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  1. Exclusively on TVing. The pain of being the international fans credit to the owner credit to the owner The fan edit poster haha Miss them so much credit to the owner
  2. Shin Hye Sun is So Bong in real life credit to the owner When Shin Hye Sun said Kim So Yong matched more with her true personality, Kim Jung Hyun looks at her like: " Reallyyy? Oh well, if you say so" credit to the owner
  3. The main script and core of the story was Mr Queen not the Bamboo Forest, the spin-off. It is such a nonsense if they really will make a commentary just based of the spin-off *sigh* And although I'm happy that we will get the commentary from the casts and director, I really hope that for once, when the Korean dramas becomes a hit especially among the local and international audiences, they will invite the screenwriters for the commentary too. I know that the director, actors and actresses had many discussions and conversations with screenwriters to understand
  4. Maybe because Mr Queen is the first drama that you watch them in One of the main reason I'm excited for Mr Queen way before it air other than I'm curious how Korean adaptation will be is because I love both of Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye acting skill in their other dramas. Mr Queen is the first historical drama for Shin Hye Sun credit to the owner and the second historical drama for Kim Jung Hyun after he acted in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People in 2017 as the support role, Mo Ri. credit to the owner Mr Queen was also the third dra
  5. The fried chicken looks delicious and it succeed make me craving for some but it already 1 a.m.at my place so I will just cook fried chicken tomorrow credit to the owner So the chicken CF might what she referred to when she mentioned as "just done wrapping up the shooting" in their joint LIVE. credit to the owner They are look so cute together even in the casual outfits. I want to see them in another drama as a couple again please! credit to the owner
  6. There will be a commentary coming! I'm happy that we will get to watch Mr Queen's squad again credit to the owner So maybe Kim Jung Hyun told Shin Hye Sun on the day they met up that fans keep asking him for them to do a joint IG live together? But when she finally has time to able to do the joint LIVE with him, he is so unprepared until fans could accidently witness the Pooh pajama moment LOL credit to the owner
  7. It was a cute drama to me. They didn't have any kiss scene because it a drama about high school students but Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Se Jong have a cute chemistry and there were many scenes where he being jealous there A cute mv:
  8. Yes, Kim Jung Hyun is super cute with Kim Se Jong in SCHOOL 2017 whether in drama or in the bts Their chemistry together in SCHOOL 2017 is my top favorite among all Kim Jung Hyun chemistry with his female lead in his dramas before Shin Hye Sun entered the chat LOL I think he is comfortable being touchy with her compared to his other female leads is because she is a lot younger than him. SCHOOL 2017 - Kim Se Jong was born in 1996 WELCOME TO WAIKIKI - Jung In Sun was born in 1991 TIME - Seo Hyun was born in 1991
  9. As far as I know: (correct me if I'm wrong) Oppa - when younger female calls older male Noona - when younger male calls older female Unnie - when younger female calls older female Hyung - when younger male calls older male While the older male and the older female will usually use the younger male's name and the younger female's name if they want to call them. From a website about how to address your boyfriend/husband in Korean language: From another website: I think the reason why they refuse to call their older gir
  10. He mentioned about he didn't shave? LOL Jung Hyun, your noona joint you on your IG live, not both of you going out for a date Remind me of the usual scene in Korean romance drama which female lead becomes shy when the male lead see her when she barefaced and she said "ughh I'm not wearing any makeup right now" with aegyo voice credit to the owner
  11. Not only that, the scene where Cheoljong tried to cheer up So Bong with his different expressions was also Kim Jung Hyun's adlib credit to the owner I'm glad we get the chance to acknowledge Kim Jung Hyun's adlibs in MR QUEEN based on the original scripts. At this rate, he deserved to get the honor as one of the co-screenwriter for MR QUEEN credit to the owner
  12. Because it will hard for him to keep his focus on the press conference if the women there always giving him their thirsty look like you @aisling,@skinnyjeans, @shimshimae, @joonminfan , @cenching @lhynne Even with the blood he still looks hot in this scene credit to the owner
  13. Will there be a chance of them bumped into Bong Hwan one day? credit to the owner How about King Cheoljong and Queen Cheorin? I miss to see them onscreen again credit to the owner Wow, love this video! Whoever did it with English subtitle, thank you so much!
  14. Maybe this? credit to the owner To be honest, I will never understand some of the concept of the celebrities photoshoot though. The most bizarre photoshoot that I stumbled upon was there was an real octopus too in the photoshoot. I don't remember who was the celebrity but I remember about the octopus so vividly. What in the world was that Oh man, Kim Jung Hyun is so credit to the owner LOOL credit to the owner
  15. Not on bluray but exclusively on TVing? International anti-fans of MR QUEEN: *weeping in the corner* For now, there is no news about Kim Jung Hyun next drama/movie after MR QUEEN But it make me wonder when he mentioned about "intense romance" in his interview after he finished filming Mr Queen. Does he means the relationship of the romance is more horny and thirsty beautiful and deep than So Bong and Cheol Jong or is more angsty and full of heartbreak like Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess? credit to the owner I'm also wonderi
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