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  1. It’s okay! I don’t know if I’ll watch it tho, people have been saying the ending isn’t good. Anyway anyone here watched Chief Kim? I just finished watching that and it looks like the writer (Park Jae Bum, same writer with TFP) knows how to wrap up a drama in a good way a.k.a. not killing anyone at the last minute *cough*Father Han*cough* Let’s cross our fingers until next week. Plus I can’t believe we only have two episodes left!!!! I need more..though I want the cast to rest properly as well
  2. Just watched the last episode with subs... Father Han NOOOO As soon as he went on a date with Hae Il, I knew this kind of thing will happen especially since we still have two episodes left.. Typical k-drama. I usually avoid Soompi forums and IG posts before I can watch with subs but for this episode I regret doing that OMG I totally forgot about her! She could have a part in all this, right, because she was introduced properly and had a bit of screen time in the early episodes?
  3. Yes, I think the guy talking to Hae Il at the church is his NIS boss. I went back to ep 03, it was him—old with glasses, a total behind-the-desk type guy. Do you guys think he offers Hae Il to come back to NIS again? I thought you were talking about the guy with the lighter at the church lol. I think he and the guys threatening the Tsunami team are ex-agents, perhaps dishonorably discharged and then trained by Scar Face or something. I agree with you @ktcjdrama there must be a big final showdown soon! Anyway did anyone notice..in this drama anyone who’s been bloodied and beaten up heals all their wounds and their face is smooth again in just a few days it’s the power of k-drama and fans prayers lol
  4. I just watched ep 15 with subs (for the second time ) but there are some parts I don’t understand.. like when Sister Kim is talking to Hae Il in the kitchen, she said she didn’t recognize Hae Il because he was wearing a mask. To which scene does this refer to? Help @sushilicious @triplem @ktcjdrama EDIT: After listening to the Korean audio, I realized Sister Kim is talking about not recognizing Hae Il’s medical examiner friend because he was wearing a surgical mask the day she identified her brother’s remains. Lol now it all makes sense
  5. I’m kinda sad if Father Kim has to stop being a priest, though.. Priesthood is an important part of his life, it’s something that (for now, at least) makes him able to live with the sins of his previous life.. so if he has to give that up... but maybe it’s just me
  6. Tomorrow’s epi preview! Looks like the archdiocese finds out about Hae Il’s past. What do you think is going to happen? I mean once you’ve become a priest, your past doesn’t matter anymore right? It’s not like he’ll be forced to retire or anything....right?!?!
  7. Now our Kim Tsunami doesn’t have to fight and get hurt on his own again because there’s a group full of formidable fighters (detectives, prosecutor, swindler, muay thai champion, forever part-timer lol) ready to back him up! So happy TFP reached a peak rating of 23.8%!!! Plus I just want to say that I feel like some of the issues covered in this drama are slightly similar to the currently-hot issue in South Korea (ya know which one I mean kkk)
  8. Now that the drama is picking up pace and getting more serious, I kinda feel sad that the only people who saw Hae Mi were Detective Gu and a few grandpas. I want to know what Sister Kim and Father Han think of Hae Mi’s visual Also the preview says that Father Kim and the gang will use their special weapon in the next episode... Any guesses to what it could be?
  9. That would mean everyone who’ve had traumatic experience from working at NIS join the church system in this drama Can’t wait for Sister Kim to reveal her role and Prosecutor Park to save the day! Though I am worried about Hae Il’s former boss joining the baddies.. he could definitely cause even worse harm to our fiery priest
  10. @inner The Thai guy is a Korean actor.. You can see him talking in Korean in his ig (changhwan0628), he has a real deep voice. I just found out myself and I’m amazed! Anyway, happy birthday to our lead Kim Nam Gil-ssi!
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