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  1. With this picture, I could kinda imagine Bai Ji as Han Shuo's manager & Zi Rui as Xiao Qian's best friend or assistant (writer's assistant) if there is season 2 in modern world Though to be honest I prefer Yu Xi & Lu Si historical setting coz usually both the male lead & female lead gonna get decent outfit in historical setting. One thing that annoyed me about modern Cdrama or Kdrama is they always dressing the male lead gorgeously while making the lovely female lead wear outfit that looks straight from her grandma wardrobe. Sometimes even if the female lead is not poor, they still give her the grandma outfit. Why? Why can they give decent outfit for the female lead like the male lead? Decent outfit doesn't mean she has to wear dress or gown 24 hours, just don't wear that grandma outfit is enough for me
  2. There are demonstration, covid 19, stress & all heavy issues in the real life right now so many people including me want to watch some sweet & funny dramas as entertainment that's why this drama become popular now. It's ok if you don't like it. Everyone has their own preference. No big deal. But for a person who just watch it "a few minutes and turned it off" as you mentioned, it kinda weird that you are willing to spend your time to search this forum and left a comment Anyway, thank you for your opinion and don't worry, there are many other Cdramas out there that might suit your preference
  3. Han Shuo & his father. Who actually wears the pants in these father and son marriages? Looks like could kill you but actually a cinnamon roll:
  4. Congratulations to the The Romance of Tiger and Rose team! Despite the low budget, they become successful and their hard work get audiences recognization. I'm so proud So creative It's a funny silly type of drama so I'm happy with the TROTAR rating.
  5. @Isrin just like that is okay. Thanks for the translation. I'm happy for everyone who willing to spare time to post the translation. Thank you so much for your help! The secret of Yu Xi eyebrows?
  6. @Dramanoona I understand your point of view. Still, when Lu Si said that: I can't help but feeling sad again ughh His confident level of how deep Qian Qian falls for him is the one that keep him strong Look at the cute fanart to ease my heart. credit to owner
  7. we were having discussion about this on the pages back. there are audiences including me thought that yes it was a surprise for Lu Si, but Yu Xi done it intentionally i like this "baby bird kiss" nickname they being cute: these scene will always be so cute for me: credit to owner
  8. Their interview regarding ending: What do you guys think? credit to owner.
  9. So among the tips that I can listed off for Yu Xi of "How To Avoid Your Co-actress Remember About The Bad Memories For The Kiss Scene" according to Lu Si statements are: make sure you don't eat any food that has strong smell before make sure you breath smell nice by chewing lots of minty gum or rinse your mouth with mouthwash make sure you aware of the camera angles & position make sure you gain more skill? I think this is by kissing your co-actress many times aka having many NG then because practice makes perfect make sure you are older now? this is the hardest part. tbh, I don't actually know how. try to assure your co-actress that your age now is older compare than the time when you act together before? It's enough as for now I think, he just need to try to follow all the tips above. Later, his co-actress might feel surprisingly happy when it time for their kiss scenes that she almost faint then thought to herself "is this a dream?"
  10. Han Shuo/Xiao Qian & Han Shuo's father/Han Shuo's mother Like father, like son LMAO Little review of The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Click CC for English subtitle: First Impression: