. It's such a pain to wait for subtitles...can't they release it quick....I want to watch it now
  7. Yes it sounds sad ....but heart was all up listening that he wants to only hold her in his arms
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