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[Drama 2020] Dinner Mate/Shall We Eat Dinner Together?, 저녁 같이 드실래요?


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37 minutes ago, larus said:

 I cheered for Hae Kyung to win the big penguin. I admit that I thought for a second that he could be humiliated after he arrived so spectacular at the scene. :lol:

I love Do Hee and Hae Kyung as dinner mates, the camping scenes but Do hee is right. They are not just buddies anymore.


I wish there will be less drunk scenes. I personally hate seeing drunk people in real life. I tolerate it a little in kdramas as i know it is a clichee to conect two people who like each other but ...one time OK, two times ...right... three times... but enough. But that`s just my little wish. 

Wow! You perfectly echo the thoughts going through my mind when I was watching the game scene and camping scenes. I totally expected Hae Kyung to fail hard at winning the penguin. :lol: I was pleasantly surprised that he actually won. 

Regarding drunk scenes, honestly they do bother me. I watch a lot of crime shows and I personally feel that women should be sober when going home alone or when not with friends. I live in New York and all the things I see in crime shows stick with me and I’m very careful knowing we live in a messed up world. I don’t drink but I really wish it wasn’t so much promoted in Kdrama that women get drunk to the point they’re walking home alone quite insensible of their surroundings. However, I do understand that it’s a plot device used to get the characters to reveal things they wouldn’t reveal sober.

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29 minutes ago, celebrianna said:

Regarding drunk scenes, honestly they do bother me. I watch a lot of crime shows and I personally feel that women should be sober when going home alone or when not with friends. I live in New York and all the things I see in crime shows stick with me and I’m very careful knowing we live in a messed up world. I don’t drink but I really wish it wasn’t so much promoted in Kdrama that women get drunk to the point they’re walking home alone quite insensible of their surroundings. However, I do understand that it’s a plot device used to get the characters to reveal things they wouldn’t reveal sober.


I agree with you and @larus.  There is just too much emphasis on getting DH drunk.  If this drama was the real world, her job would be at risk because she is so often hung over; her health and safety would be at risk because of her she's too out-of-it to take responsibility for herself; and she would be seen as an alcoholic because she is dependent on alcohol to manage her emotional life.  None of that is good.


I understand that all cultures are different and I understand that drinking habits vary.  In my small town, we have "blue laws"--that means there are no bars and there is no hard liquor for sale (only beer).  This is not typical for the US.  But I think that it's not a bad thing--it means that the community is quieter and safer.  I don't drink anyway but I don't care if other people do, as long as they use common sense and common courtesy; more than that, I think that people should be accountable for their actions.  It bothers me that DH lacks all three of those things. 


Yes, it's just a drama and drinking is part of the action but I don't like that DH drinks so much.  I'm already beginning to wonder why HK is putting up with finding her completely looped all the time.

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4 hours ago, thistle said:


Someone needs to read the book that HK's mom has written because it obviously has a message for him in it because mom is trying so desperately to leave a copy of the book where he might read it.  He won't, undoubtedly, but DH would and will because she likes the author.  The problem right now is that she got the book when she was drunk (again! girl drinks like a fish) and may not remember that she has it.



She does remember having it! That's why when AY bought a copy for her, she was like I have it already. Hahaha and also it was the same book that got her to sexually fantasize HK HAHAHAHAHA. So odd that something mom gave made DH fantasize her son!!!

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21 minutes ago, fluffyloaf said:


She does remember having it! That's why when AY bought a copy for her, she was like I have it already. Hahaha and also it was the same book that got her to sexually fantasize HK HAHAHAHAHA. So odd that something mom gave made DH fantasize her son!!!


You're right!  I can only guess that I missed the fact because I was *cough*cough* distracted by DH's imagination.  :D

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7 hours ago, celebrianna said:

Wow! You perfectly echo the thoughts going through my mind when I was watching the game scene and camping scenes. I totally expected Hae Kyung to fail hard at winning the penguin. :lol: I was pleasantly surprised that he actually won. 

Regarding drunk scenes, honestly they do bother me. I watch a lot of crime shows and I personally feel that women should be sober when going home alone or when not with friends. I live in New York and all the things I see in crime shows stick with me and I’m very careful knowing we live in a messed up world. I don’t drink but I really wish it wasn’t so much promoted in Kdrama that women get drunk to the point they’re walking home alone quite insensible of their surroundings. However, I do understand that it’s a plot device used to get the characters to reveal things they wouldn’t reveal sober.

Hey I live in NYC also and you definitely cant get drunk like that in the city and think you can make it home safe without help but nothing seem to happen to women in Kdramas like this maybe because theres a different level of respect for women or because they censor a lot of things 

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4 Reasons Why “Dinner Mate” Is An Entertaining Watch

By Lilly | June 10, 2020


Quite a fun drama, Dinner Mate has been an entertaining watch in its 12 episodes that has been aired so far. Owing to its unique narrative unlike any other romantic comedies, the drama makes way right into the viewers’ hearts.



Dinner Mate



Dinner Mate consists of magnetic chemistry between the main leads, some delicious food and hilarious comedic moments, that can make gloomy days better. It is impossible not to fall in love with the dinner couple, Kim Hae Kyung (Song Seung Heon) and Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye), and we cannot wait for them to get together.


As we complete the third week of the drama, we have created a list of the things that we absolutely love from the drama.


While there are lot of things about Kim Hae Kyung that attracts attention, but his best point is how much he cares. Going out of his way to help other people in spite of suffering himself makes us admire him even more.


From the very beginning, he was kind and considerate towards Woo Do Hee, even though they were practically strangers. He made sure Woo Do Hee was not lonely on the day of her breakup, offered to eat together multiple times, comforted her with his thoughtful words, and even came to visit her just because she asked. Who would not want such a sweet person in their lives?




PD Woo Do Hee made sure that viewers rolled out in laughter because of her humorous acts. A huge fan of B-class comedy, the girl is naturally funny and there are often some hilarious occurrences in her daily life.


Quite an unpredictable person, it is difficult to know to what goes inside her head and she always surprises with her unexpected actions. Despite being heartbroken by her past lovers, our heroine is not weak and holds her ground strongly. It was definitely refreshing to watch a female lead who is unique.





Since, the plot of Dinner Mate is centered on two strangers who made an arrangement to eat together, the viewers get to see a lot of dinner dates between the main leads. The rules of this arrangement are that the dinner mates would not reveal their personal information to each other and not cross certain boundaries such as falling in love or indulge in a skinship with each other.


However, their chemistry is undeniable, and it was only a matter of time, when they started breaking their own rules. We could not help but swoon when Kim Hae Kyung adorably copied Woo Do Hee as she made her samgyeopsal wrap, or when he won the penguin for her.


Dinner Mate


There are too many coincidences that occur between Woo Do Hee and Kim Hae Kyung. But it is never boring because of the creative execution of these scenarios. Though Woo Do Hee and Kim Hae Kyung end up running into each other at the end of every episode, each moment is a delightful surprise.


Dinner Mate

Wrapped with romance, comedy, and food, it can definitely be expected that there will be more moments to make you smile.


Dinner Mate airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Image Credit: MBC

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Hello to everyone :) I'm a fellow fan of Dinner Mate since it first aired on May 25. I enjoyed it since the first episode. Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye are great in their roles. I'm laughing so hard in episode 1 when Kim Hae Kyung had no choice but to wear the pink clothes and he was really funny. I keep rewatching all the episodes and I love especially the moment they saw each other in the last few minutes of episode 8 and then the amazing OST played. In episode 12, I like it when Kim Hae Kyung came to the campsite and Woo Do Hee asked him "You came all the way here just because I told you to?" and Kim Hae Kyung replied "Yes". In my opinion, it just proves that Kim Hae Kyung really cares and wants to spend time with Woo Do Hee. And I think that Kim Hae Kyung really cares for Woo Do Hee as when he was by her side when she was drunk and carried her stuffed penguin and bag and assisted her while walking to the car and buying her strawberry milk for hang over and in episode 10 when he waited for her outside the building near where she lives so that he can return the ring she dropped on his car and noticed that she's drunk and asked if she's okay and if she lives around he can take her home safely. What a guy! I look forward to the upcoming episodes and more amazing scenes and feelings from our two leads. 

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I like the fact that both HK and DH are balanced in their strengths, unlike some dramas where the male side is clearly stronger.


DH is quirky, silly and sometimes quite childish in her behaviour. I agree with remarks about her excessive drinking with a stranger. Dangerous. But emotionally, she is stronger. She is unafraid in her happiness and sadness. She has the bigger heart, as we see in the way she embraced No-eul. She has been firmer in her rejection of her ex.  Even in her fantasy, she is the one who initiates the action. And she cuts him off whenever he tries to educate her about how to eat food. In their friendship, she has been the more open and braver person, in being willing to share her likes and dislikes, and her hurt, and this has encouraged him to open up.


HK comes across as the "older" person, in "telling her off" for some of her behaviours. Eg, in the bridge scene, when she started to suggest that they should ignore each other, he said "don't you dare". And in the car, when she tried to diss his choice of strawberry milk, he gave her a firm glance and said "please respect my choice", and she looked suitably chastened .. cos she was being rude. However, he still suffers from emotional scars from his abandonment, and he is more fragile emotionally.  He doesn't have friends to eat with, like DH does. Rushing off to try and help his ex-girlfriend shows he doesn't know to keep boundaries, thus getting himself hurt again. His profession as a caring perceptive psychiatrist and his higher socio-economic status allows him to mask the weakness.


I like how they play different roles in pushing their friendship ahead. Except for this last camping trip, HK has been the one initiating all five meals: Jeju Island, dinner due to the # 1 hit, dinner at the steakhouse, pork belly and soju, and Japanese food. His brain is moving more slowly than his heart. But on these occasions, their relationship deepens because she has been unafraid to share more.


Now that she wants to pull back (because she is more aware of her heart), I wonder what he will do. 





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HI everyone! 

Hope your week is going well. Sad that have to wait another few more days til next week's episodes.


@thistle  and @ednamode101 Thanks for the welcome and yes coming out of lurking to respond back to you.  Hope your weather is better. I couldn't live in your region--the humidity and heat are two things I TRY to AVOID like crazy. It is hard to write all I want at times as on my cell phone I cannot type as fast. But at work, I have a desktop but as you can imagine, handling work. Massachusetts is slowly reopening up. but dramas are keeping me sane. Cool you watched Japanese dramas--I watched a few in the 1990's. Then Korean dramas took over after my mom showing me "Autumn in my Heart" with Song Seung Hun (SSH) as I had mentioned before. NIce to see him in this drama. He is very handsome and more so with age too. Love him in suits!


As many have mentioned @larus @Phoenix Klaw @celebrianna about not liking the excessive drinking ie in this drama DH and I have seen in others, I do agree. Having grown up in the USA, I do see drinking but more when you are younger or in College. I avoided that scene and always liked being in control. Luckily in our work culture we don't have   회식 outside work drinking parties for socialization and team building. But we don't have the social structure that is strict in Asia here. (Many of my Asian friends love that being in the USA. You have the freedom to have friends in all ages. Not just in Korean Culture can call only someone your own age ---"friend." Again going back to societal social structures of respect and hierarchy . We have our annual Holiday Parties (back in the day it was open bar, later on just 1-2 alcoholic drinks tops). 


Good explanation on 회식  for those who don't know about them. Long time drama watches, already know of this.



One of my Korean Language Partners, he told me as a Dr 회식 he had 3-4 times a week. While here in Boston getting his Masters, his liver got a break. Plus the high costs of Soju and Korean liquor did not help. In a local Asian restaurant soju is $13 a bottle / liquor store $7 and in Korea $1 (plain)- $2 . I remembered the mark up of flavored soju cost me $4/5USD not the $2-$3 USD . One close friend, her hubby worked at Samsung, he had to deal with 회식 as well.  (I saw ep 1 of KKondae Intern recently--- they had their team 회식 in the afternoon and before quitting time. No fancy that! ) One of my dongsengs is traumatized she hates noraebang as she was expected to sing and dance and entertain the sunbaes that she doesn't want to go to noraebang at all even with friends like me. 


Having gone to Korea a few times, soju and alcohol is VERY cheap! You can get soju for under $2 USD!!! Even the more popular and trendy fruit flavored soju is $3-4 USD (rough prices when I was last in Korea 2016).  So if one wants to drink away their troubles, it is very cheap and inexpensive. Like many here, I tolerate it in the dramas I watch, but I could not be that way in my daily life and expect to keep my job. No way. 


 I know in Japan and South Korea the tolerance of seeing drunk people is more apparent than here in the USA relegated to the bar scenes, nightclub, parties, and sporting events etc. Plus alcohol is not as cheap in the USA than in Korea. People working out their issues instead of drowning away their sorrows in alcohol, they should get help. But this is another can of worms in getting counseling/therapy in Asia is not as widely accepted as it is here in West. (I wish it was though the younger generation are more apt to try to talk things out or if they have lived abroad, more able to expressive themselves too.


Plus I don't like that I have noticed in Korea is the power of netizens' having a lot of power over public opinion. Rude comments, anti fans have caused entertainers/singers to  harm even kill themselves. (Finally artists /entertainers are Finally taking a stand and their company's too JYP and IU. But back in the day, it was not the case. Even Korean artist Tablo (AKA Daniel Lee) of Epik High was embroiled in a RIDICULOUS and false accusations that was a dark period of his life where antis  said he lied about graduating from Stanford etc.





I remember when this unfolded and thought is was horrific that even Tablo's friends were harassed and called out as liars with Tablo too when they were all SAYING the truth.


But last few years in the entertainment Industry too many committed suicide (SHINee Jonghyun, Kara- Goo Hara, F(x) Sulli, singer/actor Park Yong Ha,  actress Jung Da bin (Rooftop Cat), actress Lee Eun Joo (movie The Scarlett Letter), Actress Choi Jin Sil (tragically her own brother took his life too a few years later) , Jang Ja Yeon (actress --Boys Over Flowers) and Ha Ji Won's younger brother actor Jeon Tae Soo, actress Jeon Mi Seon.  But I read in Korean Society the stresses and pressures to succeed and do well has caused a high suicide rate  as well---the younger generations of Korean call Korea "Hell Chosun" for a reason.



South Korea ranks 10th and USA ranks 34th on this particular list. Yikes!


But whenever someone (I have seen in dramas/YT videos etc, if someone acts very un-typical Korean conservative ---they are "American" or OPEN due as attributed to Western Society. Standing out is not encouraged and maintaining the hierarchy and group is key. So no wonder people get upset (especially if younger/female/not in power position) as society does not allow them to be themselves or free to express themselves without some backlash.)


This week's episode--I did enjoy that HK won the Penguin. As many have stated, DH was adorbs too with the Penguin. (But shout out to her for initially having a top score until that burly dude came onto the scene. When handsome HK stepped up, I was worried he was going to stumble and lose. I liked he won by only 1 point not a huge margin. (It would have seemed more farfetched.) Her chatting with Penguin (as her dinner/drinking mate while HK was saving /rescuing his ex to her kissing the stuffed Penguin was awesome. I give her props for speaking her mind and thoughts instead of being prissy wall flower.


When DH was told by AY to stop talking to Keanu, she stood up and said why? She noted that he walked her home (not in the pretense he was afraid but he was worried about her walking in a darkened alley). When AY noted DH not picking up her fave flavored milk, DH said she was open to trying new things. I liked she refused HK ex and JH proposal to work together.  Or the fact she left the restaurant after she realized, why am I there even if she left her purse and other stuff. But she is no angel as we know and has a hot temper but she is a good person.


DH is so lovely and not overly fussy. HK is handsome but annoying. As others have pointed out his better qualities, he needs to work out his issues with his mom/ his social skills are not great other than his assistant and Gun Woo (who else is his friend?) But love he went to the campground because he thought DH asked him too. But yes, DH did accommodate him all the times he initiated previously. Also DH remembered and reminded him when he was crossing the line wanting to ask where she lived or other personal questions even when she was buzzed she maintained that line.


But KUDOS for her to also be forthright and end the "dinner mate" scenario too. As her colleague noted and senses there was more than meets the eye between these Dinner Mates. I am glad she got HK to go to the camping /glamping site.  We got our couple in awkward situation (he helped extinguish the fire on her shirt). He showed his cooking prowess and she couldn't even grill the meat properly. Still they had a nice meal. But also, DH realized she crossed the line with her imagination (after reading a bit of HK mom's book---ooooh loved that interlude) and imagining kissing HK. (Cannot blame her though SSH is hunky.) If they had continued as Dinner Mates much longer, I would have been annoyed. (Thank god they did not !!!)


Appears that HK will tell JH that he is DH boyfriend in the preview as HK called DH is girlfriend to his mom. When will they find out about each other's true identity? I hope that is wrapped up soon.  But obviously if HK did that for DH calling himself her Boyfriend, he must be wanting to see her /or having moments to re-assess how he is enjoying his times with DH. As mentioned before by his assistant, he doesn't have people he likes to eat with. Eating with someone is intimate and I personally prefer eating with good company/friends. When you eat with people who enjoy eating (moi) my friends all told me a meh meal is good /better with GREAT company that enjoys eating. Eating is one of my life's  pleasures, they have been able to find each other and have similar interests in food--dipping raw fish in soy paste sauce than the vinegar gochujang sauce. When they were in Jeju, he looked down at the food truck meal, ended up loving it. When they met up in Seoul (after the hacker win for that trot song) he had a lovely seafood meal of Sea Urchin (OMG I was so envious ) in the hole in the wall--he took back his complaints. He was learning to be more open minded. When they went to samgyupsal, DH noted for their first official Dinner Mate outing he went to a reasonably priced place.



Ok sorry and excuse my messy thoughts and going off on tangents and mish mash of thoughts. . I need to get back to work. LOL. But I appreciate you all humoring me and enjoy the rest of your day.



Oh I meant to write about the awesome cameo by cute and ageless Sandara Park. (Love and miss 2NE1, saw them in concert and I recall their debut too). Having the meta 2NE1's song "It Hurts" in the background was so fitting.


Alot of what was said was about her in reality, except the weight gain. Since she debuted in Korea, her bandmate Park Bom had netizens and antis alike talk about her weight as well as CL. But in reality, compared to her time in the Philippines she does seem different.


When they were making the foods--- it was hilarious as HK was preparing as if he was going into surgery. Also how HK blocked his assistant's face in the pic /selca he wanted with Sandara Park and HK wanted in too. LOL.:P



MBC why are you so stingy with videos clips etc BTS for this drama?! You are killing me!


I found this making /BTS of Dinner Mate  videos NOT on MBC Drama (annoying)

enjoy and no English subs/ still cool to see our cast members interacting and making our drama for us to see.



Making of the scene --DH punches to win the Penguin





BTS when HK taking DH from the Samgyupsal place and the Penguin too ---meeting HK's mom



BTS loved Lee Si Eon's cameo at the Jejun food truck  Funny how Si eon's pretends to be formal meeting SSH. I like that SJH is comfortable and calls SSH oppa instead of sunbae.



BTS at the airport with HK wearing the floral ajumma's outfit at Jeju Airport


BTS when the Exes ask HK and DH to meet up



BTS blocking at samgyupsal restaurant





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Hello to everyone. Thank you @Nodamefor the BTS videos. They are so fun to watch. I especially like BTS when HK taking DH from the Samgyupsal place and the Penguin too ---meeting HK's mom. They seem to have a lot of fun doing that scene. It's funny to see how HK is doing his best to hold on to DH and also the bag and the penguin. HK have his hands full. I like this scene because it shows how much HK cares for DH. It shows how sweet HK is to DH. Yesterday I binge watched again episodes 1-12 and tonight I will watch again some of my favorite scenes. I can't wait for the episodes next week!

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@huckleberrymoonriver Your welcome! Glad that somewhere there were BTS videos as those are my fave. Frankly not understanding why MBC Drama is being very stingy with video clips. 


Anyways found one more BTS clip


BTS GW/HK and NE after HK rescues here from the people scammed by her mom





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I've been looking for this forum for the leads of this drama.. Thank God, my imagination for these two will be woken up.. Hahaha XD


I love how quirky they are..


Anyway, sorry for not introducing myself first.. Anyway, I am not new to soompi forum and I am more of a silent observer type and picky to shipping drama couples but this ship made me want to include myself in contributing how this ship will grow.. I wanted myself to be more expressive in terms of this couple's relationship..


Love lots to the shippers of JiHye and SongHeon ❤️

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I can't wait for next week's episodes.  That ending from Episode 6 (or 12, depending on how you look at it :)) is such a cliffhanger, but if I'm gonna go by previous episode endings, it might be more of a red herring.  Do-hee's next line might not exactly be a confession because we're only going into the 7th episode and this drama's supposed to run for 16 eps.  But let's see.  We might be surprised yet next week.  :D


What's getting to be interesting to me about this drama is its sense of serendipity, and how there's always this six degrees of separation between all the characters.  Somehow, the writer seems to be telling us that, in the universe of this drama, everyone is connected in one way or the other and all these connections are meant to bring together these two people who are destined to find each other whatever happens.   And all their experiences are just meant to prepare them for each other.  


I know some people are getting a bit exasperated and impatient with the fact that they still don't know each other despite having already shared several intimate meals together.  But I personally think that's the appeal of their story.  They get to know each other deeply without having preconceived biases that would have come if they had known each other first as Dr. Kim Hae-kyung, renowned psychiatrist and food psychologist, and PD Woo Do-hee, content producer for 2N Box.  They probably thought it was a good idea to seek companionship with a stranger since there wouldn't be any emotional strings attached, given their previous traumatic experiences with their former partners.  That's why I look forward to seeing how their seemingly good idea will boomerang on them later on when they find that, despite not knowing each other's names and backgrounds, they still ended up being emotionally entangled with each other and probably in a much deeper way than their previous relationships.  


Someone mentioned Do-hee's incessant drinking.  I think it's a sign of depression, a way of coping with her emotional trauma, which, judging by her interactions with her mom, might have begun in her childhood and carried over to her romantic relationships as an adult.  I wouldn't be surprised if this habit of hers figures prominently in the future development of her relationship with Hae-kyung.  He is, after all, a psychiatrist.  And there have been several instances in past episodes when he would drop a comment about her drinking habit so I think he's starting to notice it and piece it all together with her experiences.      


Anyway, I'm sitting back, fastening my seatbelt, and getting ready for the ride.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this drama so far and I hope they keep the writing intelligent and coherent till the end.  :)


@Nodame @huckleberrymoonriver it is a bit frustrating to search for the BTS of this drama, no?  I've found some clips over at IG but most of them don't have English subs.  I wish they would be posted over at YT so we can watch them.  In the few that I've seen, Seo Ji Hye and Song Seung Heon come off as being very comfortable with each other (and it seems the same way with the other actors).  She hits him a lot when she laughs at something he says or does.  Unlike other actors whose interactions are stiff and formal in their drama BTS, SJH and SSH are clearly having fun working together and seem to like each other a lot, which is probably why their characters have excellent chemistry onscreen.  :)







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@akhenatenI agree with you that Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye look really comfortable with each other in the BTS videos and it's nice to watch their interactions. In the BTS below you will see that in the 1:05 minutes SJH was touching her right eye and then a few seconds after SSH touched her eye too, it was sweet. Then in 2:34 minutes SSH held an umbrella for SJH and assisted her while walking in the beach where the scene was shot.








It's cute how SSH and SJH are in the interview and they seem to have a mutual admiration for each other.


@nyzah13hello fellow shipper of Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye. Let's hope for the best for them.



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